October 3, 2006


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Roll Call

Chair: Brenda Williams, Olivet Nazarene

Absent on the call: Dave Moody (Region 3)


Excused Absences: Kaddie Platt (Region 6), Bruce Billingsley (Region 7)


Chair Report
Committee Chair: Brenda Williams
1. Lori Thomas, NAIA Director of Championships and Human Resources, participated in the call to give the Committee an update on upcoming dates and events. She reminded the Committee of the following:

a. Changes in the scholar athlete process

i. Two years ago, the rule was changed to include Junior College transfers; now it has changed again - there is now a minimum of 1-year experience necessary.

ii. The deadline for the process is now November 3.

b. Scholar Team Award

i. New award

ii. The deadline is June 30.

c. November 3 is also the deadline for your official roster to be on file with the NAIA

d. December 20 is the deadline for legislative proposals.


AVCA Membership Drive Update:
Region 1 - still at about 50%
Region 2 - GSAC 100%, still working on CALPAC
Region 3 - no report
Region 4 - 14 of 19 and five assistant coaches
Region 5 - should be near 80%
Region 6 - no report
Region 7 - missing only three members, and they are being recruited
Region 8 - still working on it
Region 9 - 15 of 18 for sure, with two others planning on joining; should be able to attain 100%
Region 11 - 4 teams still needing to join (new or part-time coaches)
Region 12 - 8 of 19, but expecting at least five more
Region 13 - 8 of 14; part-time and multi-sport coaches is a problem
Region 14 - 4 of 8 with one assistant coach

Reminder that the Committee's business meeting is at the 2006 AVCA Annual Convention, so attendance by Committee members is needed if possible. A couple of members did say they will regretfully not be able to make this year's convention, some are going for sure, and some do not know yet whether or not they will be able to attend.

Be sure and register early for the 2006 AVCA Annual Convention. Currently, registration is up from 103 this time last year to near 400 who have already registered. You can register on the AVCA website at www.avca.org/convention.asp.

Region 1 Rep: Chris Duenow

AVCA Staff: Will Engle

Will reported that the statistics survey is set to go out late this week or early next week. The AVCA has been waiting on the existing salary survey's time to lapse before sending out a new survey. Chris encouraged Committee members to get their region's coaches e-mail address to Will so that the survey can be sent to all NAIA coaches, not just AVCA members. The survey will be web-based, and will be sent from the AVCA headquarters.

Continue to educate others in your region what works well for you in regards to keeping good and accurate statistics. Stats kept by both teams in a match should be close to one another; there is some room for differences as it pertains to judgment calls, but the stat reports should not be way off. Reports being way off is a sign that we need more education as it pertains to keeping statistics.

Chris Duenow stated that doing every little part well, including keeping statistics, helps improve the quality of the student-athlete's NAIA experience, and helps bring in quality kids to NAIA programs.

It was suggested that if a coach or program wants one of their players to be considered for All-American first or second team, they should have to submit a video of that player. If they are satisfied with honorable mention or third-team, they can just provide stats. In the future this may become a requirement, this is a suggestion now. We also suggested asking coaches that had Region Liberos of the Year send a DVD or tape to the National Tournament Committee (check with Mike Gibson).

If you have any ideas on how to better educate coaches and athletic programs as it pertains to stat keeping, send ideas to Mike Gibson, the Region 8 representative.




Do not forget to report all scores to both the NAIA and AVCA websites. Also, provide information for the AVCA Facts on File, distributed weekly. Be sure and include any player who tallies 30 digs, 30 kills or a triple-double in a match. Also, remind the other coaches in your region that they must nominate Player, Setter & Libero of the Week on the NAIA website.


Get e-mail address to Will Engle for inclusion in Statistics Survey to be sent out within the next week.

Remind coaches to renew their membership and register early for the 2006 AVCA Annual Convention.

Get AVCA information to prospective members, both collegiate and high school.

Good luck on the upcoming season!


Next NAIA HCC conference call scheduled for Tuesday, November 7, 2006 at 11 a.m. ET.


Call adjourned at 11:55 a.m.

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