Sand Volleyball to Remain on Emerging Sports List in NCAA Division I


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ATLANTA - An attempt to override the April decision by the Division I Legislative Council and Board of Directors to add sand volleyball to the Emerging Sports List for women in NCAA Division I has been defeated.  The school-by-school vote took place Friday, January 15 at the Division I Business Session during the 2010 NCAA Convention in Atlanta.  A majority of 62.5% of voting delegates was needed to override the previous decision.  The final vote was 166, or 58.45% in favor of the override to 118 against it, with one school abstaining, meaning that sand volleyball will remain on the Emerging Sports List in Division I.

"The length and tone of the debate over sand volleyball in Division I means we have much work to do," said AVCA Executive Director Kathy DeBoer. "While we are thrilled about the new opportunities for women that will be created by this sport, we are also mindful that the legislative parameters for governance of this sport still need careful deliberation."

With sand volleyball now affirmed as an Emerging Sport for women, the NCAA Division I Board of Directors will decide Saturday whether to grant a request from the AVCA to delay the implementation date for program sponsorship from August 1, 2010 to August 1, 2011. 

To date, only the University of Southern California has announced that they will add a sand volleyball program if the override failed; however, it is anticipated that several other institutions will make that announcement now that the vote is definitive.  For an Emerging Sport to be considered for an NCAA Championship, forty schools must add programs with in a ten-year period. 

NCAA Division II will vote in their Business Session on Saturday, January 16 on legislative parameters to govern sand volleyball as an emerging sport in their division.  Regulations allowing 16 dates of competition and five equivalency scholarships are expected to be passed by the membership.  Division II would institute sand volleyball as a sport on August 1, 2010, the original timetable recommended by the Committee on Women's Athletics in July 2008.


DI Board delays sand volleyball's effective date

By Michelle Brutlag Hosick
The NCAA News


ATLANTA - The Division I Board of Directors delayed the effective date of the addition of sand volleyball to the list of emerging sports for women until August 2011.

The Board voted Saturday to delay the effective date to give the governance structure time to shape the sport at the collegiate level. Several proposals fashioning the playing and practice season, financial aid limits and coaching limits were introduced into the 2009-10 legislative cycle and will be acted on by the Legislative Council in April.

The Division I membership reaffirmed sand volleyball as an emerging sport Friday, turning back an override attempt during the Division I business session.

Some of the concern that prompted the override attempt stemmed from uncertainty about the parameters of the sport at the college level.  The Board believes giving the structure additional time to build the sport will be helpful.


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