December 17, 2008


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AVCA Education & Publications Committee Meeting Agenda





     Committee & AVCA staff

     Attending:  Kay Rogness, Jeff Carroll, Dennis Janzen, Becky Schmidt, Bill Neville, Trish Knight,                      Jenny McDowell, Carol Russo, Ben Bodipo-Memba, Cecile Reynaud

     AVCA Staff:  Rick Capone, Jason Jones


Update on board meeting & report

            3 keys for AVCA success

                        Increase memberships, host events, increase sponsorships

  •  Working with NFHS for online course with USAV

               o Coaching fundamentals class required by states (2009-10)

               o 6 hours, interactive, fundamentals of coaching and sport specific component 

                  (Carol Russo & Bill Neville)

  • Webinars
  • Video and audio of sessions held at the convention available on the website


AVCA Convention Suggestions:

            Variety of different speakers for various level coaches

            Any suggestions for preconvention seminar or topics for next year in Tampa

            February ask for speakers

            Articles and convention speakers following coach of the year award

            CAP I & II sessions available

            Final four experience by an athlete or coach - Christy Johnson, Santa Clara, coaches, etc.

            Coaching through adversity

            Division I to III - differences

            Identifying the right type of school for your player - Panel

            Counseling psychologists - recognize signs of different behaviors

            Learning disabilities - test taking, academic support people

            Recruiting - marketing your school (Dan Tudor) selling for coaches

            Technology - coaching and how it affects your team

            Communication styles

            "True Colors" - personality types on your team and staff - Reynaud

            Running camps  - creative camp ideas- using space available

            Interviewing techniques!!!! - Mike Cooney - PGA Tour  (Reynaud can contact him)

            Differences in gender (Kathy DeBoer)


AVCA Website

            Coaching Education

                 Convention Speakers - convention audio, outlines, etc.

                 Educational articles

                 Volleyball drills

                 Web seminars

                 Helpful websites

                 Certification Program - CAP with USA Volleyball

            At the Net

            Coaching Volleyball Magazine

            Volleyball ACE Power Tips

            VolleyBiz - JDVA newsletter


New initiatives

  • Post coaching clinics on website (for a small fee or a guarantee of 5 new memberships)
  • Weekly online 30 minute chat with a coach , blog, twitter
  • E mentoring for coaches - sign up to be a mentor or mentored and we'll match coaches up for a    year, guidelines needed??? (email correspondence throughout the year, get together at the convention) Buddy program
  • Facebook issues
  • Job posting and open dates on forum
  • Include book reviews in publications - Game On, Getting to Yes, Game On, Every Week is a      Season, First Break All the Rules, Whose Game Is It?
  • Breaking down film - scouting team



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