Tuesday, December 19, 2000


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December 19, 2000

Present:  Sean Byron, Rubin Nieves, Ryan Patton, Doug Beal and Mark Pavlik (John Hutton and Al Ronek not available on this date.)

1. Roll call of group.

2. Men's Meeting at JO's

a. 2001 JO's being held in Phoenix, AZ from July 4 to July 9.
b. Ideal time to meet will be July 6 during the 15's wave.
c. Action Item: Pavlik will coordinate with Tom Pingle, USAV.
3. AVCA Assistance with the Men's Collegiate Grant Program
a. Due to SGMA financial difficulties grant program lost source of income.
b. Idea to approach AVCA Exhibitors for modest sum to be used for grants program.
c. Possible to use minimal amount from boys/men registration fee for grants program.
d. Action Item: Sean Byron and John Hutton will form sub-committee and forward proposal to the Men's Committee on ideas to raise income for grants committee through the AVCA.
4. AVCA presence at men's/boys' volleyball events
a. In order to promote AVCA it is necessary for the organization to be a presence at various men's and boys' events.
b. Events to be considered:
i. NIRSA Championships
ii. Junior Olympic Championships
iii. NCAA Men's Championships
iv. NAIA Men's Championships
v. USA Volleyball Championships
c. The amount of teams present can help boost men's/boys' coaches numbers in the AVCA.
d. Action Item: Ruben Nieves and Al Ronek will form sub-committee to generate ideas on the best methods in creating an AVCA presence at events.
5. Division III rules concerns
a. DIII members are concerned regarding the lack of uniformity of certain rules regarding preseason training.
b. Since the NCAA championship is a national collegiate championship every team should have the ability to train in a similar manner during the season.
c. Action Item: Ryan Patton and Al Ronek will form a sub-committee with the task of proposing specific rules and legislation to address this concern.  The AVCA will be asked to support the legislation through the NCAA.
6. AVCA Event Sponsorship
a. A need to raise the profile of men's volleyball exists.
b. Special events can help.
c. AVCA sponsored events will show committment to the men's game.
i. Assist in getting more men's coaches involved with AVCA programs.
ii. Attract additional men's and boys' coaches to the AVCA.
iii. Allow the AVCA to impact more male players.
d. Action Item: Joel Walton and Ryan Patton will form sub-committee with the task of generating specific ideas to be proposed to the AVCA Board of Directors for event sponsorship.
7. AVCA Men's Awards Review
a. Add an All-American award specifically for the libero position.
b. Review the best time for Coach of the Year presentation.
c. Consider having the All-American teams reflect the regional teams.
d. Action Item:  Mark Pavlik and Ruben Nieves will form sub-committee to review men's awards program and forward suggestions to the men's committee.
8. Match data
a. Ryan Patton will maintain match score and length data from all regions through the year in order to establish data on the scoring system.
b. Joel Walton will forward MIVA data.
c. Ruben Nieves will forward MPSF data.
d. John Hutton will forward NECVA data.
9. Miscellaneous Discussion
a. FIVB will not change rules through the 2004 Olympics.
b. Jim Coleman attending the FIVB Rules Committee meeting in mid-January.
c. Additional scoring format discussions encouraged through the year.
10. No date determined for next conference call.

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