October 13, 2008


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AVCA Division III Head Coaches Committee Meeting

Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2008 - 11:30 a.m. ET


Present: Jeanne Hess (Chair), Jen Bowman (NESCAC), Dorothy Webb (NEWMAC), Bret Stothart (Commonwealth Coast), Amanda Cuiffo (Great Northeast), Steve Pike (SUNYAC), Roger Worsley (Empire 8), Lisa Greiner (Independents & Skyline), Bridget White (NJAC), Margie Knight (Capital), Phil Pisano (AMCC), Robin Pietryk (USA South), Andrea Hoover (ODAC), Sam Lambert (SCAC), Julie Patrick for Kandis Schram (GSAC), Michelle Blaeser (MIAC), Bridget Sheehan (NCAC), Vicki Brault (OAC), Becky Schmidt (MIAA), Jill Jolliff (WIAC), Antonio Gentile for Deb Kiick (CCIW), Jennifer Saylor (Midwest), Dianna Graves (SCIAC), Mark Massey (Northwest), Kathy DeBoer (AVCA), Jason Jones (AVCA)


Not Present: Jonathan Penn (Liberty), David Shumaker (NEAC), Ray Bello (CUNYAC), Deana Jespersen (Pennsylvania), Alexa Keckler (Centennial), Randall Kreider (Commonwealth), Michele Zabinski (Freedom), Marci Sanders (ASC), Jennifer Walker (IIAC), Tom Ackerman (SLIAC), Deb Zellers (Independents), David Kwan (Heartland), Tammy Swearingen (President's), Kathy Gebhardt (NAC), Kim Kelly (UAA)


I.        AVCA Report

The new AVCA Web site was launched at the end of September. The site has a new look and feel as well as some increased functionality. Jason encouraged the committee to spend some time going through the site to become more familiar with the functions available. There will be some additional enhancements to the site that will be made over the next few months.


The Salary Survey closed for DIII coaches on October 9. The response rate was a little over 60% which is good but down a bit from last year. The results are expected to be sent to those who participated in the survey by the end of October.


Jason noted that convention registrations are slightly ahead of last year. He encouraged the committee to register prior to the November 7 early registration discount deadline in order to take advantage of the cost savings. The AVCA still needs a few more demonstrators for the convention. Those who participate will receive 50% off a full convention registration and complimentary access to the pre-convention seminar. Anyone interested in being a demonstrator should contact Will Engle (will.engle@avca.org) for more information. The AVCA Minority Coaches Committee has scholarships available for the convention and minority coaches workshop. Those selected will receive a complimentary convention registration and up to $800 toward expenses. Visit the convention section of the AVCA Web site for more information. The NCAA has set the championship match times at 6 p.m. & 8:30 p.m. CT for the semifinals and 7 p.m. CT for the finals. The AVCA does have a few more lower level match tickets available so coaches are encouraged to register for the convention and order their match tickets as soon as possible.


The AVCA has three candidates for the DIII representative on the Board of Directors. The candidates are Sam Lambert from Rhodes, Don Flora from La Verne and Becky Schmidt from Hope College. The election will be held within the next 2 - 3 weeks.


Jason reported that he had done some research on the volleyball highlights video that was discussed during the September meeting. The cost of producing this type of video and getting the rights to use network footage would be several thousand dollars which is outside of the AVCA budget. The AVCA does have a general volleyball commercial that was produced in 2007 to promote the sport. The commercial has an AVCA branded ending so further research is being done to determine the cost of editing this commercial.


II.      AVCA Membership

The committee was reminded that October 14 is the deadline for coaches to become members of the AVCA in order to be eligible to submit their student-athletes for post season awards. Please make sure your conference coaches are aware of this deadline!


Jeanne reminded the committee to provide feedback to their conferences on potential rule change proposals. It is important for all coaches to be proactive regarding rule changes and make sure their feedback is heard prior to a rule change taking place. Jeanne mentioned that coaches were more reactive last year in sharing feedback after the rule changes had been passed. She encouraged everyone on the committee to share their opinion with their conferences early in the process.


III.    NCAA Memo Discussion Regarding Post Season Travel

The committee was sent a memo written by NCAA Senior Vice President of Championships, Joni Comstock, regarding the rising cost of championship travel. The NCAA is looking for ways to reduce travel costs at their championships and is soliciting feedback from coaches associations on suggestions for savings based on feedback from their members. The consensus from the DIII committee is that the DIII championship travel budget should be kept at the same level. The NCAA DIII championship travel budget is already small relative to the overall championship travel budget which leaves little room to make cuts. In addition, the committee felt the integrity of the championships would be compromised if budget cuts were made. Kathy DeBoer will include in her response to the NCAA a request that funding for DIII remain unchanged.  


IV.    Old Business

Becky Schmidt reported on the Game Management Survey. She has received 161 responses so far which is about 50 less than the last time the survey was done. Becky has received good data from the responses and the results will be presented at the DIII General Meeting at the convention.


V.      New Business

Jeanne asked the committee to contact her if someone would like to have a discussion topic added to the agenda. Jeanne hopes to have a representative from the Rules Committee on the November call.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:11 p.m. ET. The next Division III Head Coaches Committee conference call will be held at 11:30 a.m. ET on Monday, November 10.           

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