August 13, 2007


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Present: Jeanne Hess (Chair), Paul Dill (NEWMAC), Chad Braegelmann (Commonwealth Coast), Lisa Gallagher (Independents), Jonathan Penn (Liberty), Alexa Keckler (Centennial), Margie Knight (Capital), Phil Pisano (AMCC), Robin Pietryk (USA South), Sam Lambert (SCAC), Kandis Schram (GSAC), Michelle Blaeser (MIAC), Jennifer Walker (IIAC), Merry Graf (St. Louis), Deb Zellers (Independents), Bridget Sheehan (NCAC), Vicki Brault (OAC), David Kwan (Heartland), Tammy Swearingen (President's), Deb Schulman (WIAC), Deb Kiick (CCIW), Jennifer Saylor (Midwest), Dianna Graves (SCIAC), Jason Jones (AVCA)


Not Present: Jen Bowman (NESCAC), Jolie Ward (Little East ), Jamie Marcoux (Great Northeast), Cathy Markowski (North Atlantic), Dave Hildebrandt (Independents), Steve Pike (SUNYAC), Roger Worsley (Empire 8), David Shumaker (NEAC), Bridget White (NJAC), Deana Jespersen (Pennsylvania), Randall Kreider (Commonwealth), Michele Zabinski (Freedom), Bill Rogers (ODAC), Jason McAden (ASC), Becky Schmidt (MIAA), Rodney Pritchett (Northern), Rick Swan (Independents), Mark Massey (Northwest)


I. Announcements from the AVCA

Jeanne told the committee that Keanah Smith has left the NCAA and is no longer the DIII representative. Sharon Cessna ( will take on the DIII Championships for the NCAA until a permanent replacement can be found.


Jeanne reminded the group that according to NCAA regulations August 31st must be counted as a practice opportunity even your team is playing. New legislation is currently pending to change this regulation for 2008.


The AVCA has applied to the NCAA for a grant to conduct minority coaches workshops for the 2007-08 school year. The AVCA has received a similar grant from the NCAA the past 4 years and has conducted numerous workshops around the country. Anyone who is interested in hosting a workshop or has a suggestion for a workshop location should contact Shay Ferguson at


The AVCA has recently started a high school affiliate membership program to attract more high school members into the association. Ohio and Michigan are the first two states to join the program. High school coaches in these states can sign-up for their state coaching clinic and also receive a membership to the AVCA as part of their clinic fees. The AVCA has received several hundred memberships from this program during the last few months.


II. Membership Initiatives

The coaches on the committee were asked to begin promoting AVCA membership among their conference coaches who are not already members. A list was distributed to the committee that indicated which coaches in each conference are not currently members of the AVCA. The committee was asked to target these coaches for membership and talk to them about the benefits of belonging to the association. Jason noted that any coach who would like membership brochures to help with this process should e-mail him at and indicate how many brochures they need. Currently, 73% of DIII coaches are AVCA members. The goal of this committee is to reach 80% by the end of October.



III. AVCA Report

Jason noted that membership was currently 4,224. This represents a 25% growth rate over the past year. The AVCA is very pleased with the membership growth during this time frame. Jason also encouraged all coaches to update their membership records on the AVCA Web site. This can be done by going to and signing in with your member number and password and then updating your profile. The information contained in the membership records is used by the AVCA to communicate with members so it is important that this information be as accurate as possible.


The AVCA has two Web seminars scheduled for next week. The first session is "Making Volleyball Statistics Simple" and will be conducted by former University of Florida Sports Information Director Mike Vietti. This presentation will be held at 1 p.m. ET on Monday, August 20. The second Web seminar will be led by University Athlete President Marc Swindle and is titled "Options for Video Streaming - Understanding and Applying the Technology to Volleyball." This session will be held at 2 p.m. ET on Tuesday, August 21. Those interested in registering for either session should contact Jessica Hanson at


The AVCA Convention will be held December 12 - 15, 2007 in Sacramento, Calif. Registration for the convention will open at 1 p.m. ET on Monday, August 20. Jason encouraged coaches to check the convention page on the Web site for all of the details. This year the number of educational sessions has nearly doubled to 58 and several top coaches are scheduled to speak including Mary Wise, John Cook, Jerritt Elliott, Russ Rose, Dave Shoji, Mike Hebert and Mick Haley. There are also several new features at the convention including a career center, coaches zone, sand court for educational sessions and a new talent showcase.


A pre-season conference call for poll voters will be held on August 15 and a mid season call will be scheduled as well. The DIII pre-season poll will come out on August 21 and next poll will be released on September 10. Coaches are reminded to upload your schedules on the AVCA Web site if you have not already done so and also to e-mail any matches you are planning to Web cast this year to Leah Brock at


The AVCA Showcase will be held in Omaha, Nebraska on August 23 and 24. The participating teams this year are Nebraska, Tennessee, UCLA and Utah. The showcase will be broadcast live on CSTV. The September/October issue of Coaching Volleyball will include a poster that highlights the CSTV/AVCA Match of Week for the upcoming season.


IV. Web Casting Report

At the DIII Head Coaches Committee meeting last December in Omaha the group discussed ways to increase the exposure of DIII volleyball. One idea was to highlight some of the top matches in DIII by creating an AVCA DIII Web Cast Match of the Week. From this idea a subcommittee was formed to work out the details surrounding the initiative. The subcommittee developed a survey for DIII member coaches to get feedback on how they would like this project to proceed. Some of the key issues included in the survey were going for better regional representation or a higher quality of Web cast when selecting matches, does this initiative provide the schools selected with a recruiting advantage and does the Web link of the match posted on the AVCA Web site provide an additional scouting opportunity for future opponents.


The subcommittee took this feedback and based on the results has three confirmed matches on the schedule which are the following:


September 5 New Jersey City University @ Stevens Institute of Technology

September 14 Juniata College @ Washington University

October 16 University of Redlands @ University of La Verne


There is currently one other match (October 17 - Calvin College @ Hope College) that will be added to the schedule pending approval from the host school. The subcommittee would still like to add one or two more matches to the schedule. Anyone with suggestions of additional matches should contact Dianna Graves at or 909-607-3565.


Another issue on the survey was the ability of host schools to attract quality announcers for their Web cast matches. One suggestion to help with this issue was to find retired volleyball officials in your area that would have the volleyball knowledge and communication skills to conduct a quality broadcast.


The committee asked for additional information on Web casting including what equipment and staffing is necessary in order to produce a quality Web cast. CSTV has provided the AVCA with information on this topic which can be found by clicking here.


V. 2007 Initiatives Brainstorming


Jeanne encouraged the committee to think about the goals they would like to accomplish during the upcoming year. There are many opportunities through the AVCA to enhance DIII volleyball and the sport in general. Jeanne asked the group to begin developing a list of goals that the committee can discuss at upcoming meetings.


Some examples include conducting clinics for high school coaches in your area, using the AVCA minority coaches grant for local workshops, and what can be done at the convention for DIII coaches regarding activities and meeting structure.

VI. General Notes

Any coach who is interested in submitting an article or information to include in Coaching Volleyball should contact Rick Capone at or Cecile Reynaud at The AVCA would like to include more DIII information in the magazine.


Future committee calls will be held at 11 a.m. ET on the second Monday of each month unless otherwise noted.



The meeting was adjourned at 11:52 a.m. ET. The next conference call is scheduled for Monday, September 10 at 11 a.m. ET.




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