October 29, 2009


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October AVCA HCC E-Meeting

Agenda distributed: Wednesday October 29, 2009


I)          Welcome


            A. Thank you to everybody who submitted stuff that you thought should be talked about.

II)         AVCA Business

  • Convention registration is still open. The last day to register at the early-bird rate is Friday, November 6.
  • Headquarters hotel is the Tampa Marriott Waterside

Cost at Marriott Waterside is $135 for single and $145 for double

  • AVCA also has room blocks at the Westin Harbour Island ($119 for single/double) and Howard Johnson Plaza ($99 for single/double)
  • The AVCA understands this is a difficult budget year so in addition to the hotel discounts available the AVCA has also negotiated discounts with several transportation providers including Northwest, Continental and American on airfare, Hertz on rental cars and SuperShuttle for transportation to and from the airport. Also new this year, the AVCA has contracted with a company called SpaceShare to assist coaches with finding hotel roommates as well as assist in finding other coaches to share ground transportation. Information on the hotel and transportation discounts as well as the SpaceShare program can be found in the convention section of the AVCA Web site.
  • The pre-convention seminar this year will be "Mastering the Art of Volleyball Recruiting" led by recruiting expert Dan Tudor. The session will be held from 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 16. Topics covered will include what the millennial generation wants and why it should matter to you, the seven mistakes you might be making, spiking your prospect's objections every time and the seven secrets to successful recruiting. If you are talking with high school and club coaches please let them know there will be information included in this session on how to get your student-athletes recruited on a more consistent basis and how to attract players to your local program.
  • The AVCA Golf Tournament will be held on Wednesday, December 16 at Bay Palms Golf Course. The bus will depart at 7 a.m. and return approximately 2 p.m. The golf tournament includes green fees, cart, warm-up range, transportation to/from the golf course and a buffet lunch. Participants can choose to form their own team or be placed on a team by the AVCA. Prizes will be awarded for winning teams, longest drive and closest to the pin. More information can be found in the convention section of the AVCA Web site.
  • There will be several recruiting opportunities available to coaches at the AVCA Convention. On Saturday, December 19, there will be a juniors tournament with 13-18 year old age groups participating. On Sunday, December 20, the girls talent showcase will be held from 9.a.m.-12 p.m. The event is open to the classes of 2010-2012 and junior college athletes and will be sponsored by the National Collegiate Scouting Association (NCSA).
  • The AVCA editorial staff is always looking for technical/educational articles and drills for use in PowerTips and Coaching Volleyball magazine. If you have something you would like to submit, or are interested in writing for a future publication, please contact Leah (leah.brock@avca.org).
  • The Division II Salary Survey results have been distributed to participating coaches.
  • October 16th is the head coach membership deadline to be eligible to nominate your athletes for postseason awards.
  • The AVCA has announced the six recipients of the inaugural Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship. Thanks to a scholarship fund supplied by the AVCA Coaches 4 Coaches Committee, these six college students, who are active AVCA members through the new Student Membership initiative, will have the opportunity to attend the 2009 AVCA Annual Convention in Tampa, Fla. The inaugural AVCA Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship recipients are: Samantha Dabbs, Louisiana State University; Stacey Krebs, Salisbury University; Dan Meske, University of Nebraska; Caitlin Pankratz, University of Central Missouri; Meghan Simons, Ohio University; and Steven Vencl II, Baldwin Wallace College.


III) Legislative issues and concerns brought forth by coaches (all below agenda)


            A. Management Council update from Bren

            B. "Life in the Balance" issues

                        1. communication from/with presidents, recent court cases

            C. Scheduling suggestion

                        1. "regional schedule"

            D. Info gathering on spring expenses


IV)       Roll/Next Call

  • A. The next call will be Wednesday Novemebr 11th at 1pm central time
  • 1. we will discuss the responses to this email as well as other agenda items on our last call before the Tampa meeting.



Legislative Issues:



A) Management Council update/notes from Bren Stevens (Charleston):


Hello everyone:

Our Management Council met last week Oct. 18-20 and again all of us brought up concerns from coaches, administrators, student-athletes and other administrative groups. . .The general feeling that I took away was that the Presidents are going to push hard for the by-law 17 legislation to move forward. As you know it is usually AD's , SWA's and Commissioners that vote at the NCAA Convention. I have heard that there is a strong push to get more Presidents to the convention in January in order for them to cast their institution's one vote. There has also been an email campaign by the DII Presidents to speak with their peers about by-law 17 and they are truly making a push to move this legislation forward. . .

