Annual Convention: December 20, 2008


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Division I Head Coaches Committee Follow Up Meeting

Friday, December 20

AVCA Convention - Omaha, NE


Meeting called to order by Mark Rosen

House cleaning -

  • Do not have to transition in January, would like to keep coaches in the spots they are in for continuity. We will follow up with everyone to figure out their terms.


Improvements for next year -

  • What do we need to do to improve Coaches Meetings at Convention next year?
    • Email to HCC members for feedback on agenda
    • Let them know what is on the HCC agenda in advance prior to the creation of conference meeting agendas. This would allow HCC members to ensure that the topics are being covered in the conference meetings. Then have conference meetings in late November or early December to allow time for feedback and follow up.
    • Voting could be done at the convention. In season votes are not as thought out as post season votes.


General Comment -

  • Find it disturbing that assistant coaches had to do a survey on their own because they did not feel Head Coaches would share information.


How will economy affect the game?

  • Need to keep in mind it will be more challenging next year for coaches to attend convention, some may have to choose recruiting v convention
  • Some items to consider for next year are lower cost hotels and web streaming of education sessions.
  • One conference is significantly down in convention attendance as only ¼ of conference is at convention. Representatives University has cut all unnecessary travel and no professional development is allowed. The only reason coach could attend was because of HCC meeting.
  • Emerging Coaches - may be a target market for this coming year? Can we invite students who want to be coaches to attend? How can we cut cost for them?
  • Remember if the economy turns around now it may take 3-5 for budget to straighten out. This could be a long term issue.
  • Could AVCA offer a first timers package with special rate?
  • Coaches may have to pay for it out of pocket.
  • Can we offer a registration that does not include f/b?
  • Can we set up a scholarship similar to minority scholarship for women wanting to get into coaching? Could this be an NCAA grant? Who could write up a grant proposal? This could be focused on getting young women into coaching.
  • Educate coaches on what they can write off as professional development. Could be a webinar.


Action Item - Investigate the possibility of obtaining an NCAA grant for players looking to go into coaching to participate in convention. (Seniors)


A big question we need to address is, how can we make volleyball more main stream? Not as elitist? How can we make it good for everyone? How can we make it easier/cheaper for the average person to play?

  • The sport has become a country club sport. Especially club.
  • How can AVCA partner more with YMCA/Boys and Girls Club?
  • Can coaches do a free camp/clinic in their towns? You don't always have to get paid for it.


Action Item - Look into how the AVCA can become more involved with YMCA/Boys and Girls Clubs to promote Volleyball


Should look at having UA event on Friday? NCAA regulations may prohibit this.


Website update - message board is working and shows names. Currently the message board is being used for open dates and open jobs. This is a members only area. The job bank is coming soon (should be available in February).


Action Item - Ask someone from rules committee to be on HCC calls periodically


Next call in February, 1st Wednesday of month

Meeting closed by Mark Rosen.

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