April 4, 2006


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Roll Call
Bruce Billingsley - Saint Ambrose University - Region VII
Glenn Cox - Savannah College of Art and Design - Region XIV
Chris Duenow - Concordia University (Ore.) - Region I
Mike Gibson - University of Michigan-Dearborn - Region VIII
Kevin Hudson - Lee University - Assistant Coaches
Katy Meyer - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Independent (Region II)
Mary Penrod - Evangel University - Region V
Kaddie Platt - Houston Baptist University - Region VI
Leo Sayles - Bryan College - Region XII
Brianne Smedley - Berry College - Region XIII
Paul Swanson - Mount Vernon Nazarene - Region IX and X
Brenda Williams - NAIA AVCA Board Rep
Bill Kauffman - AVCA staff liaison

Susan Clements - Georgetown College (Ky.) - Region XI - excused
Dave Moody - Dickinson State University - Region III
Harvey Sanders - Newman University - Men's Rep
Jim Smoot - Westmont College - Region II
Peggy Tuter - Park University - Region IV - excused

I. Welcome and Roll Call

II. HCC Chair Report - Brenda Williams
Brenda met in Denver with the AVCA Board of Directors - many new things happening with the AVCA. She will formally present more information as it is available for public release.

The question of "can we get our Men's Coach of the Year" recognized, the answer was not until we get enough men's teams in the NAIA to have a national championship. NCAA is mandating at least 50 teams for a two-year period to establish a Division III stand-alone tournament away from the Division I-II national collegiate championship.

Brenda asked the committee to remind their region coaches that they must apply for head coaches membership into AVCA to give us credit. If they join as a club coach we do not get the credit within the NAIA affiliation. Further, coaches must register for AVCA membership at the higher-priced membership, which is NAIA over club membership dues.

Brenda responded how the Two-Year Colleges got on CSTV for their championships. Actually, the AVCA provided a contact, but it was a NJCAA contract on their own including multiple sports.

III. Old Business - Brenda asked to have each region report on their AVCA membership drive

Region I: 60 percent, some work to do within Chris' own conference. Chris said part of it is lack of education.
Region II:
Region III:
Region IV:
Region V: Peggy mentioned the turnover of coaches have been a problem. The longer term coaches are members.
Region VI: Kaddie had a conference call last week. The commissioner said he would pay for four coaches to be members. Kaddie will be reaching out to the new coaches in the other conference in the region. The commissioner will even be writing a letter to other presidents and commissioners asking them to have memberships for coaches.
Region VII: Bruce reported 15 of 18 are members. One is new, one is leaving and one was not aware of the AVCA.
Region VIII:
Region IX/X: Paul asked how the committee was aware who is a member or not. Brenda explained the membership directory, and will forward that information to Paul.
Region XI:
Region XII: Leo reported about 50 percent membership, most in his own conference. Some recent coaching transactions were AVCA members who left.
Region XIII: Out of 14 schools, eight are members. Two schools do not have coaches at the moment. A couple coaches did not feel the AVCA supported the NAIA enough.
Region XIV: Probably have less than half. A lot of schools are moving to NCAA Division II and losing schools and AVCA members.
Brenda reminded coaches to not only push to their region coaches, but also to the high school and club members. She emphasized the use of letters by the commissioner would be a good idea.

NCAA Volleyball Rules changes are published on the AVCA web site.

Brenda asked for feedback on attack line extensions - St. Ambrose uses a paper base tape by Scotch. Berry uses painters tape and uses the tape on top of it.

Brenda and Dawn Harmon have not been able to meet yet on stats. She hopes to get their by next week. AVCA does have a DVD for stat training. AVCA member coaches can purchase it through the AVCA on-line store. It was also suggested having a spring stat training meeting. Less than a third of NAIA stats have SIDs, which is a hindrance of having computerized in-game stats. Chris mentioned that it is not absolute to have an SID doing stats in-game, it could be any individual.

Mike Gibson provided an update on Competition Committee and info on the regional re-alignment. He talked to Corey Westra, the Great Plains commissioner. He wants to act as the liaison to volleyball. He is a former coach, and he could serve as a resource for NAIA volleyball. Mike discussed the possible realignment. It seemed like the conference-direct model was going to be the path used. The other models did not solve current problems.

Important issues for volleyball to be discussed at the NAIA Convention. The NAIA has been perceived as a basketball organization. When the numbers are identical in schools competing, 64 advance in basketball and only 20 in volleyball. That needs to change. It allows for the best teams to advance to the tournament. It should be nationally geographic regarding representation, but it should also represent the top teams. Bruce said basketball tournament makes money and is able to reimburse schools. One solution would be to find a host city that wants to make the tournament a big deal and potential moneymaker, which leads to possible larger tournament bracket in the future.

Chris Duenow gave an update on possible survey on stats and some game management. He has contacted Katy and presented some ideas.

IV. New Business
What things would NAIA coaches like to see provided by the AVCA Legislative service? Get ideas for the website, such things as an NAIA recruiting document, (the differences between NCAA and NAIA), maybe a parent's document explaining the differences, somewhere that a parent or coach can go to see those differences. What are our limits in scholarships (tuition, room and board, fees), playing dates, eligibility differences, try-outs, recruiting differences, do our visits count toward their total recruiting visits (including NCAA visits), any other ideas. The AVCA wants to provide legislative information for all groups and be the one place to go to get that type of information. After discussion, it seemed the committee was not all on the same page of what constitutes a scholarship equivalency and what counts against the count, including how academic and grade point average decreases the count. NAIA webpage- to membership services- to legislative services- to Rules and Regulations- to NAIA Policy Handbook,- then click on the Council of Presidents page for the scholarship limitations. We need a user friendly site to get to that information. One other question is the difference between NAIA and NCAA. Also discussed was the need to state there are no divisions within NAIA volleyball in comparison to basketball. Send any legislative ideas to Brenda to share with Sarah Weier at the AVCA.

Brenda urged the committee to help convince high school and club coaches to become AVCA members, provide brochures at summer camps - remind them of the new High School Senior All America Team from the AVCA. A lot of the high school coaches are not aware of this program and it could help boost membership in that category.

Your ideas of other areas we can use the HCC - concerns, needs, etc. Brenda urges coaches to forward agenda items to put discuss on future calls. The call is not hers, but for the NAIA coaches.

A discussion of national rating occurred. Chris mentioned this call should occur with the raters themselves, and not necessarily with the members of this call.

Katy Meyer - restated our mission that AVCA membership is our number one priority on this call. Let's all keep to that by talking with our regional members and non-members alike. The more members we have the more benefits we can ask for. Brenda suggests sending letters to all new coaches within our regions to let them know to sign up and also remind all our coaches to renew. Let's get the updates on all regions by next phone call.

V. Next Conference Call - Tuesday, May 2 at 10 a.m. CT

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