May 13, 2009


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ACC Coaches Committee Call Minutes

May 13, 2009-12:00 pm (ET)


The meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. (ET) by AVCA ACC Liaison, Amanda Brungs.


I. Welcome and Keynote Speaker Presentation (Do's & Don'ts for Professional Success)-AVCA Executive Director, Kathy DeBoer

   1.       If I don't know you, I can't like you, I can't hire you

  • It's who knows you and what you know
  • Like other people and engage with people

   2.       Self promotion is good, shameless self promotion is bad

  • Have to do it yourself, but make it subtle.
  • Have to know the different between what is shameless and what isn't
  • Ask someone to nominate you, ask to use someone as a reference, volunteer, lead a session at Convention, contribute to the AVCA magazine, etc.

   3.       Never publically criticize your boss

  • People will know if your boss is no good, but if you make them look good, people will notice
  • There is no upside to disloyalty

   4.       Every interaction you have sends a message

  • 70% of communication is non verbal
  • Dress and behavior is crucial! Do you look like you ought to be paid more? Or like you out to be paid less? Always look like you are worth more than you are making.
  • Bad dress and behavior sends a negative message about the place you work

   5.       Most important leadership quality is a positive attitude

   6.       Find challenges that scare you and make you uncomfortable

Reports & Announcements-Tracy McWilliams Smith (Chair)

   1.       Welcome new ACC Staff Liaison, Amanda Brungs
   2.       Spring Conference was a huge success! Intimate setting, top speakers and very beneficial. 2010 Spring Conference to be held in Stanford
   3.       Sand Webinar: Division I (May 19) and Division II (May 20) both at 1:00 pm ET
   4.       New for 2009 will be the AVCA Assistant Coach of the Year Award
   5.       Welcome to the new members on the committee
   6.       Committee vacancies are being spearheaded by ACC Associate Chair, Michelle Chatman.
   7.       Drills for AVCA use are due by September 19
   8.       Next call will be Wednesday, August 5 at 12:00 pm (ET)
9.       AVCA and the JVDA will be hosting a Talent Showcase on Friday, June 26 in conjunction with the JVDA Championships
   10.    New AVCA Membership Programs: Camp Affiliate ($50) and Student Membership ($40)
   11.    ACC page on AVCA is now updated with April minutes and committee members
   12.    AVCA looking for 2009 Annual Convention presenters in Tampa. Find the application on the AVCA website
   13.    AVCA Online Career Center and Online Marketplace (one stop shop for all volleyball needs) are set to launch in the near future
   14.    Be sure to keep up with AVCA on Facebook and Twitter

Active Business-Tracy McWilliams Smith

   1.       Emphasized the importance of making the ACC a ‘hot ticket item' in the AVCA

  • Organizational structure designed to create more communication on the call and between calls. 5 different zones consisting of the different conferences, lead by zone leaders.

   2.       Create game plan for 2009 Accomplishments

  • New Potential Subcommittees

    - Social Interaction at Convention: social ideas for Tampa
                o Tami Batson Fries (Atlantic Sun) posed questions about what type of social  opportunities would be available-within ACC meeting at Convention? Scheduled party? In the city of Tampa? 
    § Depends on budget and available options (Tracy)

    - Convention presenters: classroom and on court
                o Tim Nollan (Pac-10) stressed the importance of this because it gives committee a chance to get in front of people, but the hard part would be figuring out what topic(s) to present on.
    o Linda Hampton (Mountain West) suggested a panel and if it was a task they wanted to put their tag on. 
    o Ada Bezin (Colonial) suggested finding ways/topics that will help serve other assistant coaches

    - AVCA Magazine: work with AVCA to get articles published
                o Linda Hampton (Mountain West) is looking into this with the AVCA, possibly every other issue, with different writers and different perspectives

    - Legislative issues: compile pros/cons from assistant coaches perspective on issues
                o Tim Nollan (Pac-10) talked about the importance of being educated on legislative issues because it affects everyone and people need to be able to form their own opinion

    - Key Note Speakers: for each ACC call; Do's and Don'ts on a particular issue

    - Current Issues: tackle current topics (ex. Cost reduction topic)

    - Convention Demonstrators: recruit or be an active demonstrator for on court sessions at Convention

    - Sand Volleyball: be the voice to the committee and stay current and up to date on all Sand issues

    - Professional Development: increase expertise in areas Assistants work in daily

    - ACC Video: compile drills/videos and create ACC Video

    - ACC Branding: create a logo and branding ideas for committee
  • Current Subcommittees are: Awards, Salary Survey & Recruiting Task Force
  • Each conference representative needs to send their top 5 for which potential subcommittee they want to be on to their Zone Representative.

Old Business

1.       Salary Survey-Sarah Bernson (Ivy League)

  • Sending out one more request for surveys and May 29 is the final deadline
  • Results will be published by June 15
  • AVCA won't distribute electronically at this time because there is too much similar information on the Head Coaches survey and doesn't want there to be an overlap. Committee is looking into how to make it a more efficient process in the future

Legislative Issues/HCC Update-Tracy McWilliams Smith

1.       There was no HCC call last week so no new issues to report

2.       Issue of eliminating competition in non-traditional season for all sports

  • Currently being talked about by Administrators. Tracy encourage everyone to talk to their coaches about their stance on it.

Additional Items/Other

1.       Instructions for submitting the drill video will be sent out

Roll Call

1.       Not represented on call: Big South, Big West, Horizon, Northeast, Ohio Valley, Independent, Division III, Men, and NAIA

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