AVCA Suggests Preferred Provider Bacrobial


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LEXINGTON, Ky. - Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released some recommendations aimed at institutions of higher education, focusing on guidelines to prevent and treat the H1N1 influenza, or swine flu. Among the specific student populations cited in the release for heightened consideration are athletic teams because of the many hours they spend together in close quarters.

One of the AVCA's most recent additions to its Preferred Provider program is Bacrobial, an all-natural total body skin cleanser that is among a line of products specifically formulated for athletes.   Bacrobial Skin Cleanser, which both cleans and protects, has proven itself in the sports world from Bejing all the way down to middle schools. 

On the heels of the CDC release, the NCAA Volleyball Rules Committee circulated a memorandum suspending Rule 9.3, also known as the "Handshake Rule", "in light of the concerns regarding the H1N1 virus and person-to-person contact."

With the CDC predicting a possible pandemic of the swine flu this fall, cleaning and hand sanitizer products will become more prevalent and essential, especially for athletics teams. Through the AVCA's relationship with Bacrobial, AVCA members can receive a discount on the purchase of their products by contacting Bacrobial to place an order and using the code 3162 to receive AVCA member-only pricing.

For more information on Bacrobial, visit the company's website at www.beatsuperbugs.com, or to place an order, e-mail Sam Gasque at SamG@beatsuperbugs.com or call 877-677-2999.

To read the CDC recommendations for preventing and treating the H1N1 Flu, go to http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/institutions/guidance.

To read the memorandum from the NCAA Volleyball Rules Committee, click here.


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