November 11, 2009


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1:00 p.m. ET


Chair: Katy Meyer, Embry-Riddle

Present on the call:   Jhett Albers (Dakota), Christy Clawson (Red River), Reed Duffus (Cal Pac), Tim Edfors (Sun), Kevin Kitchen (American Mideast), Stew McDole (Recognition Comm.), Katy Meyer (Independent), Candace Moats (Mid-Central), Derek Schmitt (Southern States), Rochelle Short (GSAC), Nathalea Stephenson (Kansas), Angela Stewart (Cascade), Mary Whitehead (Heart of America), Will Engle (AVCA Staff liaison), Ruth Stein (NAIA Office),

Absent on the call:   Matt Buttermore (Asst. Coaches), Jon Campbell (Gulf Coast) (excused), Ryan DeLong (Midwest), Nick Griffin (Mid-South), Bob Heersema (Chicagoland) (excused), Todd Humphry (TranSouth), Anna Monsen (Sooner), Kim Norman (Frontier), Rick Pruett (GPAC), Leo Sayles (Appalachian) (excused), Trish Siedlik (Midlands), Krista Solberg (Wolverine-Hoosier), Brenda Williams (Chair), John Yehling (American Midwest/Men's)



Committee Chair: Katy Meyer

Katy is sitting in for Brenda this month, and will be taking Brenda's position on the AVCA Board of Directors and as HCC chair beginning January 1, 2010.


III. AVCA Update

AVCA Staff: Will Engle

  • As of the end of early registration, this AVCA Convention is on pace to become the biggest (in terms of attendance) in the association's history. There is still much work to be done, but if the Convention were to set an attendance record, it would be a huge accomplishment given the economic climate, and the reports of other associations across the country whose convention attendance is down as much as 25%.
  • Convention early registration deadline has passed, but you can still sign up for the Convention. In addition to the full convention rate, the weekend-only option is still available, and the pricing for that option did not increase.
  • Two types of scholarships for the Convention - Minority Coaches and Student Membership, or Coaches-4-Coaches, have been announced. Student Membership is a new, electronic-only membership available to students who are interested in the volleyball coaching profession; six scholarships to the AVCA Convention have been awarded this year out of that new membership. Also, ten scholarships to the AVCA Convention have been awarded to minority coaches. If you would like to donate to the Coaches-4-Coaches Scholarship fund, go to the merchandise section of the AVCA Product Store.


IV. NAIA Office Update

NAIA Headquarters Staff: Ruth Stein

Conference play completed by Saturday.  Field will be released by Saturday night, then Sunday the byes and seeds will be released.  Check out all the information online for both opening rounds as well as final site.  General information, deadlines, etc can all be found online.  Scholar athlete deadline has passed.  Christy Clawson is coordinator this year. 



Recognition: Ruth Stein/Stew McDole

All-Conference forms sent with statistics piece to conference commissioners.  If you go onto website under "additional information" it's called AVCA/NAIA recognition.  These need to be completed with players listed in ranked order.  All-Conference forms due November 19; comes to NAIA national office first. Coaches need to be members of the AVCA in order to receive AVCA/NAIA recognition.  Region committees can not change conference rankings; only conference committees can do that.



Committee Chair: Katy Meyer

AVCA Board report is due on Nov. 25 - if there are any action items that Brenda and Katy need to take to the AVCA Board of Directors meeting in December, or any services that require funds or approval from the board that need to be brought forth at this next meeting, please let Brenda or Katy know accordingly.

Stew asked if we should we take a stand on sand volleyball?  Christy - AD says he is not interested in adding sand volleyball.  Tim Edfors - has coached a club team, is starting a collegiate club team in January.  Katy noted that it will be added to the agenda for December.


Next call is scheduled for January.  Next NAIA HCC meeting will be at the AVCA Convention in Tampa.


Call adjourned 1:32 pm (ET)

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