Georgia Association Joins AVCA Affiliate Partner Program


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LEXINGTON, Ky. - The Georgia Volleyball Coaches Association (GVCA) has joined the American Volleyball Coaches Association's Affiliate Partner Program, the AVCA announced.  The AVCA Affiliate Partner Program was established in 2007 to build relationships between the association and high school volleyball coaches across the country.

As an AVCA affiliate partner, GVCA member coaches can join the AVCA at a discounted rate, and will receive the educational tools, product/member discounts, publications and other benefits of being an AVCA member.

"The Georgia Volleyball Coaches Association is very pleased to join the AVCA Affiliate Partner Program," said Kelly Audia, GVCA President.  "The action of joining is as exciting as it is warranted.  We are very pleased that the GVCA member coaches will receive much needed assistance from the AVCA and its affiliates in the way of coaching education, awards and recognition."

Georgia is the ninth state in the AVCA Affiliate Partner Program, and the first in the southeast.  They join Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin as AVCA affiliate partners.

"The vision for the Affiliate Partner Program has always been national, so welcoming Georgia, our first state from the southeast, into the group is really gratifying," said Kathy DeBoer, AVCA Executive Director.  "The AVCA also has many volleyball coaching friends and supporters in the state of Georgia.  It's an honor to be chosen to work with them on behalf of their coaches."

"We seize this opportunity with much anticipation and appreciation for being the first southern state to join the AVCA Affiliate Partner Program," said Audia.  "We believe it is a statement that the state of Georgia is committed to making waves on a national level in volleyball."

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