Wednesday, February 4, 2009


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DI Head Coaches Committee

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

11:30am-12:30pm (EST)


1. Discuss committee members appointments and term lengths: please send Mark information on when you started and when your term ends if you have not yet submitted this information.


2. Sand Volleyball Initiative: Mark wants really frank discussion to share with conferences. Current comment period runs through March 13. Vote April 20-21 to see if the initiative moves forward. Talk to coaches, administrators, league officials. Everyone has to have an opinion, for it, against it, no opinion either way. Coaches felt the rules changes were thrown at us, we have a chance to have an opinion we just have to voice our opinions.


Mark Rosen - at first it was great, learn more skills, good for the games. As I have thought about it I have seen some negatives that have not been discussed. First is the potential for regionalization. Over the last 20 years we have done a good job of spreading volleyball - Nebraska, Penn State, Texas are winning championships and have hot beds in Chicago, Louisville, etc. Will this be an attraction to coastal schools for tweeners who are going to play both indoor/outdoor? Look at it like baseball. Northern schools are not as competitive as Southern schools, can't compete with the year round opportunities. Will Midwest and Northern kids want to go South/West? Second thing, drain of resources, whether it is coaching salaries, facility upgrades, scholarships, whatever if the sport pushes for Sand we have no way to push for the 1 Million dollar upgrade we are looking at. Third issue, length of season, spring is currently 20 hours our kids were jacked about the possibility of sand. Once we talked about "in season" schedule year round and championships being in June the kids were still interested but not as excited. Similar to CC/Track where they are in season year round. Finally, the time away from the gym in the spring would it be best for the indoor game? Is the game set up for well rounded players? Current training at Michigan is specialized.


Nedra Brown, Alabama A&M: Have not had much discussion and does not know/think it would effect her much at all.


Chris Riley, Virginia Tech:  ACC AD's voted 10-2 against adding beach volleyball after it was approved.


Initial vote ACC, Big 10 and Pac 10 voted against it as well as metro Atlantic, MAC, Summit, MidEastern, Missouri Valley and Ohio Valley. Current vote above 50% but not the 2/3 needed for immediate pass. The current comment period is to discuss all the positives and negatives so we can make an educated decision.


Jon Wallace, Santa Clara: WCC - Do not know what we are voting for. Does not know how it will present itself - need requirements. Season, Scholarships, Facilities, Set Up, etc.


Mark - The NCAA will wait to see if it is an emerging sport then determine the rules. Kind of a wait and see process.


Kathy - The NCAA says they have no reason to write rules for a sport that does not exist. TJ has finished a piece for DII as they passed sand volleyball and will vote on rules next year. If DI votes to put sand on list the NCAA will go through the same process with DI. TJ is looking into rules, etc to determine what the best way to structure the game is.


Jon - If it does move forward. How will the rules be set up? Do we have any input into the rules?


Kathy - We have the same input we have now, it has not risen to the attention I thought it would. We need to create rules where it creates more opportunities. Doing the sport with just crossover players from the indoor team would not work for the administrators.


Matt Peck - Is DII going to increase scholarships?


Kathy - I would assume so. It will be a separate sport with more opportunities.


Matt - Would we lose kids to DII? Possibly lose players that currently walk on?


TJ - If it says it can add 2 does not mean the school has to add 2. It is an option. The only mandate is the minimum number of dates to make sure it is a real sport at the school and not just a number.


Jon Wallace - Do players who play indoor and outdoor count as 1 or 2? 


TJ - Situation is you get to say you have another team. If your numbers are not increasing the question is do you have additional sports? CC/Outdoor Track/Indoor Track can count for reporting purposes.


Robin Sparks, Quinnipiac University: NE Conference supported it. We believe the indoor coaches will be outdoor coaches which will cut into recruiting. Increase duties without increase in salaries. This is a worry to the coaches.


Mark - This will spread coaches in smaller schools thin and make it hard to catch up.


Robin - Football schools need the numbers. Some are looking at it as good for the game.


Mark - Will the players you get still come to NE from California for VB?


Robin - I believe so, kids come for the New England education.


John Price, CSU Bakersfield: Smart thing would be to push this forward to become emerging. Then create the game, see what it looks like, make an educated opinion.


Mark - Strong logic to that. Pet peeve is regionalization of the game. Will 10-15 years down the road we look at this and say wow. UM baseball wins Big 10 then does not go very far in tournament. It hurts baseball in trying to become nationally acclaimed. Great work in volleyball to say you can win in the North, Midwest, East, etc. Would we hurt the sport by adding sand?


John - It's all hypothetical.


Nedra - It's good to be proactive and get the dialogue going early.


Mark - Yes, but we all want the sport to go farther. It has come a long way in 20 years.


Beth - I have been looking at this for a long time and have had many discussions. I believe what Mark is saying is important. What I would say is that we need to remember this is not a couple of people's agenda but this has been growing faster than many DI coaches realize. It is taking off and growing because there is a lot of interest in it from the ground up. We want to be on the front end but as someone said we do not know what it looks like. It could bring positive change to the indoor game. Sand is increasing fast. The numbers are growing and the players are driving this.


Allison Keeley, UNLV: Sometimes kids will go where the opportunities are for sand volleyball.


