Wednesday, October 1, 2008


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AVCA Division I Head Coaches Committee Minutes
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Roll Call: Absent: Atlantic Coast, Colonial Athletic, Conference USA, Independent, Missouri Valley, Southeastern and West Coast Conferences.

The meeting was called to order at 11:33 a.m. (EDT) by Chair Mark Rosen.  Mark welcomed everyone to the call and thanked the committee for taking the time to participate during this busy time of the season.  


  • Under Armour High School All-America Match at AVCA Convention


Mark reminded the committee that the inaugural Under Armour High School All-America Match will be held from 1 - 3 p.m. on Sunday, December 21 at the AVCA Convention. Mark encouraged the committee to contact the high school coaches of their recruits and make sure their kids are nominated to be an All-American. High school coaches are eligible to nominate the kids and these coaches must be members of the AVCA in order to submit a nomination. This is a good opportunity to grow the membership of the AVCA while getting additional exposure for the kids who are selected. The nomination period will be October 31 - November 10 and can be submitted online through the AVCA Web site.


  • Recruiting Task Force Update


Pete Waite reported the Recruiting Task Force held conference calls on September 17 and September 29. Pete and TJ Meagher put together the following summary of the discussions:


#1 - Slight adjustment to the recruiting calendar- 


We had good discussion and a new way to look at it.  Everyone felt this was an easy way to make things better.  Clubs don't have to rush to be ready for MLK Day tourneys or have coaches around their practices until February 1st.  College coaches can get out to practices before President's Day if they want to.


Quiet Period - all of January

Recruiting period Feb 1- end of April

Quiet Period - All of May

Recruiting period - June through Final Four


As you can see this is a much more simple version and easy to understand.  It adds two weeks of Quiet Period in January and one in May.  With USA VB adding a 10th Qualifier and the JVDA adding to their schedule, we felt there were ample opportunities to evaluate players.


It was noted during the discussion that club coaches like the adjustment as they don't have their kids under the recruiting microscope all of the time and gives them an opportunity to train and not have the added pressure. After some discussion the consensus was the committee liked the change.


#2 - College coaches coaching club -


We started with this idea... "Club coaches should count as one of the two coaches allowed off campus and off the 80 days".   The issue was that we didn't know how to count volunteer coaches or DOVO's since they are not certified recruiters to begin with.


The RTF committee had an idea to help clear up the confusion, so we are now proposing this to you...


Volunteer and DOVO's are not allowed to coach club.  If any head or assistant coach is coaching at a club tournament, or practices during quiet periods, it counts as one of their two coaches allowed off campus and it counts toward their 80 days.


People on the call all agreed that it might be the only way to go to improve a situation of schools having three or more staff members out at tournaments and DI coaches being on the bench of club teams at tournaments.


The committee had a great deal of discussion on this topic around whether the proposal should be broken into two separate proposals or kept together as outlined above. The group also discussed whether adult managers should be included in the restrictions. The consensus was that the proposal would be more effective if kept together as one recommendation.  


#3 - Eliminate the one time transfer rule exception-


Everyone agreed that this was a good idea.  Rational was that PSA's and their parents will make more informed decisions.  Recruits and parents may slow down the process to be sure of their decision.  It will also prevent college coaches from poaching other programs for immediate needs.  Other sports are already doing it and it takes the burden off the college coach to decide who gets released and who doesn't.


Kathy DeBoer noted that when considering this issue coaches must think about kids who are transferring down a level as well as the kids who transfer up or make a lateral transfer. She mentioned that nearly 50% of student-athletes across all divisions transfer at some point during their college years. The committee discussed the topic and the comments were mixed with some coaches supporting both sides of the issue.


#4 - A compliance e-mail Rules explanations (biweekly to colleges, clubs & hs)  


No need to discuss this, we are planning on starting this soon.


TJ will begin putting together rules information that will be distributed by the AVCA through its various publications and electronic messaging every two weeks.


#5 - Outside Facilities Hosting College Events


An increasingly common practice in the spring season is for Outside Facilities (operating as a for-profit agencies) to host college volleyball events. 


