September 9, 2009


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AVCA Assistant Coaches Meeting
Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
12:00 pm Eastern Time

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. (ET) by AVCA ACC Liaison, Amanda Brungs.

I.   Reports and Announcements - Tracy McWilliams Smith (Chair)

  • Welcome New Members:
             - Kevin Moore - Men's
             - Matt Buttermore -- NAIA
  • Vacancies
             - Metro Atlantic, Northeast
  • Convention Registration  -- Now Open
  • Convention Headquarters Hotel:  Tampa Marriott Waterside
  • Pre-convention Seminar:  "Mastering the Art of Volleyball Recruiting" with Dan Tudor
    December 16, 9 am - 4:30 pm.
  • AVCA Golf Tournament - Dec. 16th at Bay Palms Golf Course  (7am to 2pm)
  • AVCA Talent Showcase: December 20th
  • Video Drills Deadline Extended - Now Due:  September 27th (see details below)
  • Next call:  Either October 13th or 14th, 2009, 12:00 pm Eastern (vote needed)  (Terry Pettit guest speaker)
  • AVCA Coaches for Coaches Scholarship Application Open
  • NCAA Women's Volleyball Rules Committee now accepting rules-changes proposals
  • Thirty Under 30 Award - Nominations now being accepted through Friday, October 2.  Nominees must be younger than 30 years old in 2010.
  • For post-season award eligibility for your athletes, make sure coaches are AVCA members.
  • Demonstrator Applications for Convention Available this week (see AVCA website)
             - Demonstrators are on a first come first serve basis, and includes Pre-Convention Seminar entry and a rebate for half of the full convention registration fee.

II. Active Business - Tracy McWilliams Smith

  • Suggestion to change monthly call to 2nd Tuesday of every month this semester .  We have an active member who will have to get off the committee due to practices on Wed at that time.  Need to vote on that change.

III. Old Business: None

IV. Legislative/HCC Update: -- Tracy McWilliams Smith
         - Make sure your head coaches are aware of these issues
-- one time transfer exception    2009-65
 Mountain West will be pulling this legislation prior to voting in January.  Interested in dialogue from it now but will pull the proposal before voting.  AVCA membership spring poll was taken and showed 40% in favor/60% opposed.
-- non-championship competition 2009-79
 Kathy DeBoer said the SEC AD meeting will back off reduction in competition part (from 4 to 2) but still support no air transportation part of proposal.  Proposal is taking a reduction approach instead of complete elimination as originally feared.  Feel is that it's impacting female sports more than males.  Wording or ground transportation will be worked out for say Hawaii.
-- foreign tours   2009-87
 If you are for or against this proposal, make sure you AD knows your wishes so they can defeat or approve.  Questions were raised if this is a basketball issue or a volleyball and if it's bb based, then we might want to look into making an amendment to it if so.  The question was also asked what if the $ is donated and not coming out of the budget.  TJ Meagher said that donations cannot be ear marked to a specific cost within your budget so the answer is no.

V. Committee Updates

  • AVCA Magazine/Publications: -- Eric Hammond (Mid-Eastern) 
             - An article about an overview of social networking will be published in the Oct./Nov. issue.
  • Sand Committee: No update.
  • Recruiting Task Force:  No news...upcoming call so please give feedback to Jill Wilson from LSU prior to September 20th. Sept. 24 is next RTF Call so be sure to send Jill any issues for discussion prior to that call.
  • Convention Social: -- Laura Kuhn (Atlantic Coast)
             - Still working on specifics; Howl at the Moon
  • Convention Demonstrators - applications come out this week.  See AVCA website.
  • Branding - exciting new ACC logos are being finished and will be able to view and provide feedback on next call. 

VI. Additional Items/Miscellaneous

  • Videos for the drills:  The FTP site is where you will upload your video drill to.  The website is:
       - Login: avcauser
       - Password: avcauser
       - How to: Go to the link, enter the login information, and open up the folder.  To drag and drop the videos into the folder, you'll want to click on the ‘Page' icon, and then select ‘Open FTP site in Windows Explorer' and it will open up a regular folder and then you'll just drag the videos in there.  They should be an .flv file type.

VII. Role Call
 Not represented on call: Big West, Conference USA, Independent, Men, Metro-Atlantic, Missouri Valley, NAIA, Northeast, Southwestern, Summit, West Coast, Western Athletic

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