December 12, 2007


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In Attendance: Candace Moats (Indiana Wesleyan), Brenda Williams (Olivet Nazarene), Tom Van Den Bosch (Dordt), Christopher Duenow(Concordia, OR), Ruth Stein (NAIA), Katy Meyer (Embry Riddle, AZ), Brianne Smedley (Berry), Todd Humphry (Freed-Hardeman), Leo Sayles (Bryan College), Christy Clawson (Texas Wesleyan), Stew McDole (Graceland), Kim Norman (Westminster), Mike Gibson (Michigan-Dearborn), Peggy Tuter (Park), Steve Gream (Union), Mary Penrod (Evangel), Glenn Cox (SCAD)


Brenda welcomed everyone and spoke about this being a critical time now for the transition to direct qualification as well as many additional areas of change that are on the horizon.



· Kim Norman has started developing a plan of action

o Will distribute AVCA survey after January 1 to learn about webcasting in the NAIA and establish action items

o Would NAIA to have same support AVCA provides to NCAA - Links to webcasting through AVCA website


CAA Tasking from Bob Wilson

· Frequency of Play

o Kim Norman voiced concern about losing the opportunity to take her team to US Open Nationals

§ Only effects schools on quarter systems. Semester programs will not be in school at that time so it falls under summer guidelines (not regulated)

o Non-traditional concerns probably targeted at basketball and spring sports.

o Consensus among this group is that the 24-week season (with breaks) as writted is sufficient for VB.

o # of non-traditional play dates

§ Ruth reviewed the language in current NAIA bylaws

§ Consensus from HCC is that it is unnecessary to specify a number of allowable contests during the non-traditional season. Institutions can make these decisions at their own discretion.

· Definition of Practice

o Open gym... is it practice if coach is present? Discussion indicates there are varying interpretations school by school. Could be a liability issue if no one from athletic department can supervise open gym without it being considered practice.

§ HCC Straw vote: Open gym should be considered practice if coach is present.

HCC disagrees unanimously.

o Individual instruction

§ Christy voiced support of not counting individual and small group instruction within the 24-week rule

§ Kim Norman voiced concern about roster-size requirements by institutions that take away training time for many players (further down the bench) that can't have significant training time due to sheer numbers and gym time


Direct Qualification

· Mike Gibson reviewed the basic outline for direct qualification and format

· Recommend expanding the final site tournament to a 5-day event

o Aspects of selection of 12 first round byes

o Ruth noted the transition team's current standing:

§ no limit on number of national qualifiers from each conference

§ no limit on opening-round byes given to a conference

· Opening Rounds: Questions from coaches in some regions

o Concern the $4,000 fee is too high

o Concern about conflicts with basketball or other events when bidding to host opening rounds

o How will seeding be affected if a higher seed team does not bid to host?

o Suggestion of having 1st round at fewer sites with more teams.

§ Ruth noted the Direct Qualification Task Force studied opening round tournaments and the numbers for travel, missed class did not work as well.

o Concern about format for rounds in national championship: 1st round is single elim., and then final site is pool play into single elim. bracket play

o Katie asked about how independents would go about hosting first round match with regards to adhering to requirements for conference-assigned officials

§ Per the transition team, independents would work with the assignors from the closest conference.

o Kim voiced concern about the assigning practices and asked that language be included in first round "preferred practices" statement

§ Agreement that developing that language was consensus.... Kim Norman will develop a statement for us to push forward



· Stew McDole reviewed recommendations coming from the recognition committee (see handout)

o Eliminate specialist recognition at the national level

o Would like to see an All-Region recognition process that could be managed through AVCA structure

§ HCC consensus supports regional recognition using AVCA structure

§ Brenda offered info regarding AVCA ties and opportunities there

§ Necessary to continuing growing membership with AVCA



· Recognition committee has been looking at ratings in direct qualification environment. (see handout)

· There is concern about having 25-26 conference raters responsible for national rating.

· Recognition committee would still like to see an intermediate step considered.




Meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.

