Wednesday, June 3, 2009


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DI Head Coaches Committee
Wednesday, June 3, 2009
11:30am-12:30pm (EST)

1. Recruiting Task Force Update (Pete Waite)
a. Pete reviewed information sent out. Any topics for this year we should discuss? Nothing, our RTF call yesterday was the same. If you can think of any issues you would like the RTF to review please send them to Ross or Pete.
a. Early recruiting.  Should we create a rule to only allow unofficial visits beginning junior year?  Also, should we allow official visits spring of their junior year?  Would shorter be better?  24 hours instead of 48?
a. The thought is parents would not go if they heard they were not allowed. Kevin, North Florida - are we going to say they cannot call us as well? It's crazy that they can call us but if they come to campus we can't talk to them? Are the kids going to make the decision without research? Without knowing what they want? Mark - this would be allowing them to make the decision after they are more mature. If kids are making the decision at the same time but without visits it could be worst, it's an uneducated decision at that point. Jaime, Morehead State- agrees with Kevin. Mark - hard to enforce if schools are offering too early, are they offering without offering? Ray, Northern Illinois - coaches can find ways around everything, this will be just another gray area. Who will police it? Mark - what sped things up was the early signing day. Sped up by 6 months, why? What if we did away with the early signing day and sign kids in February? Jamie - What if we allowed official visits during junior year? Would this slow things down, let kids have more time to make commitment? Allow parents more time? MJ, American East - parents and kids have a lot of pressure right now with economic concerns. If I saw my retirement going down, as soon as my kid has a scholarship it takes a lot off of me. The cost of college has sky rocketed, will this really slow things down?  Is it easier to get visits in during the summer versus fall during the kid's season and coach's season? Great conversation, send additional thoughts to Pete.
b. Recruiting Calendar.  Is it fine as is?  Should we limit evaluation segments but increase dates from 80 days?  Or, will the NCAA be limiting the number of recruiting dates for all sports to reduce costs?
a. Todd, UCF - I would hate for recruiting calendar to be restricted anymore. I think 80 days is a pretty good number. Chris - ACC, the ACC is looking at the potential of eliminating spring competition for all Olympic sports as a cost cutting measure, anything that adds cost will be looked at harshly.  Ray, MAC - does the number of coaches out really give an advantage? Pete, yes, smaller schools with 2 would say yes. It seems people are comfortable with what we have. Mark - can the committee looks at ways to move the cycle later? Let kids make a decision at a later age. Not sure what the answer is but we should look for the answer. Pete - let us know if you have any ideas/thoughts please let the committee know. Any information on transfers over the past couple of years? Something to say, early commitments = this % of transfers? Jim, Big 12 - if we did official visit in summer of Jr year, if that is something we cant get through, going back to February 3 would slow it down and give them time to make visits in fall. Pete - will that stop coaches from offering early? Mark - probably not, will it allow kids to take more time is the question

2. Cost Reduction Initiatives: (Mark Rosen)
a. Entire Programs 
b.  Non-Traditional Competition
a. This seems to be gaining momentum, not just volleyball but in all sports. Judy, SEC - The SEC discussed a proposal from administrators in our meetings in Destin. Volleyball coaches talked to SWA's and their recommendation was to keep 4 days, but to create a no fly zone, AD's wanted to cut all days, SWA's got them to cut to 2 days. Unidentified individual - Another option is Baseball/Softball count all days preseason/post season as one number, use as you like. If you play in your region you can do it cheap, Nebraska flying to Hawaii opposed to someone who plays the schools in their regions the cost is very different. The hope is this comes from BCS schools and mid majors will not go for it as they are not spending the same type of money. Mark - coaches need to look in the mirror, a lot of this is our fault, stay prudent and be responsible with your money. The trend now is for a junior club to sponsor a collegiate event in their gyms or at their events. Kristen, The Valley - can we find someway to meet in the middle? Could the legislation stipulate we go back to 4 after 2 years, or cut down to 2 events? Need to show administration we will work with you but we need some dates. Can Kathy talk to other sports associations to see what we can do to work with other groups?
c. Media Guides -
a.  Eliminating the printing of media guides at Wisconsin, OSU and Michigan and going digital. Not sure of exact cost savings, could be pretty small probably spend more on technology to produce them.
d. Other -
a. Robin, Quinnipiac - everyone should probably read the information Kathy sent out regarding our court case. The judge said the university could not cut any funding for any women's sport at all. If roster management is being done, wanting to keep 18 or 19, this can't be done. Can't be based on NCAA line. Currently at temporary injunction, not sure when this will be done. Other universities are not in the same boat, Maine had 7seniors and 4 freshman coming in that all left. Wagner had a lot of seniors and not a lot of support. Quinnipiac had one freshman who had signed and is still coming and her and her parents are supporting the case.

3. Sand Volleyball Update (Kathy DeBoer) -
a. On way to Indy for NCAA Meetings, one piece of sand process I was notified of yesterday, there is an opportunity to get sand on the emerging sports list over ridden. Similar to 2005-2006 with the 13th scholarship, must have AD and President to sign a petition to over ride 2008-59 by end of June. Must have 30 schools or more by end of June. At this time it will be sent back to board of directors (Presidents). They can override it at that point or can send it back to the January NCAA Convention for one school - one vote process. Mark - will the process remain the same? TJ - The process of writing rules, schedules, etc will proceed even as this process moves forward. Will need rules to stay in place in case override does not go through. This passed with 74% margin, first go round had over 50%. If 100 or more sign this, it would be tossed completely. Any other discussion/questions on sand? None

4. AVCA Update (Ross Brown)
a. Talent Showcase at JVDA Championships
1) If you are attending the JVDA Championships make sure to come to the OVVC on Friday for the AVCA Talent Showcase, broken into classes based on graduation year. Check out website for more information.
b. Hall of Fame
1) Make sure to submit your nominations for the Hall of Fame, visit website for more information
c. Additional Items
1) The AVCA Job Search area is now on the web, go to the website to review and post job openings.
5.  Next call, Wednesday, August 5, 2009 @11:30am (EST)

6.  Roll Call

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