May 2, 2006


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Roll Call
Susan Clements - Georgetown College (Ky.) - Region XI
Glenn Cox - Savannah College of Art and Design - Region XIV
Chris Duenow - Concordia University (Ore.) - Region I
Mike Gibson - University of Michigan-Dearborn - Region VIII
Kevin Hudson - Lee University - Assistant Coaches
Katy Meyer - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Independent (Region II)
Dave Moody - Dickinson State University - Region III
Mary Penrod - Evangel University - Region V
Kaddie Platt - Houston Baptist University - Region VI
Harvey Sanders - Newman University - Men's Rep
Leo Sayles - Bryan College - Region XII
Brianne Smedley - Berry College - Region XIII
Jim Smoot - Westmont College - Region II
Paul Swanson - Mount Vernon Nazarene - Region IX and X
Peggy Tuter - Park University - Region IV - excused
Brenda Williams - NAIA AVCA Board Rep
Bill Kauffman - AVCA staff liaison (Kendal Kelly proxy)
Kathy DeBoer - AVCA executive director

Bruce Billingsley - Saint Ambrose University - Region VII

Welcome and Roll Call

HCC Chair Report - Brenda Williams
Brenda welcomed Kendal Kelly of the AVCA office. She is filling in for Bill Kauffman, the NAIA Head Coaches Committee staff liaison.

Membership status update by region:

Region I - Holding steady, conference meeting in two weeks - will push membership.
Region II - Membership status in GSAC is good. CalPac only has four members.
Region III - Currently at 90% - looking good.
Region IV - Coaches who are not members are part-time coaches and/or new hires.
Harvey (Men's Rep) - Midwest conference adopted legislation that requires membership.
Region V - More than half are members. Non-members include coaches who hold other jobs. August preseason meeting is scheduled - will push for new members.
Region VI - Memberships are increasing. Conference commissioner will pay some membership dues.
Region VII - Almost at 100% membership, Iowa lacks only three members. Meeting schedule in two weeks; will push membership. CCAC was at 100% this year
Region VIII - Currently have 50% in membership. Will push membership at spring meeting.
Region IX and X - Currently at 65%. Non-members include new hires.
Region XI - Non-members include new hires. Will push membership at July meeting.
Region XII - Currently at 65-70%. Non-members include new hires and/or club coaches. Will push membership at August meeting.
Region XIII - Currently at 57%. Six teams are non-members; 2 don't have a coach and volleyball is second sport to other 4 coaches. They do not view volleyball as their primary sport. Will push membership at upcoming meeting.
Region XIV - Currently at 50% membership.
Independents - No numbers to report. Overall progress of collegiate membership education is positive and moving forward. Continue to push membership at conference and regional meetings held throughout May and August. Brenda encouraged committee members to get on the agenda for these upcoming meetings.

Kathy DeBoer thanked the coaches for pushing AVCA membership and added that the AVCA needs to know what the coaches want. Provide positive and negative feedback. The AVCA wants the NAIA coaches to feel they get value in their membership.
Kathy DeBoer also gave a timeline for an AVCA announcement at the end of May.

Membership Brochures and High School All-America Program
Brenda reiterated the importance of promoting membership at the high school/club level. Be sure to promote the AVCA at high school summer camps and let coaches know of the new High School All-America program. Be in contact with the high school coaches who are involved and active in your regions.

NAIA Statistics and Training - NAIA wish list

Brenda was able to meet with Dawn Harmon concerning stats. She asked for opinions and to help make a "wish-list" of what a volleyball stat program should do. It seems that we are all over the page on the type of stats everyone uses. Brenda's school uses Digital Scout on a handheld for bench team stats, the SID does visiting teams on Stat Crew then converts it to Dakstats along with the info that we input into Stat Crew for him. We don't have printable stats in a timely fashion doing this. Dawn would be willing to meet with Daktronics to see just what it would take to put the things we want on their software.

Noted concerns: Dawn and other SID's have a problem with the 3,2,1 passing rating, they do not want to be the one to decide what is a 3, a 2 or a 1, it would be hard for them and especially their stat crews if they do not know volleyball well. Dawn wanted to know if it was possible to have the team bench take that stat to keep for Libero of the Year or All Region and All American stats? That stat would not appear on the regular box score but would be included in stats for individual honors.

Kevin Hudson also asked about the stat allowing the Libero to be in the starting line-up, for webcast games, you have to enter that sub every time they run on and off the court, very hard to keep up with. Substitutions at the beginning of a game throw the auto-serve feature off. He would also like to have the ability to do the pass rating stat while doing the game. He suggested a historical database for career stats and records for each school to maintain, either in-house or on the Dakstats page. Also a Published weekly report starting at the conference level (to alert us to need of stat education or corrections) and provide some incentive for reporting on a regular basis. Kevin use to use automated scorebook (TAS) but now prefers the Dakstats program, he uses the TAS for historical database.

Brianne added that her SID does not care for DakStats for volleyball and baseball, he prefers CompuStats (he admits that it is very old), after matches he transfers the final numbers over to Daktronics. He stated he would not want to be objective about the 3,2,1 passing numbers.

