February 2007


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1. Updates from the Chair


The committee was asked to contact their conference coaches on behalf of the AVCA and ask about connections to potential sponsors. Sometimes a coach will have a player on your team who has a relationship with someone in position to be a sponsor for the AVCA. Coaches were asked to contact Kathy DeBoer or Beth Launiere is they have suggestions of a contact for a potential sponsor.


Kathy DeBoer updated the committee on two issues that were discussed at the AVCA Convention in December. The first issue was the use of male practice players in women's team sports. Kathy mentioned that a survey would be coming soon that would request information on the use of male practice players. This is primarily an issue for women's basketball but the survey is intended to determine if it is a problem for other sports as well. In addition, Kathy said the Knight Commission had meetings in January and this group is now focusing time on the recruiting process including influences in recruiting and how academic qualifications are being separated from recruiting.


Jason Jones asked the committee to share with their conference coaches a request by the AVCA to update their membership profile. Accurate membership information is critical to the AVCA in order for the association to communicate effectively with members.


2. Legislative Updates


  1. 2006-41 (regulation of text messaging to recruits)-this legislation was defeated and is no longer being considered
  2. 2006-40 (elimination of text messaging to recruits)-this legislation passed the first step and is currently in the 60 day comment period
  3. 2006-43 (use of computers and video during in home visits)-this legislation passed the first step and is currently in the 60 day comment period
  4. 2006-82 (missed class time during non-traditional season)-this legislation passed the first step and is currently in the 60 day comment period


Coaches were encouraged to speak with their head coaches, staff and Athletic Directors about whether they are for or against each of these regulations. The comment period ends on March 9 and the vote will be held in April.

3. Convention Overview


Karen mentioned that convention was well attended and productive. Lots of new ideas were generated from the meetings of the assistant coaches as well as the networking events attended. The environment of the convention and matches was energetic and excited. The AVCA Board meetings introduced the new staff and many new initiatives for the upcoming year. A spring board meeting to be held in the new headquarters in Lexington will no doubt bring forth ideas about the vision of the AVCA. Karen Weatherington shared thoughts from Bonnie Kenney and Kathy DeBoer about the association making new strides to benefit the sport and all programs. It was mentioned the diversity, participation, support for one another and openness need to play a part in the future growth of the sport of volleyball and the association.


4. Asst. Coaches Survey Committee


The Asst. Coaches committee is spearheading a salary and staff size survey in an effort to spark attention and progress in competitive equity among Division I volleyball program. Currently the group is being chaired by Matt Ginipro (UVA), Tonya Johnson (Texas), MJ Engstrom (Albany) and Sara Bernson (Cornell). Details on the start of the survey were discussed at length and questions and ideas were mentioned for consideration. This ongoing project is just beginning to take shape and is purposed to collect information to forwarded on the NCAA and its membership. Anyone interested in participating please contact your conference rep or one of the above mentioned reps.


Due to recent weather and computer server issues, Karen Weatherington asked all on the call to forward email notification of their participation. Please contact her with any questions or concerns.

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