November 10, 2008


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AVCA Division III Head Coaches Committee Meeting

Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2008 - 11:30 a.m. ET


Present: Jeanne Hess (Chair), Jen Bowman (NESCAC), Dorothy Webb (NEWMAC), Bret Stothart (Commonwealth Coast), Amanda Cuiffo (Great Northeast), Steve Pike (SUNYAC), Roger Worsley (Empire 8), Jonathan Penn (Liberty), Bridget White (NJAC), Phil Pisano (AMCC), Robin Pietryk (USA South), Andrea Hoover (ODAC), Sam Lambert (SCAC), Julie Patrick for Kandis Schram (GSAC), Marci Sanders (ASC), Amanda Anderson for Michelle Blaeser (MIAC), Tom Ackerman (SLIAC), Deb Zellers (Independents), Bridget Sheehan (NCAC), Vicki Brault (OAC), David Kwan (Heartland), Tammy Swearingen (President's), Jill Jolliff (WIAC), Deb Kiick (CCIW), Jennifer Saylor (Midwest), Kathy Gebhardt (NAC), Dianna Graves (SCIAC), Mark Massey (Northwest), Kim Kelly (UAA), Jason Jones (AVCA)


Not Present: Lisa Greiner (Independents & Skyline), David Shumaker (NEAC), Ray Bello (CUNYAC), Deana Jespersen (Pennsylvania), Alexa Keckler (Centennial), Margie Knight (Capital), Randall Kreider (Commonwealth), Michele Zabinski (Freedom), Jennifer Walker (IIAC), Becky Schmidt (MIAA)




I.        AVCA Report

Jason reported that the early convention registration discount deadline was extended to November 10 to allow more coaches to take advantage of the reduced rate. Coaches who have not already registered for the convention can do so until December 3 through the AVCA Web site or via a printed registration form. Registration will close after December 3 and will open again on Tuesday, December 16 onsite in Omaha.


The Division III meetings at the convention will be held as follows:     

DIII Head Coaches Committee Meeting           Thursday, Dec. 18          8 - 9:30 a.m.

DIII Coaches General Meeting                            Friday, Dec. 19                9 - 10:30 a.m.


Jeanne asked that anyone who has ideas of agenda topics for the HCC meeting or general meeting to please send those to her as soon as possible.


The voting deadline for AVCA President Elect and the Division III Representative on the board of directors was November 10. Winners will be announced within the next two weeks.


Division III award winners will be announced as follows:

November 13 - All Region Teams, Region Freshman of the Year, Region Coaches of the Year

November 18 - All-Americans and National Freshman of the Year

November 25 - National Coach of the Year


Jeanne asked about the availability of posting open dates on the AVCA Web site. Jason researched the open date functionality and learned that currently the only option is to post open dates on the AVCA Forums. The AVCA has several phases of development on the new Web site and one upcoming phase is a job board feature. That feature may also include an open date function but that has not been confirmed at this time as the software is still under development. Jason will update the committee as more details become available.


II.      NCAA Rules Proposal Discussion

The committee discussed a proposal to set the fall sports start date to August 15. Several coaches support this proposal as it provides a standardized starting point each year and may also help reduce player injuries as it would allow more time for coaches to prepare their student-athletes for the season. Others on the committee felt the additional cost of bringing players to campus earlier would make adopting this proposal impractical. Several committee members mentioned that there is no hard data to support the idea that an earlier practice start time would reduce injuries which makes it difficult to get school Presidents to support the proposal.


The consensus of the committee is that they liked the idea in general but didn't think it would get the support required due to the increased cost. Jeanne asked the committee members to get with their conferences and athletics directors to discuss the proposal and report back on those discussions at the convention meeting.


III.    NCAA Playing Rules Overview

Tammy Swearingen gave an overview of the playing rules process. A call for proposals was sent out several weeks ago and the proposals submitted have been reviewed. The rules committee is sending out a survey later this week to gather feedback on the proposals. A committee representative will give a presentation at the DIII General Meeting and will also hold a volleyball rules forum on Friday afternoon at the convention to update coaches on the proposals and the process.


Several schools have been selected for testing on the impact of changes in the substitution and point change rules. Ball handling and score keeping errors are also being addressed.


Tammy asked the head coaches committee to send her any agenda items they would like to have discussed at the next rules committee meeting.


IV.    New Business

Jeanne mentioned that several schools had very successful Dig Pink and Dig for the Cure events in October. She asked if the AVCA or another organization is compiling information on the money raised through these events as that type of information would be good to use in a public relations campaign. The AVCA is not currently compiling that information and is not aware of any other organization that is doing so. The AVCA will research this further and try to determine if that information is available anywhere.


Jeanne also noted that several teams were holding service events and in some cases donating used volleyballs and uniforms for other teams in need. Jason told the committee that those who have equipment to donate or those coaches who have a need can use the AVCA Forums to post that information.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 p.m. ET. The next Division III Head Coaches Committee meeting will be at the AVCA Convention in Omaha from 8 - 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, December 18.   

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