September 12, 2007


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Assistant Coaches Committee Call Minutes

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


1. Recruiting Task Force (Recruiting Calendar)-will begin work this month. If you were involved with that group be aware that they plan to reconvene.


2. College Coaches Involvement with the USAV Programs

            a. Committee is formed

            b. Initial emails about issue have been circulated amongst committee members

            c. Conference call will be set up this month


3. Convention registration has begun. The AVCA has launched a new convention page on the website ( that should be visited for information and registration. The AVCA staff has worked hard at putting together a great cadre of presenters for the convention and the schedule is close to being set.  Rooms are at a premium in Sacramento so please make your arrangements early. The convention is expected to continue its same exciting trends.


4. AVCA Talent Showcase-this is a junior event that the AVCA will host on the Sunday following the National Championship. The goal is to attract junior players to the Talent Showcase as a recruiting opportunity as well as hopefully increase attendance at the National Championship matches. The event will be held Sunday from 9:00am-12:00noon at the Convention Center (this is an exempt day from our NCAA recruiting calendar dead period and is legal to recruit). Please consider this while making your flight and hotel reservations for the convention.


5. AVCA Match of the Week and Television Information. Information went out to head coaches. Please make yourself aware of the current AVCA showings and make every effort to watch. There was also an informational piece from the AVCA about CSTV and the Sunday Night Spikes included in that information piece.


6. Rules-Any rule changes that you would like to see, please draft the change in writing and get 2 other programs to propose the change. Your staff should soon receive a form to use to submit any rule change that you want the rules committee to consider when we meet in January. Once you have a written draft and two signatures, submit it to the AVCA for inclusion on the survey.


7. You should have received an email about assistant coach board elections. You are asked to vote for an Assistant Coaches rep only. If you have not received the email please make sure that your membership is up to date, and/or contact AVCA. Let your voice be heard.


8. The committee is working on a survey of assistant coach positions, responsibilities, salaries, etc. Look for an email from the AVCA to complete the survey. Knowledge is power and if we can get a better understanding of the nature of assistant coach position across the country, we will have data to back up our needs. Sarah Bernson from Cornell made a call for anyone who is interested in joining the project.


9. Mika Robinson added an inquiry about the any new legislation related to limiting the radius of summer camps to within 100 miles of your institution. If anyone has heard anything, please let the committee know.


We are seeking a new secretary for the ACC. If you would like to volunteer your talents to take minutes and keep records of all communication, please let me know.

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