2008 AVCA Convention - TYC General Meeting - Dec. 19, 2008


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 AVCA Two-Year College General Meeting Minutes

@ 2008 AVCA Convention, Dec. 19, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m. (CT).


Ran Meeting: Trish Knight, AVCA Two-Year College Board Representative

I. Welcome

Trish welcomes everyone to the AVCA Convention. Explains the Two-Year College Head Coaches Committee to the coaches in the room, then begins with the meeting's topics.

II. Old Business

Trish begins with discussing old two-year college business topics.

a. Membership

Trish tells folks that TYC membership in the AVCA is up since 2008 from 188 to 225 - a record for TYC membership. She tells everyone that if any one needs information on membership for themselves or to tell anyone else, to call Rick at the AVCA. If he does not have the answer, he'll know someone who will.

She mentions that an idea that folks had tried during 2008 was to include an AVCA Membership brochure in the information they provide at camps and clinics.

b. Rule Changes

Trish discusses the move to the new rules for the past season, specifically the move from 30 points to 25 points and the substitution rules.

She says that no one really saw it coming after the Sacramento convention last year, which made things more difficult. She said that some things have changed since then and that the process of rules changes will be modified a little so a surprise like this does not come about again. Trish then asked if there were any questions about the new rules.

Some discussion followed about the points change.

Trish then asked what folks thought about the substitution rule. She said that she found herself running out of subs, which meant that some of her kids did not get the playing time they might have gotten previously.

Discussion followed on this topic. Trish mentioned that there is talk in two-year colleges to try and see if they can get a modification to the rule and get it back to 15 substitutions. This will allow more kids to get to play in matches at the two-year college level.

c. Recruiting Booth at Convention

Trish talks about the two-year college booth in the Volleyball marketplace and what they are trying to accomplish. She thanks those who volunteered to man the booth, and also mentions that she still does need a few more volunteers to man the booth during the convention. Please contact her if interested.

d. NAIA Gap Rule

Trish mentions that one of the things Sue Sinclair (previous AVCA TYC Board Chair) had asked her to follow-up on was to get information to the two-year colleges about the NAIA Gap Rule. Specifically, get someone from the NAIA to address the rule at the convention.

Unfortunately, the NAIA meeting was at the same time as the two-year meeting, so no one from the NAIA could attend. However, they did give her information about the rule, which they said she could then talk about.

Trish then discusses the NAIA gap rule to those in attendance and then took a few questions about it.

e. Regional Showcases

Trish then brings up the topic of having regional showcases, something that the two-year committee had been discussing during the year. She asked Terry Gamble to discuss the concept.

Terry talks for a few minutes about the idea of having two-year college showcases on a regional basis to expose their athletes to four-year schools.

Discussion ensued on this topic. Some of the things mentioned by different people included:

* Trying not to make it look too much like a "JUCO" product.

* Need to make it available for kids in all different parts of the country since schools can't pay for the kids travel to them.

* Possibly tie it into the junior qualifiers to get more coaches to see it.

More discussion followed on this regional topic. When complete, Trish moved on to new business.

III. New Business

Trish asks if anyone has anything they want to discuss.

Terry Gamble: Concern with the new 25% rule. How can we get matches vs. California and NWAACC teams to be included with the new 25% rule. (New rule for NJCAA DI teams that says that all DI schools must play 25% of their schedule vs. other NJCAA DI schools. This will be hard for some schools because they are not located close together.)

Sue Sinclair believes this can be argued and fought for to allow them to count.

More discussion followed on this.

Someone else asked a new question if anyone had heard a report about allowing kids to have a fifth year of eligibility. No one had.

Another question came up about stats. The coach was curious about what types of stat programs other schools are using to get their stats on their web sites?

Terry Gamble said Turbo Stats after match, Volleyball ACE during match.

Trish said she had her kids do it via clipboard, then they'd transfer to web site.

Sue asked if anyone was using a stat program that ties in with a video program. A few coaches answered and said it was too expensive for them to use.

When no other topics came up, Trish reminded everyone to try and stop at booths in the volleyball marketplace to show support to the AVCA's sponsors and advertisers.

At this point, Kathy DeBoer stepped in to say a few words to the group. She welcome everyone to the AVCA convention and thanked them for all their hard work. She mentioned two specific updates she wanted to pass along to two-year college coaches.

1. The recent USA Today article that mentioned that the NCAA was possibly looking at making a two-year college athlete have to sit out a year before they could play at a four-year school. Kathy said not to worry. She had talked to someone at the NCAA and they do not believe it will ever pass.

2. Vote on Sand Volleyball coming in January at the NCAA convention. DI and DII will be voting to make it an emerging sport. She said that if it passes, the next step is to work on coming up with the rules on how it will be played. She mentioned that there would be a session at the convention with TJ Meagher and Lynn Holzman if anyone was interested in learning more about what this is all about.

Sue Sinclair asked how many years can the sport stay as an emerging sport?

Kathy said 10 years - The divisions have 10 years to get 40 teams to participate to have the NCAA pay for a championship.

Kathy urged everyone to keep this on their radar. At the start, players will crossover from indoor to play, but she does not think that will last long because different skill sets are required to play on sand.

Kathy again thanked everyone and then left.

IV. Other Issues

Trish asked if there are any other issues anyone would like to bring up? When no one had anything, she then had everyone break into groups with the goal of coming up with some ideas to improve two-year college volleyball. She wanted everyone to come up with one.

Discussion groups followed.

Trish interrupted the groups to allow Amanda Omar of Jucopipeline.com to speak for a few minutes. Amanda mentioned she has a web site for junior college athletes to help them find a place to play, and also for coaches to recruit from. She mentioned that it was free for all coaches and players at this time while she finalizes the plan and to allow folks to know about it.

She said it has:

* A searchable database for four year schools

* Helps to put coaches and players together

* Helps to put two year coaches and four year coaches together

She mentioned she has a booth in the volleyball marketplace if anyone wants to come and discuss.

After Amanda spoke, Marcia Alterman of PAVO came in to discuss the rules. She explained how the rules work. She mentioned that there would be a new panel discussion session at the convention (and in future conventions too) to allow coaches to come in and talk about rules - new and old. The goal is to open up communication between coaches and the NCAA about the rules so that a similar problem like they had this year with the change in points does not happen again.

Marcia also mentioned that the NCAA has adopted a new two-year rules cycle, which will start in 2010 for volleyball. That year, there will be a new rule book and new rules will be unveiled (if new rules were created.) She mentioned that right now they are waiting to see what comes out of the next FIVB meeting and what their new rules (if any) might be.

Marcia also asked the coaches in the room to encourage "your officials" to get better. Come to PAVO courses and seminars to update their skills. All info is available on the PAVO web site (http://www.pavo.org/)

Upon completion of her talk, Trish had everyone get back into their groups.

A few minutes later, she broke up the groups and asked what everyone came up with.

Rick Reynolds mentioned two things. Make sure matches have both an up and down official. In some of his matches (and some of his group), they did not have both. Need to find a way to ensure that doesn't happen.

Second thing was maybe adopting a dress code for coaches. He was at a match where the coach was inappropriately dressed. He thinks (and rightly so) that coaches should dress professionally.

Terry mentioned his group discussed the substitution rule, which Terry said would be one of the topics in the NJCAA meeting.

Other discussions followed including:

* Should you count matches that are 2 out of 3 games?

* Discussed combining the NJCAA DI and DII Tournaments.

With no other topics to discuss, Trish then adjourned the meeting at 10:30 a.m.




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