Again, these are my personal observations and I do not want to speak for Management Council. I know that in my own conference (WVIAC) there seems to be quite a vast split between the AD's and the Presidents on the issue of by-law 17. I think many of the AD's seem to be sticking more with their respective coaches on this very important issue. However, in the end I can see some Presidents taking a stern approach and informing their AD's that they must vote in favor of this legislation.

There still seems to be a lot of concerns by the members of Management Council because most of us are receiving quite a bit of communication from fellow coaches and other groups. ..

I guess one point that I keep hearing from some of my fellow colleagues is that we don't want the failure of the passage of by-law 17 to create a situation of panic and then schools decide to cut entire programs. I am not sure if this is a scare tactic or if this could in fact become a reality. . .What say you?

I know that none of us like the idea of losing valuable practice time and playing dates. . .Although, I would be highly disappointed to see any DII volleyball teams cut within the next year. Some of my peers have expressed frustration that all of these changes are being made under the disguise of Work-Life Balance concerns and yet many colleagues believe that these changes are being invoked for monetary reasons. I think this is another reason for so much backlash at this point in time.

I really have no way of knowing whether or not by-law 17 will pass in January. I just wanted all of you to be aware of the fact that the Presidents and not just the Presidents Council are campaigning hard for these changes. I think we as coaches have the responsibility to visit not only with our AD's and SWA's, but to get on our own President's agendas and discuss how these changes will affect our individual programs. . .Ultimately it will be the Presidents who will instruct the AD's or their assigned delegates on how to vote on this issue.

I will be out of town and back at the NCAA office this Mon. and Tues, but feel free to email me your comments. I have tried very hard to be a good spokesperson for volleyball at our Management Council meetings. I have shared a lot of information with this group and I know that men's soccer, women's soccer and field hockey share many of the same concerns according to other members of the Council.





B) various email correspondence from Jason Skoch (West Texas A&M) regarding "Life in the Balance" issues:


Kathy and coaches,


I have emailed a couple of you to help get some answers and the word out.


I just met with my President who helped draft the legislation for "Life in the Balance" which will be voted on in January. Honestly, a lot of it makes sense from the financial standpoint. The other points and rationale do not.



It will probably be approved.

Issues with Fall Sports: 1) academics and 2) finances

Issues with Spring Sports: 1) season creep and 2) academics

They are looking for something system wide.

They are trying hard to form a Div II identity and make sure our legislation matches up.


Conversation was long and informative. I learned some stuff and we (coaches) threw a lot of stuff out in the open, "calling it like it is".



Volleyball/Soccer will have their season start a week later, just like football.

Volleyball/Soccer play in the Fall Sports Festival so we will loose a week. Football was allowed to push their championship a week back.

Found out that VB, Soccer and Softball were not properly represented. I.E., what coaches wanted he never heard.


One of the biggest things that is hurting us is that the Presidents are saying, "the coaches proposed this." Bull. We were never given the option that we could push our entire season back a week, therefore, preserving all # of competition dates AND length of the season. If I recall, we were told that we had to lose one or the other.


I asked the President if we could make a couple amendments:

1.       Financially, it does make sense to push the start date of the Fall Sports back one week. Football can start practice 21 days prior and all others are 17 days prior.

a.       Since, FB is the biggest bulk of money and we are losing some of our season can we change the proposal to have the other Fall sports start 21 days prior just like FB.

2.       Since FB was able to push back their season could VB?

a.       Remember, only 8 teams play in Dec, only 64 teams play past the 2nd week of Nov.

3.       Since they are dead-set on having the Fall Sports Festival in 2010 if VB/SOCCER/CC could get an exemption for the later start date for the 2010 season.

a.       Meaning, we use the current rule and would not start the proposed rule until the 2011 season.


His response:

It is too late to make amendments and changes. The vote in January is to approve or not to approve. Our compliance officer read the by-laws and found out that the Presidents' Council can propose amendments up to Nov 1st!


Therefore, I am not sure of where to go from here. I asked my President if he would be willing to push these forward and he said no. But, that doesn't mean others won't.