  • 1- Compliance with NCAA bylaw 13.15 - The for-profit agency operating the facility is allowed to charge entry fees, charge admission (institutions are not provided pass lists), and sell concessions while bearing no responsibility to document how the income is being used. It appears the facilities are closely affiliated with club programs, and there is a concerned likelihood that funds may be commingled and indirectly be used for prospects pre-college expenses.
  • 2- Compliance with NCAA bylaw 13.1 - The close proximity of college coaches, prospects, prospects' families, and student athletes presents an unhealthy mix of unmitigated opportunity to have convenient incidental contact. Plus the potential of involving student-athletes in the recruiting process seems to be intrinsic in arrangements such as this.
  • 3- Club recruiting leverage - The entities extending invitations for colleges to participate offer inherent incentives to the participants - one of which is an entry way to recruiting the associated clubs prospects which has been part of the motivation for attending these events. This same parameter may work adversely for programs choosing not to attend said event.


This issue is gathering concern on the conference level as it has surfaced in other sports, and it is expected that the AVCA's position will be solicited for direction.  While the solution is not clear at this time, the voice of the membership will affect the creation of options to address the situation.  We also possess the ability to draft legislation should the data support it.


TJ explained the issue and noted it wasn't a significant problem in volleyball at this time but could have a bigger impact in the future. The committee was asked to provide any feedback they have to TJ or Pete for further discussion.


  • Awards Regional Realignment Issue


The committee ran out of time to discuss this issue during the call. The current vote total is the following:


Yes                 101

No                    102

Abstain                4


The AVCA has not received any additional votes in several weeks so at this point the voting is closed.


  • 13th Scholarship Proposal Update


Kathy DeBoer gave an update on the status of the 13th scholarship issue. There is currently a proposal being considered by the Legislative Council to table all legislation having to do with financial aid until a study can be done in all sports. The council meets to vote on this issue October 20 & 21. A vote by the council to table the issue and do the study would essentially stop the 13th scholarship from moving forward.


The committee was sent two documents relative to this issue. The first document presented statistical information and reasoning outlining why the 13th scholarship should be implemented. The second document provided a list of conference representatives who serve on the Legislative Council. Kathy asked each committee member to contact their conference representative on the council prior to the October 20 meeting and discuss the document containing the statistical information supporting the additional financial aid. Kathy requested that after discussing with their conference representative each committee member contact her ( or 859-219-3554) and share the feedback received from the council member.


Kathy reminded the committee again that regardless of movement on the 13th scholarship that it is vitally important for administrators to understand the size, scope and continued growth of volleyball in the United States.  


  • AVCA Update


Jason Jones reported that the new AVCA Web site has been launched ( The new site has a different look and feel as well as some new functionalities. He encouraged the committee to review the site and provide feedback to AVCA Headquarters.


Jason noted that the salary survey deadline was September 30 and the AVCA had received responses from about 200 DI coaches. In 2007 the response rate was about 250 so the decision was made to extend the deadline until October 9. The committee was asked to complete the survey if they had not already done so. Only those coaches who participate will receive the results.


AVCA membership crossed the 5,000 mark at the end of September but the association expects a small drop due to some memberships that were expired but not terminated during the Web site and membership database transition. Reaching 5,000 members is a significant milestone for the association and that goal is close to being achieved.


Awards packets were sent out to coaches and SIDs on October 2. Please contact the AVCA ( if you didn't receive the link to the awards information.


Jason reported that convention registration is going well and the AVCA is currently ahead of the numbers for the Sacramento convention. He reminded the committee to register prior to November 7th in order to receive the early registration discount. The AVCA Minority Coaches Committee is offering scholarships to several minority coaches who will receive a complimentary registration and up to $800 to cover travel expenses. Please visit the convention section of the AVCA Web site for more information. 



  • Other Business


Mark thanked everyone for participating and noted next month's call.


The next call will be November 5th at 11:30 a.m. (EDT).


The meeting was adjourned at 12:44 p.m. ET.

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