October 2, 2007


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Chair: Brenda Williams, Olivet Nazarene

Present on the call: Kim Norman (Region 1), Katy Meyer (Region 2), Peggy Tutor (Region 4), Mary Penrod (Region 5), Christy Clawson (Region 6), Mike Gibson (Region 8), Paul Swanson (Region 9), Todd Humphry (Region 11), Glenn Cox (Region 14), Kevin Hudson (Assistant Coaches), Josh Crosier (Men's Rep), Israel Negron (Legislative Rep), Will Engle (AVCA liaison), Ruth Stein (NAIA headquarters) Candace Moats - VCA President

Absent on the call: Excused: Jim Smoot (Region 2), Todd Lowery (Region 3), Bruce Billingsley (Region 7), Leo Sayles (Region 12), Brianne Smedley (Reg. XIII - Kevin Hudson represented their region)

Committee Chair: Brenda Williams

Reminder to all committee members that you must be a member of the AVCA to be on one of the Head Coaches Committees. Get a report from your coaches in your regions about AVCA membership - encourage coaches in your region to sign up and renew. NAIA is up to 63.44% membership, but we are continually striving for 70-75%.


Registration is now open for the 2007 AVCA Annual Convention in Sacramento, Calif. Visit the convention page on the AVCA Web site, www.avca.org for more information and to register for the convention. Early deadline for registration is Nov. 2nd.


The Head Coaches Committee will have a meeting at the Convention; if you cannot attend, please try and have someone from your region attend in your place.


Men's Rep: Josh Crosier

Not much to report during off-season. There are a few teams adding and dropping again during this off-season, a final count will be more apparent as the season approaches.



A. Stat education & accountability: Dakstats is going to offer a checks & balances program for the 2008 season, but the problem with inaccurate stats still exists for 2007. The need was noted for both home/visitor stats, for them to be compiled on computers during the match rather than paper, and for adequate training for stat keepers. With stats more readily available for others to see via the Internet, it makes the NAIA look bad when the stats are kept poorly. Brenda reminded the committee about the stats videos on the AVCA, NCAA and PAVO Web sites.

B. Webcasting: Kim Norman is trying to get together a committee of people to put together a Match of the Week schedule. She is going to need help from those who can offer this at their schools. Contact Kim if you would like to be part of this committee.

C. Rule questions: Brenda talked with Marcia Alterman and Joanie Powell from PAVO on the substitution rule and 2nd and 3rd contact double calls. Most coaches feel that the double contact rules are all over the place this year for everyone, but the problem might be from the fact that many volleyball officials are not required to attend PAVO clinics prior to the season. We can request all official assigners to require clinic attendance for all NAIA volleyball officials. They are working to come up with a better way to educate the officials. They were trying to eliminate automatic calls on spin or technique and to make sure the officials saw the violation and not just think it was going to be a bad play. With this some officials take it as calling nothing. Our biggest concern is calling the game differently from game to game in a match. It might be a great idea to require all NAIA officials to attend at least one clinic prior to the season each year. The substitution rule seems to be working itself out for the NAIA matches. Check the PAVO website for rule interpretation newsletters.


Competition Committee: Mike Gibson

The Competition Committee wants input from conferences. Ruth Stein told the committee that the 36-team championship field was approved. Twelve teams will get an opening-round bye, and there will be 24 teams playing in the opening round. Mike told the committee that what is trying to be decided now is how the tournament will look after the opening round, when the field is reduced from 36 teams to 24 teams. He forwarded the options to the VCA officers and HCC members, requesting feedback.

There was discussion among the committee regarding the advantages and disadvantages of 1) more tournament days (meaning more days away from class), 2) one match per day vs. multiple matches per day, 3) regular season conference winners vs. conference tournament winners in regards to automatic bid, 4) how the 12 byes are determined.

Ruth said that implementation for the new plan is scheduled for the 2008 championship. She also said that an implementation team made up of administrators is being formed for when the direct qualification plan is finally decided upon.


VI. new business

Check the NAIA manual for important dates. Any legislative questions forward to Israel Negron at NAIA headquarters. A question was posed to Israel regarding volleyball teams getting pushed out of the gym in favor of basketball practice. Israel noted that this is an institutional matter, not an NAIA matter.

It was also noted that Tachikara is the current ball sponsor for the NAIA and gives discounts to NAIA schools.


Next NAIA HCC conference call scheduled for Tuesday, November 6, 2007 at 11 a.m. ET.


Call adjourned at 12:17 p.m. (ET)

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