Tuesday, May 14, 2002


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AVCA Men's Coaches Committee Conference Call

May 14, 2002 - 1:30 p.m. ET


Present: Joe Wortmann, Sean Byron, Ron Larsen, Ryan Patton, Joel Walton, Jenifer Scheibler

Not Present: Doug Beal, Jack Coberly, John Hutton



I.          Establishing a Division III Men's All-America Awards Program.

A. The committee members indicated they would like a motion brought before the AVCA Board of Directors at the June meeting to formulate a separate all-America awards program for Division III men.


B. Joe agreed to present the proposal to the awards committee on behalf of the men's committee. 


II.         Elimination of DIII ranked teams in all-America selection criteria.

The committee voted to remove statistics versus Division III ranked teams from the Statistical Summary Form.


III.        Formation of a committee for marketing and promotion of men's volleyball.

Discussion had arisen during the men's coaches meeting held at the NCAA Championships on May 3 regarding the possible formation of a marketing and promotions sub-committee in men's volleyball. The committee members determined that the additional sub-committee was not necessary, as that responsibility falls underneath the purview of the men's committee as a whole.


IV.        Criteria for selection of libero to each AVCA men's all-America team.

A. The committee discussed the need for qualitative criteria to rate liberos for consideration for all-America status.


B. Committee members plan to talk with coaches in their respective leagues to get feedback regarding views on what the criteria should be and the ranking order of that criteria (passing, digging, etc.).


C. It was recommended that an effort be made to have each men's team use the same statistical program in order to facilitate similar comparisons of libero play.


V.         National men's coaches meeting at Junior Olympics.

A. Jenifer will send an email to men's coaches inquiring if they are interested in holding a national men's coaches meeting in conjunction with the JO's scheduled for July 3-8 in Louisville, Ky. And if so, request any agenda items for the meeting.


B. Based on the response, Joe will secure a room and inquire into the possibility of bringing Dr. Gilbert Fellingham to the meeting to discuss his work on scoring format analysis.


VI.        Scoring format.

A. The committee discussed the scoring format proposed to the MPSF coaches recently by Dr. Gilbert Fellingham and Dr. Bruce Collings, members of the Department of Statistics at Brigham Young University.


B. Some discussion ensued regarding how and when implementation of a new scoring format was possible.


VII.       Miscellaneous.

  • A. The EIVA Division III seat is open on the AVCA Men's Committee. Ryan Patton (Juniata) served two years and was thanked for his time and contributions as a member of the committee. A replacement will be determined, and that person will serve the reminder of the three-year term.
  • B. Jenifer reported the bid packets for the 2003 Molten Championship were available and that four institutions had requested them to date.
  • C. A short discussion took place regarding the length of timeouts in the men's game and the use of technical timeouts.


The next conference call is scheduled for Tuesday, June 18 at 1:30 p.m. ET. The call adjourned at 1:27 p.m. ET.

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