Thursday, December 13, 2007 * 8:00 a.m. PT

In Attendance: Candace Moats (Indiana Wesleyan), Brenda Williams (Olivet Nazarene), Tom Van Den Bosch (Dordt), Christopher Duenow (Concordia, OR), Ruth Stein (NAIA), Katy Meyer (Embry Riddle, AZ), Brianne Smedley (Berry), Todd Humphry (Freed-Hardeman), Leo Sayles (Bryan College), Christy Clawson (Texas Wesleyan), Stew McDole (Graceland), Kim Norman (Westminster), Mike Gibson (Michigan-Dearborn), Peggy Tuter (Park), Steve Gream (Union), Mary Penrod (Evangel), Glenn Cox (SCAD), Will Engle (AVCA), Todd Lowery (National American), Jim Smoot (Westmont), Bob Heersma (St Xavier)


Brenda welcomed everyone and focused the group on establishing committees and small groups to put together proposals and directives for general meeting on Friday.



· Ruth spoke regarding her information: There is movement to create a coalition of independent institutions to help give them a voice in the ratings and recognition process

· Katy Meyer brought concerns about what institutions that do not want to join the coalition will do

o Ruth responded there was a recommendation under review to utilize "proximal" conferences to help with eligibility and other administration and oversight

o Independent "sub-committee" for VB will be driven by Todd Lowery and Katy Meyer



· Brenda noted IMG Worldwide, the largest sports marketing company in the country, acquired HOST Communications, who is the management company for the AVCA. This is viewed as a positive step as IMG has a larger base of resources as one of the largest international sports management companies. All current leadership in the AVCA and HOST communications will continue intact.

· Current AVCA membership is 4400. 2008 goal is 5000.

· Convention pre-registration is largest ever at 1400. Estimated 1700 total attendance.

· Growth includes an international piece.

· Revisited monthly phone call day/time. Coaches with teaching responsibilities were struggling to be available consistently due to teaching conflicts. Requested input...suggestion was Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am (central time)

· Current AVCA membership among NAIA coaches is at 59%. Continue to push towards the 75% goal.

· Tom Van Den Bosch asked about how the HCC will change, if at all, as we move to direct qualification.

o Brenda and Will responded that the goal will be to include representation from each conference.

· Kim Norman spoke to the need to have information clearly disseminated following conference calls and meetings so it can be shared with each HCC member's conference/region. Clarity of action items and discussion points that all coaches should be aware of is important to ensure all coaches have the opportunity to be educated and engaged.

· Some voiced concern about apathy among coaches - what to do when coaches do not respond

o Suggestion is to emphasize personal contact to engage coaches and empower them to be an active voice

· Peggy brought up that now that we are in the 3rd year the rotation of changes in the HCC leadership should begin. Importance of engaging new potential members to HCC. This will change due to direct qualification

o NAIA-VCA general business meeting should include prompt to elect HCC member from each conference and independent coalition.

o Region 8-14 are up for re-election in 2008. Regions 1-7 are up in 2009.

§ May be re-elected to a 2nd term

§ Only two consecutive terms are allowed. One year minimum before return to position

o Critical that we work to educate and engage all coaches in our conference/region and dial-in new coaches to be actively involved



· Clarified about what needs to be presented at general meeting - brief history, and current status.

· Opening Rounds

o Pairing process is specific concern. Fear of potential for having conference teams play each other.

o Committee driving pairings will be the selection committee which is generally the VCA officers (minus participating coaches). Overseen by NAIA administration


BREAKOUT SESSION. the HCC broke into focus groups to consider and make recommendations.

· Feedback on Ratings

o See 2 options for ratings committee structure

§ 24 + independent also serving as national raters

§ 10-12 person national ratings committee (favored)

o Recommend development of a "Case Book" as a resource for raters

§ Documents scenarios that have been worked through in the past and how they were handled

o Recommend a 3-year term. No limit of consecutive terms but position is always re-opened.

· Feedback on Competition

o Question about time-line to allow final ranking after conference deadline followed by selection process and seeding of tournament.

o Need to re-seed following the first round of nationals to set pools based on opening round winners

§ Seeding currently done by ratings committee

o Focus group was in favor of 6 pools of 4 at final site

o Determination of 12 bye teams

§ By final ranking - top 11 teams plus host

· Feedback for Best Practices (conference/independent qualifiers and Opening Round)

§ Environment quality - banners, statistical, support staffing

§ When will bids be awarded??

· Feedback on Recognition

o Eliminate specialist recognition at national level

§ Retain conference level recognition as determined by conference

o Recommendation to continue region-level of recognition with assist from AVCA/NCAA model



Meeting adjourned at 10:10 am

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