Dawn wanted to know what we should add for the REQUIRED stats for ALL NAIA schools to take. Other concerns:
• Staffing issues for taking the required stats
• Training on statistics
• Cost of training for stats
• Position-specific statistics
• Brenda's conference AD's agreed to have a stat education seminar for all conference SID's before this season. Brenda has viewed the AVCA DVD for stat training, the only problem is due to the old style uniforms it might make some people think it had not been updated (even though the stats have been the same for years) it does show scenarios which is good, but I just don't know if people will watch it all the way through when they first see how old it is.
• Dawn has asked me to find out if AVCA would cut a deal with the NAIA if we try to provide each conference with a copy.
• There is a $75 converter for Dakstats that can be purchased.

Chris Duenow commented that passing stats are subjective to the person taking the stats and suggested they use video. Noting that for AA awards only videos are used. He questioned weather schools have enough staff to make videos.

Will videos be used for National Libero of the Year? In the previous year NAIA asked for a National Libero of the Year and for enhanced stats. We got the Libero of the Year but it did not pass for enhanced stats which made it very difficult.

Mike Gibson commented that the HS Board in Michigan suggested that for 1st or 2nd team consideration, a video should be provided. You are not required to submit a video but it is suggested.

Brenda commented that no changes can be made in the bylaws at this point but they could suggest a video be sent. Bylaw changes need to go through Lori. Additionally, video guidelines should be given to coaches and Brenda said those guideline already exist.

Israel Negron from the NAIA has joined the AVCA Legislative Committee as the NAIA representative.
Old Business

Update on Competition Committee - Mike Gibson
The final version that was approved two years ago has been sent to Lori and it will be forwarded to Columbia. There will be 5 pools of 4 teams. The national championship will have less matches but at least three matches will be played.

Point Loma did not want to change last year as they bid when it was the other format and choose to keep it the same, the NAIA honored their bid and that is why it did not change until this coming season at Columbia.
2 courts / 1 location
1 court / other location and there will be less matches at 2nd site.

Update on Support Staff Survey - Chris Duenow and Katy Meyer
Clarification: support staff refers only to those taking statistics.
Chris Duenow noted the survey will be done in a user-friendly manner in hopes of a high return. Basic questions it covers:

Do you have an SID? Yes/No
What resources are available?
What resources are you using?
Are stats kept by hand or computer?
What program are you using?
What is your staffing situation?
How do you train your staff?

Bill Kauffman will assist with format of survey. Please consult with Bill as his schedule will be filling up throughout the summer.

There should be a push at the grassroots level for consistency in statistics.
Brenda noted that it should be from the bottom up and it should start at the conference level.

Mike offered some survey suggestions: Are you asking for conference or overall play? Clarify if you are asking for information on home or away games? Chris said they have no responsibility or control of stats when playing on the road. The survey is asking for home court statistics. Another question to ask, "Does your conference maintain weekly stats?"

Katy asked for a timeframe of getting information to Dawn. Brenda stated the NAIA is looking for a wish list by this summer; however, nothing will go into effect this year. Voting will take place at the AVCA convention in December. As of now all coaches should use the required box score that is already available in our coach's manual. We are asking for teams to keep passing efficiency stats for their team for post season honors.

Additional Ideas on Floor Markings
New rule went into effect regarding the 10-foot line. Some schools use tape and others are painted. Send inquires to Brenda.

New Business

Update on Men's Volleyball - Harvey Sanders
Men's NAIA tournament lost sponsorship with Tachikara. It is not a recognized national tournament yet because of lack of numbers. Could the AVCA help look for sponsors? Tachikara is the official ball sponsor of the NAIA Women's National Tournament and provides much to our women's side of the game. Brenda noted that she thought the men's sponsorship was a tournament specific sponsorship not an NAIA sponsorship.

Kathy DeBoer suggested Harvey contact Kelly Stumph at the AVCA. A packet of material has been compiled on how to add a men's volleyball program. There are currently 22 men's teams.

Kathy DeBoer noted that men's volleyball is growing; however, boys have no place to go at the collegiate level.

The overall feeling is that most men's teams are using Molten and Tachikara has refocused their efforts at the high school or direct retail market.

Update on AD Convention - Mike Gibson
Discussion included - How to qualify for national championship? Direct conference method was the hot topic but they questioned what was the rush?

Also discussed was the 24-week rule. Does it work? Is it being interpreted correctly? Do coaches need more clarification? Should they provide a season start/end date?

Overall, the Council of Presidents seemed concerned the rule was not being followed and that it may be interpreted wrong. Send ideas directly to Mike Gibson.

Kathy suggested Mike contact TJ Meagher and Israel. Brenda will forward contact information to Mike.

USAV Board Meeting - Mike Gibson
Meeting is at the end of May. Please forward anything to Mike you would like him to address at the meeting.

Next Conference Call - summer vacation? Next call - Tuesday, August 8, 2006 at 10:00am CT
(Keep in touch by e-mail over the summer)

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