February 10, 2010


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1:00 p.m. EST


Committee Chair: Katy Meyer

Katy welcomed everyone, including the new HCC members:

A. Christy Mooberry, Montreat College, Appalachian (replaces Leo Sayles)

B. Tori Bartels, Faulkner University, Southern States (replaces Derek Schmitt)

C. Melissa Batie, SCAD, The Sun (replaces Tim Edfors)

D. Kristy Kamer, Shawnee State University, MidSouth (replaces Nick Griffin)




Chair:                         Katy Meyer, Embry-Riddle

Present on the call:  
Jhett Albers (Dakota), Tori Bartels (Southern States), Melissa Batie (Sun), Jon Campbell (Gulf Coast), Christy Clawson (Red River), Reed Duffus (Cal Pac), Kevin Kitchen (American Mideast), Stew McDole (Recognition Comm.), Anna Monsen Howle (Sooner), Mary Whitehead (Heart of America), John Yehling (American Midwest/Men's), Will Engle (AVCA Staff liaison), Ruth Stein (NAIA Office)


Absent on the call:   Matt Buttermore (Asst. Coaches), Ryan DeLong (Midwest), Mike Gibson (Competition Comm.), Bob Heersema (Chicagoland), Todd Humphry (TranSouth), Kristy Kamer (Mid-South), Candace Moats (Mid-Central), Christy Mooberry (Appalachian), Kim Norman (Frontier), Rick Pruett (GPAC), Rochelle Short (GSAC), Trish Siedlik (Midlands), Krista Solberg (Wolverine-Hoosier), Nathalea Stephenson (Kansas), Angela Stewart (Cascade),



Tachikara Representative: Chris Morton

E-mail sent to all committee members about Tachikara Gold Club with exclusive access to NAIA coaches through national agreement with NAIA head office.  It grants access to purchase Tachikara products on the NAIA discount 24/7, 365 online; anything and everything on their website.  Questions?  chris@tachikara.com


IV. AVCA Update

Committee Chair: Katy Meyer

As of July 1, 2010, the AVCA Board of Directors has instituted a dues increase across all divisions.  The new NAIA membership dues will be $145 for a head coach, and $95 for an assistant coach.  Membership is critical - in terms of how much strength of voice we have is directly related to the strength of our membership.  AVCA will go through Christy Clawson to disseminate membership information to conference reps to encourage non-members to join the AVCA.

AVCA Staff:
Will Engle

  • 1. AVCA Spring Conference registration is now open. Conference will be held May 6-8, 2010 in Palo Alto, California on the campus of Stanford University. Stanford head coach John Dunning is the headline presenter, along with U.S. Men's National Team head coach Alan Knipe, and two-time silver medalist Sue Woodstra.
  • 2. New Open Dates Forum on the AVCA website, send an email to opendates@avca.org to submit, go to the Education/Resources tab on the website to view.
  • 3. Don't forget about the Online Career Center on the AVCA website.
  • 4. Membership promo between now and July 1; sign up one assistant, get another assistant free.
  • 5. Invitation to present at the 2010 AVCA Convention will go out later this week.


V. NAIA Office Update

NAIA Headquarters Staff: Ruth Stein

  • 1. Career Fair - part of the NAIA Convention in April. Two-day symposium, April 10-11, for student-athletes who might want a career in sports. Go to NAIA Convention website for more details.
  • 2. Certificates for awards - Just a discussion item at this point; whether hard copy certificate will come from national office, or if it will be available online for schools to print themselves. Currently still status quo.
  • 3. Complete online survey - the more we demonstrate the national administrative council that the coaches are involved and concerned, the more weight it carries when going forward for final approval.
  • 4. Champions of Character coaches training - online includes all types of coaches, basically all non-players. Everyone needs to go through the course by July 15.
  • 5. Big Picture NAIA volleyball - challenges; brand awareness and recognition. From the National Office perspective, this is top of mind. Working hard to attack this from the national level. Working with outside firm to trying to gain a sense of NAIA brand awareness and recognition.
  • 6. New NAIA Eligibility Center - FAQ's available online. Collateral materials available to parents, students, etc are being finalized. Working on website design, and hoping to use a new integrated marketing look for NAIA as a whole.



Recognition: Stew McDole

Utilize NAIA structure through all-conference balloting process to ask conferences to choose an Assistant Coach of the Year and Freshman of the Year, so that those names can then be forwarded for AVCA and national recognition.



Men's Rep: John Yehling

Season in full swing.  Always looking for new programs; would love to help if anyone's school is interested in adding.  www.mamvic.com is the website for NAIA Men's Volleyball.  Considering moving national championships to Kansas City qualifier; at least having matches there to spread awareness.



Committee Chair: Katy Meyer

This committee is a resource; these people are active and willing to help.  See yourself as a resource and utilize each other as a resource.  We can be a proactive group - we get things in advance and can sometimes deal with things in advance; great chance to talk out and address concerns; these are great benefits on a grand level.  Gives us a chance to be proactive rather than reactive.  The committee is a conduit for information - so continue to be active, share your thoughts and ideas, and take advantage of the opportunities we are given.


Next call is scheduled for Wednesday, March 10 at 1 p.m. EST.


Call adjourned 1:47 p.m. (EST)


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