Wednesday, April 7, 2010


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DI Head Coaches Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (EST)

Call led by Mark Rosen, Division I Representative, University of Michigan


1.  100 Mile Camp and Clinic Override Status
Mark reported that 73 schools voted to override the 100 mile camp legislation. This was enough votes that the override will be voted on at the January 2011 meeting. The AVCA anticipates the implementation date of the current legislation will be suspended until this vote takes place in January but that is not yet confirmed. The implementation date will be decided by the NCAA next week and the AVCA will send out an update when the decision is announced.  


2.  Non-Championship Season Travel Restriction
The NCAA Legislative Council will meet at the end of April to vote on two proposals regarding non-championship season team travel. The first proposal would restrict team travel to competition during the non-championship season to ground transportation only. The second proposal would restrict teams from traveling outside of a 400 mile radius for competition unless no other schools are within that 400 miles radius. Both proposals are currently out for comment. TJ noted the legislative council will likely vote to have a restriction of some type but no competition dates would be lost. Any restrictions that come from the vote will be implemented beginning August 1, 2010.


3.  Sand Volleyball Proposals Update (Kathy DeBoer)

Kathy noted that legislation for sand volleyball receives very little conversation until conference meetings begin. These meetings are normally held in May and June so now is the time to review the rules and suggest changes to the legislation currently being considered.

Mark mentioned one loophole in the rules is the ability of a coach to use the sand team as a JV for the indoor team. The current legislation would allow a player receiving a sand scholarship to also play indoor when the coach may not have any intention of that player actually participating in sand volleyball. This would make the sand team a JV team for the indoor game. Mark is looking into the possibility of the Big 10 sponsoring a rule that would restrict a player with a sand scholarship from participating on the indoor team for two years.

Kathy also suggested coaches consider two other issues related to sand. The first issue is the size of the coaching staff. There is one proposal out there allowing a maximum of four coaches per staff for programs who participate in both sports. Another proposal would allow for three indoor coaches and two for sand.

The second issue Kathy mentioned was the recruiting calendar. There is some interest in amending the number of allowable recruiting days for schools that have both an indoor and sand program. One possibility would be requiring 20 of the 100 allowable recruiting days be at sand tournaments. Another possibility would be reducing the number of days from 100 back to 80 and having the coaches decide how to best use that time.  It was again noted that any proposal must have a sponsoring conference in order to be considered.

Jim McLaughlin asked about the possibility of a school building a sand facility and committing resources to the sport and then the sport folding due to lack of participation. Kathy noted emerging sports have ten years to reach championship status which means the sport must have 40 schools participating in DI, DII and DIII levels within a ten year time frame. The NCAA reserves the right to reevaluate the sport after ten years if 40 teams are not participating. Kathy mentioned squash has been on the emerging sport list for 15 years and has only 25 participating programs.

Kerry Carr brought up some other legislative issues to consider including how volunteer assistant coaches are counted for sand, coaches stocking their indoor team with sand players (reverse of the sand team being used as an indoor JV team issue mentioned above), and using sand players not on scholarship for both indoor and sand (currently they can play both if not on scholarship).  


4.  Recruiting Task Force Update (Erin Appleman)

Erin reported the survey that was sent out in March received 159 responses out of 320+ coaches who received the survey. The 159 responses did not provide enough data to validate the results. Erin briefly reviewed the results from the survey and will share more specifics during the next call. Mark noted that even though the results weren't valid this information will provide the AVCA with a basis to take a stance if any of these issues become legislation. 

Other hot topic issues include continuing discussion on the transfer rule, changing the recruiting calendar to allow contact through the first Monday in May, and making sure all coaches are on the same page in regard to the restriction on leaving camp brochures at club and high school events.


5.  Conference "Lag Time" Survey Results

Mark briefly reviewed the results from the lag time survey that was distributed after the March call. The results indicated there are a wide range of times and restrictions within the various conferences. Kathy noted that based on the results 20 hours seemed like a reasonable amount of time between regionals. She will follow-up with the NCAA committee on that recommendation.


6.  AVCA Update (Jason Jones)

AVCA Spring Conference pre-registration will be open through April 16. Registrations will be taken onsite in Palo Alto after that date. Details regarding the spring conference can be found here.  

The nomination period for the AVCA Hall of Fame is open now through May 14. Nomination forms are available in the "Awards" area of the AVCA Web site. Nominations are considered for three years after they are submitted.

The AVCA is in the process of putting together the seminar schedule for the 2010 convention in Kansas City. Jason asked that any coach who was interested in leading a session to please contact him at for details.

Kathy congratulated TJ Meagher for being promoted to Associate Director of Internal Operations/Chief Financial Officer at the University of Houston.


7.  Next committee call, Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at 11:30am (EST)


8.  Roll Call                                             

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