March 10, 2010


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1:00 p.m. EST


Committee Chair: Katy Meyer




Chair:                         Katy Meyer, Embry-Riddle


Present on the call:   Rochelle Short (GSAC), Nathalea Stephenson (Kansas), Christy Mooberry (Appalachian), Kirsta Solberg (Wolverine-Hoosier), Christy Clawson (Red River), Reed Duffus (Cal Pac), Mark Perisi (American Mideast), Stew McDole (Recognition Comm.), Anna Monsen Howle (Sooner), Will Engle (AVCA Staff liaison), Ruth Stein (NAIA Office), Kim Norman (Frontier)


Absent on the call:   Jon Campbell (Gulf Coast), John Yehling (American Midwest/Men's), Mary Whitehead (Heart of America), Tori Bartels (Southern States), Jhett Albers (Dakota), Matt Buttermore (Asst. Coaches), Ryan DeLong (Midwest), Mike Gibson (Competition Comm.), Bob Heersema (Chicagoland), Todd Humphry (TranSouth), Kristy Kamer (Mid-South), Candace Moats (Mid-Central), Rick Pruett (GPAC), Trish Siedlik (Midlands), Angela Stewart (Cascade), Melissa Batie (Sun)



AVCA Staff: Will Engle

  • 1. Registration for the 2010 AVCA Spring Conference is underway. The conference will be May 6-8 in Palo Alto, California at Stanford University. More information can be found at
  • 2. The 2010 NCSA/AVCA Spring Girls' Talent Showcase will be April 1 in New Orleans, in conjunction with the Allstate Sugar Bowl JVA World Volleyball Challenge.
  • 3. The success of the 2009 AVCA Convention is being featured in Association Meetings Magazine. Congratulations to all of our members who have helped make the AVCA a growing and thriving organization.


IV. NAIA Update

NAIA Headquarters: Ruth Stein

  • 1. Thanks for participating in online mail ballot. All sport motions did pass through mail ballot. They need to go to next level of review before changes take place. Ruth does expect some pushback on some of the items. All of the motions go forward to national administrative council in June. There were 69 of 240 programs that participated.
  • 2. Anna Munson-Howle was named new secretary for NAIA VCC beginning in August.
  • 3. Statistical Tips: This idea was shared with SID folks, and they already have a statistical newsletter that goes out to all SIDs. May be an opportunity to augment what is already going on with the SIDs, and begin circulating to volleyball coaches as well.
  • 4. Reminder that in the coming months, NAIA will be reaching out to conference commissioners to solicit raters rosters and volleyball chair rosters, as well as conference oversight members. Commissioners will be responsible for submitting to national office. If you are interested in serving in those roles, talk to you conference, not directly to the national office.



Recognition: Stew McDole

  • 1. What was current last month is still current. Next order of business is between Stew and Ruth once qualification system is in place for next year. Stew will then send to national committee to see if recognition regions need to be re-aligned. Will be final after NACDA, probably last week of June.
  • 2. It's proven difficult to identify conference recognition representatives. If committee members can help with that throughout the spring and pass that information to Stew or Ruth, that would be a huge help to the Recognition Committee.

Membership: Christy Clawson

Reminder on the Assistant Coach promotion going on through the AVCA. Membership is currently at 71%. 



Men:                 Denver will be the site for the finals this year, but looking for a permanent home in conjunction with a qualifier. There was a conference match in conjunction with a qualifier last week, and was well-received. AVCA will be starting a new awards program for men's volleyball soon.

Conferences:    NAIA help allows schools to keep up-to-date their coaching rosters, which allows national office keep in touch with individual schools.  Is the responsibility of the athletics director at each school.

Sand Volleyball:Has there been any communication between NAIA and the sand game?  There has not been a lot of in-depth discussion.  There are some NAIA schools that are actively pursuing sand programs. This might become a standing topic for these calls.

Christy - Has interest, but AD will not fund it.

Katy - NAIA does not sponsor sand volleyball.  However, that does not been it has to be a deterrent for programs to begin.  Programs who want to pursue, it's "on their shoulders."

Reed - Schools have considered it, and will be discussed more at fall meetings.  Most ADs are not going to fund it for budget purposes.  There has been interest from players.

Rochelle - Definite interest, but with restricted budgets, it will be up to individual programs.  How does it fit into the grand scheme of the NAIA.

Ruth - Go to, and there's a link for emerging sports.  That will walk you through how new sports are added.  There are three levels, and it depends on how many schools will sponsor the sport.  It's driven by membership, not a top-down process.  One thing that's important to push through emerging sport process is the declaration of intent form submitted by athletics directors.

Katy-Will start asking for people to step up to the plate to have a committee for those who are interested and in the know who would be willing to be a line of communication for NAIA sand volleyball.

Christy-willing to help serve on the committee.

Rochelle - will help serve on the committee.




Committee Chiar: Katy Meyer

  • 1. Tachikara Gold Club - Product discounts available to NAIA coaches. Chris Morton is the Tachi Rep and any member questions can be directed to him at
  • 2. AVCA-NAIA membership dues increase will commence on July 1st, 2010.
  • 3. Champions of Character on-line coaches training.



Committee Chair: Katy Meyer


Next call is scheduled for Wednesday, April 7 at 1 p.m. EST.


Call adjourned 1:47 p.m. (EST)

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