May 23, 2007


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Present: Dianna Graves (Chair), Jeanne Hess (MIAA), Deb Zellers (Independents), Merry Graf (St. Louis), Randall Kreider (Commonwealth), Jason Jones (AVCA)


Not Present: Steve Pike (SUNYAC)

I. Overview of Web Casting Initiative and Charge of Committee

During the December meeting in Omaha the DIII HCC had discussed an idea to have an AVCA Division III Web cast Match of the Week. This match would be featured on the home page of the AVCA Web site and include a link to the live broadcast as well as have an archived link posted in another section of the AVCA Web site. The selected matches would also be featured in AVCA At the Net, Facts on File and on a new volleyball broadcast promotions poster that will be distributed to all members with the September/October issue of Coaching Volleyball magazine.


This initial discussion led to a DIII Web Casting Subcommittee being formed. The charge of this subcommittee is to set policy, gather information from conference coaches and select the featured matches for the upcoming season. The goal of this project to highlight DIII volleyball and showcase schools that have reached a high level of success.


II. Logistics of Web casting

The subcommittee reviewed the Web Casting for Dummies article written by CSTV and discussed the requirements needed to conduct a quality Web cast. Deb mentioned that she had spoken with someone who recently did a Web cast of a national tournament and noted the equipment, software and staffing needed to conduct a quality broadcast is quite extensive. A high quality Web cast often involves using 3 or more cameras and several people working on the broadcast in order to show the best video possible. This is a concern for the majority of DIII volleyball programs as most do not have the equipment, staff or budgets to support this type of production.


The group discussed who they knew that was currently doing Web casting and how many DIII programs could realistically do a multi-camera production. The subcommittee also had a discussion on whether there should be a minimum quality requirement for Web casts in order to be considered for the AVCA DIII Web Cast Match of the Week. For example, this might include a requirement for using a minimum of two cameras for a Web cast in order to be considered for the match of the week.


After this discussion the subcommittee decided the best way to gather information for this project was to send a survey to DIII coaches asking for their feedback on Web casting and the AVCA DIII Web Cast Match of the Week. The AVCA will send a survey to all DIII member coaches during the last week of May or early June seeking their input.


The results of the survey should be available in mid June and the subcommittee will use that information to decide how to move forward. After a plan is developed the DIII HCC will be asked to contact their conference coaches to determine who is currently doing Web casting of their volleyball matches, who plans to do it in the upcoming season and who would be interested in being featured in an AVCA DIII Web Cast Match of the Week.



III. Obstacles/Challenges

In addition to the broadcast equipment challenges discussed earlier, the group talked about the concern of opposing coaches using the Web cast video for scouting purposes. The Web cast video link would be available on the AVCA Web site both during the live broadcast as well as being archived in another section of the Web site. This would provide opposing coaches a chance to use this video link for scouting as long as the link stayed active. The subcommittee decided to ask coaches about their level of concern on the survey and then address the issue if necessary.



The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m. ET. The next conference call is scheduled for Wednesday, July 11 at 11 a.m. ET.


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