April 8, 2009


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ACC Coaches Committee Call Minutes
April 8, 2009 12 pm (EST)


The meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. (EST) by AVCA ACC liasion Leah Brock.

1. Interim Chair Report and AVCA News

  • First on Leah's agenda was the introduction of the new AVCA Assistant Coach Committe Chair, Tracy McWilliams Smith. Tracy will take over the position vacated by Karen Weatherington. The AVCA is pleased to have Tracy on board and supports her and the ACC towards moving in a foward direction.
  • Tracy briefly spoke to the committee and thanked them for their support. She is very excited about the opportunites for the committee to grow in the future. Tracy is asking that each ACC member email their phone numbers to her, so that she can personally reach out out and speak to everyone on the committee. Her email addresss is tm19@txstate.edu. Joe Lind from Sam Houston State will be replacing Tracy's conference spot on the committee.
  • The AVCA is hosting an AVCA Spring Conference on May 7-9th called 21st Century Coaching Skills. It will be held during the Men's Final Four in Provo, UT. The Early-Bird registration period has expired, but online registration is still available through the AVCA website. Speakers will include Carl McGown,Terry Pettit, Mary Wise, Beth Launere and Alan Knipe. Data Projects and Sport Science Lab will also be partnering with the AVCA to offer some great educational opportunities.
  • The JVDA Championships for juniors will be held in Louisville, KY June 27-30, 2009. The AVCA and JVDA will be teaming up to host a Talent Showcase during the JVDA Championships as well, which will take place on Friday, June 26.
  • The AVCA beginning a Student Membership for college students who are interested in pursuing a career as a volleyball coach. The price for this membership will be $40. Please contact the Amanda Brungs (amanda.brungs@avca.org) at the AVCA for more information.
  • The AVCA will be launching an online career center, which will feature job postings, resume building and interview tips, testimonials from coaches across the board and more. Watch the AVCA website in the coming weeks for this new and valuable resource!
  • Be sure to keep up with the AVCA on the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter!
  • Select sessions from the '07 and '08 AVCA Annual Conventions are available for purchase through the AVCA Product Store. http://www.avca.org/publication-shopping/


2.  Assistant Coach Salary Survey

  • Sarah Bernson has been working to collect the surveys and interpret the results. Sarah noted that she still has very little representation or no representation from severa conferences.
  • Sarah asked for a few ACC members to volunteer to help her work with the groups that currently don't have conference reps. Tracy offerend to take on this responsibility.
  • Sarah also noted that she probably will not have the time or resources to complete the survey results for Second Assistants. If anyone would like to volunteer to head this project, please let Sarah or Tracy know.
  • Any assistants who did not fill out the survery are urged to do so as soon as possible to make sure the results are accurate.  New surveys can be sent to Sarah Bernson. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Sarah or new ACC chair Tracy McWilliams Smith.


3. Assistant Coach Award

  • Jill Wilson gave an update to the committe about the progress of the AVCA Assistant Coach Awards program.
  • A sample nomination form created by Shannon Wells was sent to AVCA Awards representatives Ashley Beil and Amanda Brungs. The AVCA made a few small changes to this form, and the document will be added to the AVCA Awards packet in the fall, pending AVCA Board of Directors approval.
  • The Assistant Coach award will be put in front of the AVCA Board of Directors for approval at their next meeting in May, and Jill the committee will continue to work with the AVCA to finalize the award and award process.


4. Recruiting Budget Sub-Committee
On the March call, AVCA Executive Director, Kathy DeBoer encouraged the ACC to be proactive and form a sub-committee to brainstorm ideas of cutting costs within their respective program budgets, with an emphasis on the recruiting budget.  Since then, several ACC members have volunteered for this task. ACC liasion Leah Brock organized a conference call with the ACC volunteers to discuss their thoughts and ideas. Through this call the following ideas were suggested:

  • Reduce the total number of recruiting days rather than add any additional dead periods
  • The elimination of printed media guides
  • Sharing rental cars when the competition is only at one site
  • Possibly working out an arrangement with facilities that are running club tournaments to have a hospitality room for coaches or giving coaches coupons to use at concessions.
  • On-site Showcases at touranments that are well-run
  • Play more regionalized matches
  • Driving a rental car instead of your personal vehicle and driving instead of flying when possible
  • When it is necessary to fly, look for lodging that provides shuttle services, so no rental vehicles are needed, and also look for continental breakfasts, etc.
  • Book your own trips using discounted websites such as Travelocity, Expedia, etc. instead of using the travel agency provided by your institution.
  • When using University Athlete, only use one palm between your staff and use printed handouts that are provided
  • Push for online video exchange, in order to eliminate mail and FedEx costs.
  • Transporting your team in vehicles, as opposed to flying, when possible

The sub-committee will meet once more to discuss further ideas and suggestions. If anyone has a suggestion they would like the committee to hear, please let Tracy know.


5. Sand Volleyball Update
• For Collegiate Sand Volleyball, the second and final vote will take place April 21-22, where it is expected to pass again. From there, legislation for the sport will begin to be drafted. Further updates will continue to be delivered to the ACC on future calls.

6. New Business

  • Michelle Chatman, Assistant Coach at Central Florida will be serving as the new Associate Chair for the Committee.
  • New members of the ACC: Please send the minutes to all of the assistant coaches in your conference. 
  • The next Assistant Coach Committee call will be May 13, 2009 @ NOON EST.


7. Roll Call
Not represented on the call:  
Big South, Big 12, Horizon League, Metro-Atlantic, Ohio Valley, Southwestern, WAC, West Coast, Division II.

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