February 9, 2010


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AVCA Assistant Coaches Meeting
Tuesday, February 9th, 2010, 12:00 pm Eastern Time

I. Welcome Dan Tudor - Keynote Speaker - Recruiting Tips - President and Founder of Selling for Coaches

II. Kathy DeBoer-AVCA Executive Director, Sand Update

  • NCAA has asked to gather information what are some issues people are having and what are the problems? What needs to be addressed? Proposals for rules will be voted on in Jan. 2011. Send feedback to Shannon Wells (Winthrop)

III. Reports and Announcements - Tracy and Amanda

  • Welcome New Committee Members:
           Ben Bodipo -Memba  --  Big West
           Nicky Rose - Division II
           Laura Benzing -- Pac 10
           Division 2 Regional Reps:
                      1. Ashley Walton
                      2. Kelly Morrisrow
                      3. Wes Schneider
                      4. Megan Wargo
                      5. James Suh
                      6. Kim Mogul
  • AVCA Spring Conference - May 6th-8th, @ Stanford University
            Registration now open on the AVCA Web site
  • AVCA Online Career Center
  • AVCA Open Dates Forum
  • AVCA Due's increase coming -- $5 member increase for assistant coaches
            D1 -- $130 to $135  
            DII, DIII, NAIA, NCCAA, TYC -- $90 to $95
  • Invitation to present at the convention in Kansas City will be available on the AVCA Web site in the next few days

IV. Active Business

  • Committee Logo Vote: Send votes to Tracy via email
  • Updated Contact/Subcommittee List Attached

V. Old Business

  • None

VI. Legislative/HCC Update

  • Sand Volleyball (override defeated; implementation date moved to 2011-2012;        legislation to be voted on January 2011
  • Non-Championship season travel (out for comment, vote on in April)
  • Foreign Travel (not moved forward)  withdrawn prior to convention
  • Camps or Clinics during quiet period (passed)...no private or institutional  OFF campus camps allowed...on campus is allowed.
  • 100 mile limit for institutional camps/clinics (passed)
           If you want the 100 mile rule reconsidered, your school must sign up by March 15th to call foran override. It takes 30 schools in Division I to call for an override which results in a school by school vote at the next NCAA convention in January 2011. If 100 schools or more call for an override the effective date of the legislation is suspended until the vote at the NCAA Convention.

VII. Committee Updates

  • AVCA Magazine/Publications
           Opportunities to get published.   1 page column, 950 words +/- and 1 to 2 pictures can be incorporated.  See the committee if you are interested.  
           Must be education or instruction related
  • Sand Committee
            Dividing into 2 Segments:  Coaching Education and Legislation/Logistics
  • Recruiting Task Force
           2 main topics to email Jill Wilson (LSU) with feedback on: Transfer policy and the issue of coaches who player later in the fall (into the tournament) have a recruiting disadvantage...Possibility of allowing only recruiting in HS and JC from Sept. 1- Dec. 31.
  • WNVA
           No secure dates but will let us know. They want the ACC to be active in promoting of what the WNVA is.
  • AVCA Membership Drive
           New 2 for 1 membership promotion targeted at assistant coaches.
  • Spring Conference
  • Key Note Speakers - upcoming presenters
           Panel of club coaches throughout the country

VIII. NEXT CALL:  Tuesday, March 9th, 2010, 12:00 pm Eastern

IX. Roll Call
Not present on call: Western Athletic, Patriot, Ohio Valley, NAIA, Missouri Valley, Men, Independent, Big Sky, Atlantic 10



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