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AVCA Two-Year College Head Coaches Committee Minutes
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 12:10 p.m. (ET).


Present: Trish Knight, Kanoe Bandy, Michael De Hoog, Jayme Frazier, Terry Gamble, Bert Luallen, Vanessa Schroeder, Mike Trame

Absent: Kim Lester, Jane Peterson, Benjamin Staupe

Welcome: Trish welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked Rick to give an AVCA update.

I. AVCA Update

There were a number of things to report...

1. Salary Survey - Rick mentioned that the salary survey was set to go out and asked if anyone had any modifications from the previous year's survey. No one did, so the only change that will be made is in the reporting. In the report, the salary average will be given for all TYCs, and then an average by division will be added this year.

2. Thirty-Under-30 Award - At the time of the meeting, 20 nominations have been received. The deadline is Sept. 26.

3. Convention Registration - AVCA convention registration is going well. In some aspects, it is even a little ahead of last year's already. However, a lot of work still needs to be done to match the numbers from last year.

4. Minority Coach Opportunity - Just a reminder about the minority coach opportunity for the convention. This is a possible scholarship opportunity to the convention for minority women who are interested in coaching at the NCAA level. If interested, contact Jason Jones ( for more information. More information will also be posted on the AVCA web site and in the AVCA's At the Net newsletter.

End of AVCA update.

2. Convention

Trish began the discussion about the planning for the TYC responsibilities at this year's convention. First item was the TYC booth.

Rick mentioned that the booth would be the same as last year:

* 10x10 booth

* Two chairs and a table

* Label/Banner will be provided for the booth, but TYC members can add their own.

* Electricity - The decorator will be sending out a kit detailing all that is provided and asking what other things would be needed. One of the items that the TYC' will need to ask for is electricity. (This kit will be sent to Trish.)

Terry mentioned that he would still be able to provide the TV and video/DVD players.

Mike Trame mentioned that maybe it would be a good idea to contact the NJCAA (and CCCAA and NWAACC) office to see if they might have some things to decorate the booth with as well.

Trish asked about hosting the booth. Thought two-hour blocks like last year would still be ok. She asked if any of the committee members would work the booth. Volunteers were: Vanessa, Bert, Trish, Jayme and Mike Trame. (Note: This is dependent on their schedules and if they can come to the convention.)

Second item discussed was the panel session. Trish reminded everyone that this year it would be geared to the High School coaches. Terry asked who would be on the panel this year? Trish said she thought they should get one rep from each division, and asked if any members of the committee would like to be on the panel. Responses were:

* Yes:  Terry, Trish

* Maybe (If they can get there): Kanoe, Mike De Hoog

Trish asked if the group wanted to make up a brochure explaining each division's information for the panel?

Terry said that he thought it might not be fair to the other groups, like DIII that has no scholarships, while DI does.  Decision - no brochure.

Trish asked Rick to please send times for committee meetings and panel session at the convention to her. (Completed.)

3. Other Issues

Trish asked if there are any other issues that anyone would like to discuss.

Membership - Trish mentioned that everyone should continue to push AVCA membership. She explained how she gives out ACVA membership brochures at tourneys, etc. She also mentioned that AVCA's partners can also help. She said she was able to get Patella Digs to give her some knee pads, which she handed out to some High School coaches at clinics.

Mick Haley article - In a discussion that came up about the new point system, Trish mentioned that in the latest edition of Coaching Volleyball magazine, there was a good article by Mick Haley about the new rules.

New Scoring System - Someone mentioned that with the new scoring system that scheduling has become an issue at tournaments. It is normal to schedule a block of two hours for a match, but with the 25-point matches, they are ending a lot sooner and there is a lot of down time. The idea was suggested to get the info out about this and maybe shorten the time slots for matches.

Trish mentioned that she found she's running out of substitutions with the new rules. She feels that, at the TYC level, we're supposed to be training kids to play. However, with the shorter matches, there are kids who just don't get as much playing time as they previously would have gotten.

Others on the committee agreed. Terry said he likes the way the NAIA does it - open subs.

Some thought maybe they should approach their association about this and see if anything can be changed or done about it for next season.

Fuel Costs - A question came up about fuel costs and if it was having an effect on anyone? Trish mentioned that she was surprised that bus costs didn't go up as much as she thought they would.

One person mentioned that they had to drop a tournament, while another coach said that they couldn't schedule some "key" teams that they'd like to schedule.

Terry mentioned that it was affecting his team as well. With TYC Division I, there's a 25% rule, in which DI schools have to set up 25% of their schedule against other DI schools. Fuel costs are making it tough because of the amount of travel needed to do that.

One other person mentioned that the governor of their state put a hold on out of state travel. Athletics is ok, but only two trips are now allowed.

So, all agreed, fuel costs have become an issue.

Trish asked if there are any other issues the committee would like to discuss.

No issues were forthcoming, so Trish ended the meeting.

Meeting ends - 12: 30 p.m.


The next meeting is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, October 8, 2008, at the new time: 11 a.m. CT (noon. ET).


Call In Info:

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