March 5, 2009


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11:30 a.m. ET


Chair:                          Brenda Williams, Olivet Nazarene

Present on the call:   Kim Norman (Frontier); Christy Clawson (Red River); Todd Humphry (TranSouth); Leo Sayles (Appalachian); Derek Schmitt (Southern States); Tim Edfors (Sun);Kevin Hudson (Asst. Coach); Kyle Van Den Bosch (Great Plains); John Yehling (American Midwest/Men's); Jon Campbell (Gulf Coast); Anna Monsen (Sooner);Angela Stewart (Cascade);  Kevin Kitchen (American Mideast); Trish Siedlik (Midlands) joined late, Will Engle (AVCA Staff liaison); Kathy DeBoer (AVCA executive director).

Absent on the call:    Jhett Albers (Dakota); Mary Whitehead(ex) (Heart of America); Bob Heersema (ex) (Chicagoland); Kirsta Solberg (ex) (Wolverine-Hoosier);  Ryan DeLong (ex) (Midwest); Candace Moats (ex) (Mid-Central); Reed Duffus (California Pacific); Craig Mosqueda (KIAC); Jeff Hulsmeyer (Mid-South); Aaron Seltzer (Golden State); Katy Meyer (ex) (Independent); Nathalea Stephenson (ex) (Kansas Collegiate)


II. Spring Conference Update

AVCA Staff: Kathy DeBoer and Will Engle

The theme of the 2009 AVCA Spring Conference is 21st Century Coaching Skills.  There will be sessions on marketing, engaging with the media, how to translate what you learn from the men's game into the women's game (and vice versa), as well as a new way to look at statistics and more.  Presenters include Carl McGown, who has been a part of every gold medal the men's Olympic volleyball team has ever won, Terry Pettit, who built the fan base responsible for the record-breaking crowds in Omaha, and Mary Wise, who is a pioneer in our sport in regards to marketing her program and dealing with the media.  Now is the time to invest in yourself, even if your institution is not.  Also, two new sponsors have signed on to be a part of the conference - you can take a class on how to use Data Project's software system, which is a $225 value, but is free to anyone signed up for the AVCA Spring Conference.  Also, Sports Science Lab is sponsoring a lunch to talk about their product that is changing the face of volleyball training.


III. New Membership Opportunities

AVCA Executive Director: Kathy DeBoer

Another incentive program being announced by the AVCA is for the summer team camp and clinic affiliate category for those high school coaches coming to your summer camps and clinics The AVCA will offer those coaches coming to camps and clinics a reduced membership rate of $50 (a $15 savings) on their AVCA memberships. The AVCA is able to provide this discounted rate in exchange for you and your volleyball staff serving as the AVCA membership servicing liaison. The benefit to you will be that their next renewal will remind them that if they want to renew at the discounted Camp Affiliate rate they have to do so through you and your camp or clinic (where they originally joined) or they can choose to renew directly through the AVCA at the regular High School Coach rate of $65, which can make for a great return group to your clinics.  Check with the AVCA Member Services at 866-544-2822 if you are interested in this program.


IV. Summer Club Events

AVCA Executive Director: Kathy DeBoer

Bob Blanford is hosting the AAU tournament this year in Orlando, and on June 18 he will be having a Recruiting Seminar - he is trying to get a coach from all levels to sit on the panel.  If you or anyone you know is going to the AAU tournament in Orlando that is willing to represent the NAIA on the panel, contact the AVCA. Also, the AVCA is running a Talent Showcase recruiting event during the JVDA Championships in Louisville, Ky., on Friday, June 26.  This is a great opportunity to see players in a more workout-intensive focused session at an event at which you are already recruiting.


V. Collegiate Sand Volleyball Update

AVCA Executive Director: Kathy DeBoer

NCAA Division II put sand volleyball on the emerging sports list in January.  Rules and legislation being written now for Division II.  All indications are that NCAA Division I will add sand volleyball to emerging sports list in April.  The first season of competition would be 2011. 


Sports emerge in NAIA when 50 schools begin playing them.  Encourage schools to begin having conversations, as this is very likely coming down the road for the NAIA as well. 


There was a question from the committee regarding format: Format is a debate point at the NCAA level at this point.  A concern is just taking the indoor players and taking them outside to play - this will be the way it is immediately, but the hope is that it will create more playing opportunities for women over time, and that sand volleyball players will be separate from indoor players.  The format, then, will be similar to tennis doubles - #1 team from School A playing #1 team from School B, #2 team playing #2 team, etc., up to five.  The school who wins three out of five would be the winner of the match.


Also, Kathy reminded the committee that the sport does not need to be limited to coastal areas.  If other sports can play outdoors in the spring in non-coastal, mild-climate regions, so can sand volleyball.  There are also many places who have indoor sand courts, which can be especially good for training.  Brenda suggested that committee members throw this out to conference coaches, put it on conference agendas, and begin to look at it.


VI. NAIA-VCA Mail Ballot

Committee Chair: Brenda Williams

Ruth Stein from the NAIA national office has requested that everyone be reminded to complete their NAIA-VCA mail ballot online - it is due March 13th.


VII. Men's Update

Men's Committee Rep: John Yehling

John updated the committee on MAMVIC Conference Tournament Dates and site, and well as NAIA Men's National Championship Tournament dates and site.  There are currently 16 teams, and they are always looking for more, so please let John know of any that are interested.  Kathy mentioned to John that Lindsay Wilson College out of Columbia, Ky., has expressed interest.


The conference Web site is, and John told that committee that it will be expanding to include all NAIA men's teams, not just the ones in the conference.


VIII. AVCA Convention Presenters

Committee Chair: Brenda Williams

Brenda took suggestions for NAIA presenters at the 2009 AVCA Convention in Tampa.  Dennis Janzen was mentioned as a possible presenter.  Brenda told the committee that if anyone has more suggestions for presenters or topics that they would like to see at Convention, send them to her or the AVCA.


Next Call is scheduled for April 2, 2009 at 11:30 a.m. ET.


Call adjourned 12:25 pm (ET)


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