Mark - I don't agree kids will go to Midwest for a chance to play if the Midwest schools have sand.


Jon -Sand could increase exposure in spring. Could take off in Midwest and have crowds larger than indoor game. We have regionalization now in BCS vs. Non-BCS.


Kevin Campbell, North Florida: Concerned about why we are being conscious about it becoming an emerging sport. They have some crazy sports on the list and they are not all moved forward.

Mark - The concern is it is a more viable option. Will we hurt the indoor game? We all have an investment in the indoor game. If we let it happen and we say we will work on it later, we may say we should have talked about the options before we got here.


Kevin - Rally scoring and the rules changes were pushed by the big schools and we supported it. Sand is coming from the smaller schools and DII and it is interesting that we are not as accepting and moving forward.


Andy Banachowski, UCLA: Pac 10 voted against it but schools were split 5-5 and the Oregon State rep had the final vote. Regionalization is going on in the sport right now. Kids visit what is close by and sign early. Will this further that, possibly? Stumbling block is AD's don't know what they are voting on. I think we need a sound proposal of how this will work. We need an AVCA committee to come up with parameters about new athletes, same athletes, rules, etc. Let the AD's vote yes or no. It's kind of like buying a car without knowing the features.


Mark - Are we at the mercy of the NCAA? Can we bring them our view? Do they care?


Kathy - They care to the extent that they had the admin view more in their sights then the coaches view point. NCAA will have reps working on this and listening to athletics directors. If we have a new sport it has to have more participation opportunities. They will consult us, come to us and have us send the information to you.


Mark - Can we drive this and get it out now?


Kathy - Anyone can send out a proposal but it is all just ideas. Experimenting with formats on events going on in the spring. Currently locked in as you have to play entire the event on one day. Will NCAA consult the AVCA for opinions - absolutely. The information from the Saturday session at the AVCA Convention is online.


TJ - Research that has gone into advising the NCAA on rules have been coming from existing sports. Using CC as a model as it is a sub discipline to track. Similar to indoor vb and sand regarding the number of dates. Don't expect a broad departure form indoor structure. Indoor has 28 playing dates but sand will not have 28 dates. AD's will not get this deep into the nuts and bolts of the sport. It's not what do you want in a car, its can someone buy a car from the AD perspective. What they are looking at - is this interesting? Can the school support it? Does the school need an additional sport? DII has it. How will this disadvantage DI. Will kids say I can go to DII to play indoor/outdoor?


Mark - no matter where you sit on the issue, talk to your administrator. Encourage other coaches in your conference to talk to their administrators. AD's vote April 20-21. Communicate with them and be a part of the decision.


Beth - Conference meetings are coming up, make sure this is on your agenda and discuss it with the conference coaches.


Chris - We talked about it at the conf meeting and conf voted 2 for 10 against. How can we approach this in a climate where they are voting to add an expense?


Mark - Find out from administrator what the reason was, purely economical? Talk to the schools that voted yes and see what they did to convince their administrators. How can the 2 schools administrators talk to other administrators who were against it.


Kathy - Talked to Jim Dunning and Stanford is voting against it from a purely financial decision. May have to drop sport so it is hard to say yes when you are looking at dropping a sport. Economy may have the biggest impact. Schools do not want to put more sports on the board to be sponsored. As an administrative concern, Washington going from Republican to Democratic means renewed efforts in enforcing Title IX. Recently we have not had a lot of attention with regards to tracking with Title IX, now is the time to look into this.


Robin - a lot of schools in Northeast are really out of whack and need women's sports.


Kathy - Sun Belt is in a similar position. Schools with DI football could be out of whack with prong III regarding proportionally. Three sports were taken off the emerging sport list this year.


Do coaches think we can recruit different players and not reuse the indoor sports?


Kathy - The sporting goods manufacturers association tracks growth in sports. Indoor game is growing at 7-8% rate which is very good news, other established sports are flat or declining. Sand is growing at 30-35% similar to lacrosse. What we don't know is if the numbers are serious participants or general participants. Emerging sports are ugly; it is emerging and not a lot of good athletes yet.


Beth - I believe there is a population of kids we don't know about that are pretty good sand players.



3. Please have a discussion with your administrators and student athletes about Sand Volleyball.


4. Follow up from AVCA Convention meetings:


  • Feedback on substitution numbers from the membership


  • "Scholarship" opportunities for young coaches to attend the convention with funding from the CAACER event. (Jamie Gordon)

                  a. Have used event for a fund raiser and used money for charity. We could use money for scholarships for girls looking to get into coaching. Looking for ideas to make it possible for young, aspiring coaches. Mark - what would it be? How would they sign up for it? Would it be financial? Total scholarship, partial, what would be the best way to set this up? Jamie will work with some others and AVCA to set up a structure.


5. Recruiting Task Force Update

  • TJ - at convention we talked about 4 issues. We have drafted out the legislative issue forms which will be sent out shortly. We will have 2 more weeks of comment period. Send comments to Ross via email. All comments will be sent out to all members.
  • Pete - slight adjustment to calendar 71% yes 29 no, Volunteers/DOVO coaching 65 yes 35 no, Coaching club and counting dates 80 yes 20 no


6. Next call, Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 @11:30am (EST)


7.  Roll Call


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