What can we do about this? If Football can keep their entire season then why can't we?!!? If you looked at budgets, almost all schools could pay for VB/Men's Soccer/ Women's Soccer/M&W CC for the cost of their FB team. Therefore, extending our season during the actual school semester will not increase costs much at all. Any response would be greatly appreciated.




Jason Skoch

Head VB Coach

West Texas A&M



...more from Jason...



My President (helped write the proposal) said the Fall is about three things:

1.       Academics

2.       Finances

3.       And it needs to be something to help system-wide.

a.       i. e, don't look at just how your team does.



It makes SMART sense to push forward a week for pre-season. Not arguing.

My point-why can't we have the 21 days prior like football sense we are cheap compared to them?

They state that FB is there 4 days before us for conditioning. They can't have pads or fb's.

They are missing the point-they are paying for room and board for the most expensive sport for 4 more days than the other sports they cut.



They are allowing fb to have its championship weekend closer to (if not on) finals week of campuses.

Nationwide, rank academics of the sports: vb, soccer, cc, fb. Fb would be last. Yet, we will take them out of class closer to the most important time.

They will say it is only 2 teams. For soccer and vb it will only be 8 teams.


Most Regulated

Yes they are.

I agree they don't need to lose any competition dates b/c 11 is small enough.



They are only reducing football costs up front but the costs of the season stay intact. So, system-wide, how much are they saving when you reduce the "cheaper" sports but the not sport that is 4x-5x the cost of the "cheaper" sports.


For VB/Soccer/CC, they are reducing costs up front and during the season. Are they doing this to help compensate fb? To pay for the week they don't lose?


This is Phase I

If I heard them correctly, this is Phase I of 3 phases of change. Aren't they going to vote on our spring competition in Phase II? Currently, can fb play outside competition in the spring? If the answer is no then we can't utilize that to compare vb and fb.



Besides lowering costs (which it does), name one item in the proposal that actually helps academics, especially for fb and mbb? MBB is rated the worst nationally with academics. There is nothing that helps with graduation rates, being more prepared for life, helping the type of kids fb and mbb bring in to be better citizens, etc. this is about money. FB brings in tons of tuition $'s.


On average, football generates 3.5 x the number of students per scholarship equivalency. Volleyball is 2 x and soccer is 2.5 x. Those numbers mean something to presidents. This is a good thing, as the "partial-scholarship model" paints athletics in a good light for Div 2 and shows presidents that investments in athletics are wise in terms of enrollment at the very minimum. Return on investment is a big topic these days.



*A link from Ben Briney (Truman State) regarding a recent court case in Florida:


Here is an article about a court case in FL that was just decided on that I think really strengthens our case against this plan.  I believe Kathy needs to take this to the presidents, and if they won't listen to her, then I am all for at convention talking about everyone donating to a legal fund and hiring the lawyer that represented the people in FL and letting her go after the NCAA.  The thing that upsets me the most is that the Presidents are lying to everyone and saying the coaches associations are for the changes and also not listening to the students.  Let me know what you think.





C) an email from Phil Shoemaker (U. of Alaska) regarding scheduling:



Cody, Sorry to be slow on this. I feel a bit out of the loop since I haven't been able to make a call yet. I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but one thing that is on my mind, and I think would be a huge step forward for our region is in the area of scheduling. I don't have a formula worked out, but as a way of addressing what I believe to be everyone's interest in an exciting and equitible schedule I would like to propose a "Regioinal Schedule" in addition to our conference schedules. My idea is borrowed from professional sports where teams participate in the NFC and AFC (football reference) but have regularly scheduled contests from the other conference as part of their season schedule. To some degree we do this already with our preseason tournaments, but I would propose that we formalise the process, and add intra league games throughout the season. I think the result could be the strengthening of all our leagues, and a more equitible NCAA selection process.

I know there would be a lot of work needed on this, and it would have to be encorsed by ADs and commissioners, etc., but it might be seriously worth the effort.



D) an eamil from Sean Donahue (St. Edward's) regarding expenses of spring tournaments:


Do we want to organize a form to be distributed division wide that each of us could make sure our conference coaches filled out regarding spring tournaments (i.e. expenses, time away from campus, etc).  Just a thought to be a head of what is coming!



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