December 18, 2008


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ACC Coaches Committee Call Minutes

December 18, 2008, 8 a.m. (CST)

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m. (CST) by Karen Weatherington.


1.Updates from Karen

  • AVCA Board Update: Karen briefed the committe with a short recap of the AVCA Board of Directors Meeting, which took place one day prior to this meeting. Several of the items discussed by the board are addressed in the below updates.


2.  Legislative updates

  • 13th Scholarship- The NCAA has removed the proposal for the 13th scholarship from the legislative cycle. The legislative committe voted table all pending legislation and conduct an investigation the funding for all sports.
  • Sand volleyball- Has been added to the NCAA's list of emerging sports. The convention will also include sessions regarding sand volleyball at the collegiate level.
  • Recruiting Task Force- Tonya was preparing to attend meetings for the Recruiting Task Force at the convention. Tim Nollan volunteered to attend the meetings as well, to gather information for the committee.
  • One Time Transfer Rule- There continues to be talk and debate over limiting student-athletes to be able to transfer only once during their careers. The Division I HCC has mixed feelings as to this rule, as does the ACC.


3.  Salary Survey Update

  • Karen and Leah have worked with the rest of the ACC to distribute the survey to all of the conference member coaches. The surveys have steadily been completed by the members and collected by Karen and the ACC reps. Sarah has volunteered to review the surveys and compile the results. The process should be completed by early spring.


4.   AVCA Update (Leah)

  • General Assistant Coach Meeting- Friday, December 19th from 12:30-2:00 pm at Quest Room 202
  • AVCA Assistant Coach Awards Program- The AVCA would like to implement some sort award recognition for assistant coaches. The committee decided that the awards should be regionalized, instead of specialized. Suggestions included having head coaches nominate their assistants. The topic will be further discussed and reviewed in the coming months.
  • Assistant Coach On Court Presentation- There will be an on-court presentation sponsored by the Assistant Coach Committee that will feature University of Kentucky Assistant Coach Lauren Sauer as the presenter.
  • Talent Showcase- The Talent Showcase will be Sunday, December 21st at the convention. The NCAA allows for recruiting at one event during that day. Contact Leah Brock with any questions regarding the showcase.
  • UnderArmour High School All-American- Tickets for the match will be free to convention members with their badges. Others can purchase tickets at the Qwest Center Box Office.


5.  Role Call

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