December 13, 2006


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Roll Call

Chair: Brenda Williams, Olivet Nazarene

Committee Members Present: Chris Duenow (Region 1); Todd Lowery (Region 3); Peggy Tuter (Region 4); Kaddie Platt (Region 6); Mike Gibson (Region 8); Leo Sayles (Region 12); Brianne Smedley (Region 13)

Others Present: NAIA VCA officers, Dennis Janzen - President, Candace Moats - 1st Vice President; Tom Van Den Bosch - Secretary and Stew McDole - Recognition Committee Chair; also Christy Clawson (Texas Wesleyan), Lori Thomas (NAIA), Will Engle (AVCA)


AVCA Membership
Committee Chair: Brenda Williams
1. A continued initiative of the NAIA Head Coaches Committee is a membership drive to increase the number of NAIA members within the AVCA. It is the committee's stance that more members should equal more benefits, so it begins with getting more coaches on board.


One idea is to create incentive packages to help entice coaches to join. The AVCA is working on incentive packages for first-year coaches and part-time coaches for groups. The NAIA can not require coaches to be a member of the coaches association in any sport, but they can strongly recommend it. One suggestion was to try and get a push from athletic directors, and get them on board with the ideas and vision of the AVCA to and solicit their help in attaining their coaches' membership.


AVCA Executive Director Kathy DeBoer has offered her help in membership drives. She has offered to write/sign personal letters of invitation to coaches who are not members, and who may not be considering AVCA membership a need.


Lori Thomas of the NAIA stated that the goal of her organization wants to have a list of sports/coaches association percentages for all sports by this summer.


roster size increase
Region I of the Head Coaches Committee would like to propose an increase of roster size from 14 to 16 in the post season. They would not have to be eligible to play; it just gives more young women the opportunity to get the quality experience that the post season provides.
1. Comparing the size of the volleyball post season roster to the size of the women's basketball post season roster may be the best argument in trying to get this passed.


One setback may be that athletic directors are going to balk at the cost. One cost-cutting measure would be to keep the banquet size at nationals the same (14).


Ensure that it's actually the travel party size that changes, not just the roster size, so that support personnel are not cut short.

Consistent statistics continues to be a problem for the teams across the NAIA.

1. Chris Deunow suggested that the home team should do statistics for both sides. He cited a lack of consistency if one school is not keeping for both teams.


2. Another suggestion has been an educational DVD that would provide assistance in stats training. It could be used in conjunction with a certification process. Brenda noted that Cecile Reynaud, AVCA Education & Publications Chair, is proposing heading up an online certification course for coaches/teams to use.


3. Action Item: The committee officially decided to recommend to the VCA that teams use Dakstat or Statcrew only as a start to trying to find some consistency within NAIA statistics.



Competition Committee representative: Mike Gibson

The Competition Committee is looking for new formats for Direct Qualification. Mike Gibson gave the following as what has been discussed thusfar:

Conference/Geographic representation

have at-larges available

procedure to get independents in


Chris Deunow noted that he has heard from others that the pool play used by the NAIA is envied. Mike said that something has to be given to the task force by January 15 to have recommendations considered.


One suggestion was to work toward fewer matches equaling more quality volleyball in later rounds. Todd Lowery, head coach of national champion National American University, recalled someone telling him of their surprise of the level of competition at the NAIA championships.


Another suggestion was that more teams in a tournament could open up opportunities to bigger/better cities and venues for the championships.



Action Item: Give proposals to Mike with rationale and pros/cons of expanding to 36 teams.


head coaches committee
How can we best use the Head Coaches Committee to further the growth of volleyball in the NAIA?

1. Discuss ideas

2. Provide ideas to the VCA

3. Be proactive instead of reactive


Recommend to the VCA that teams use Dakstat or Statcrew only as a start to trying to find some consistency within NAIA statistics.


Give direct qualification proposals to Mike Gibson with rationale and pros/cons of expanding to 36 teams.


Be proactive!



Next NAIA HCC conference call is scheduled for Tuesday, January 9, 2007 at 11 a.m. ET.


Meeting adjourned at 5:40 p.m. (CT)

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