April 2, 2008


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Chair: Brenda Williams, Olivet Nazarene


Present on the call: Kim Norman (Frontier), Jim Smoot (Golden State Athletic), Katy Meyer (Independent), Christy Clawson (Red River Athletic), Mike Gibson (Wolverine-Hoosier), Jon Campbell (Gulf Coast Athletic Conf.), Ryan DeLong (Midwest Collegiate Conf.), Kyle Van Den Bosch (Great Plains Athletic), Josh Crosier (Men's Rep), Mary Penrod (Heart of America Athletic), Bob Heersema (Chicagoland Collegiate), Todd Humphry (TranSouth Athletic), John Yehling (American Midwest Conf.), Jennifer Lawrence (Independent), Kevin Kitchen, Stew McDole, Jason Jones (AVCA liaison for Will Engle)


Absent on the call: Excused: Paul Swanson (American Mideast), Peggy Tuter (Midlands Collegiate Athletic), Leo Sayles (Appalachian Athletic), Candace Moats (Mid-Central College Conf.), Kevin Hudson (Assistant Coaches), Israel Negron (Legislative Rep)


Committee Chair: Brenda Williams

Brenda noted that the committee still needs representation from every conference on the Head Coaches Committee. Since last month the committee has lost Todd Lowery and Glenn Cox to go along with several other openings. Brenda asked that anyone who has a suggestion of someone to serve on the committee to please contact her.


Brenda said she plans to start a Membership Subcommittee and a Convention Attendance Subcommittee. These committees will be charged with finding ways to get new members and increase attendance among NAIA coaches at the convention. Todd Humphrey volunteered to serve and Brenda is still looking for 4 or 5 more volunteers. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Brenda.


The next AVCA board meeting will be held May 4 - 6 in Lexington, Kentucky. Brenda will not be able to attend but Jeff Hulsmeyer from Georgetown College in Kentucky will sit in for Brenda and give the NAIA report. Jeff will not be a voting member at the meeting.


Brenda reminded coaches that the NAIA and Tachikara have reached a new deal to supply NAIA schools with volleyballs. Please call Chris Morton with Tachikara to place your order. Tachikara is offering an incentive to NAIA coaches who purchase Tachikara balls.


III. Membership report

Committee Chair: Brenda Williams

Brenda asked each conference representative to give a report on the number of coaches who are currently members of the AVCA. The committee was charged with contacting the coaches within their conference who are not members and promoting the benefits of AVCA membership. The biggest challenge in NAIA is the turnover among coaches each year and getting these new coaches to become members.



Web Casting Subcommittee Chair: Kim Norman

Kim reported that she is close to having her subcommittee complete. The subcommittee currently consists of Kim, Jon Campbell, Kyle Van Den Bosch, Josh Crosier, Will Engle and possibly one other member. The subcommittee will begin meeting shortly after the Web casting survey results have been distributed.



Men's Rep: Josh Crosier

Josh reported that the men's season will be finishing up soon and the championships will be held in a couple of weeks. Check out www.mamvic.com for up-to-date information on NAIA men's volleyball. Coaches are encouraged to contact Josh if they know of a school that is adding men's volleyball for next season.



Committee Chair: Brenda Williams

Brenda encouraged the committee members to think about the rules and potential rule changes so moving forward NAIA coaches will be able to offer constructive feedback if issues arise. Brenda said that one rule which will not be changed is that NAIA will keep an unlimited number of substitutions. She also reminded the committee that the AVCA does not make rules decisions so any issues that arise should be addressed through the process currently in place.



Championship Committee: Mike Gibson

Mike discussed the idea of pre-allocating at large berths to the national tournament prior to the conference tournament. This option is being considered because it would allow teams before the conference tournament began to know exactly what has to be done in order to reach the national tournament. Mike will resend to the committee the documents that provide background information on this issue.



Committee Rep: Stew McDole

The NAIA does not sanction region awards but does not preclude other organizations from doing so. The NAIA has requested that a plan be submitted for how regions will be determined and how the awards process will work. The committee is developing a proposal to submit to the NAIA that will address these questions. Stewart reported they are leaning toward 8 regions and the national rater in each region would become the Recognition Committee. Please send Stewart any comments or opposition to this proposal.



Committee Chair: Brenda Williams

Brenda again reminded the committee that the home team is now responsible for keeping statistics for both the home and away teams. The NCAA has developed a video to help staff better keep statistics which can found here. The AVCA also conducted a Web seminar last August on keeping standardized volleyball statistics. The PowerPoint presentation and audio recording from that Web seminar is available in the Coaching Education section on the AVCA Web site. In addition, the AVCA product store has a book and DVD available for purchase that offers a guide on keeping statistics.



AVCA Liaison: Jason Jones (for Will Engle)

Kathy DeBoer was in Minnesota this past weekend and was approached by several NAIA coaches asking how they can become involved in beach volleyball next spring. The AVCA does not run collegiate beach tournaments but can put any coach who is interested in touch with a contact who does run this type of event. Any coach interested in participating in collegiate beach should contact Kathy DeBoer or Will Engle at AVCA headquarters.


The AVCA is currently involved in the process to redesign the AVCA Web site which will change the look and feel of the site as well as add some new features. The AVCA was able to start this project due to their management deal with IMG that allowed for a significant discount in the cost. The goal is to have the new Web site ready by early August.


The AVCA has developed an affiliate partner program to attract more high school coaches to join the association. In this program the AVCA partners with state high school volleyball coaches associations to have high school coaches sign-up for AVCA membership when they register for their state coaches clinic. If anyone on the committee has a relationship with a leader of a state coaches association and is willing to share please contact Mark McCloskey or Kathy DeBoer at AVCA headquarters



1. AVCA membership drive - contact coaches in your conference who are not members and encourage them to join

2. Get names from the conferences that need representatives on this committee, if they are in your old region please make a call to that conference.

3. Please contact Brenda if you are interested in volunteering on the Membership and/or Convention Attendance Subcommittees.

4. If you are aware of a school that is adding men's volleyball please contact Josh Crosier.

5. Remind your conference coaches that we are all supposed to keep statistics for both teams at home next fall - get this information to their support staffs and athletic directors.

6. Think about the rules and potential rules changes so constructive feedback can be provided during the rules process.

7. Please contact Stewart Dole if you have comments about the recognition proposal that will be submitted to the NAIA.


Next NAIA HCC conference call scheduled for Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at 11:30 a.m. ET.


Call adjourned at 12:50 p.m. (ET)

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