Second Annual Fiesta on Siesta Key


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SIESTA KEY, Florida - The Second Annual Fiesta on Siesta Key on Saturday, April 17 lived up to its billing as one of the biggest women's collegiate volleyball events ever contested. The Fiesta began at 10 a.m. with Jamie Oelke of 1st Place Volleyball, the presenting sponsor of the Fiesta, striking three perfect ceremonial first serves. It all ended at sundown, 8 p.m. EDT with Aurora Newgard and Emily Strack from the State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota defeating Lane Carico and Lici McGee, University of Miami in the championship match of the top division in the Collegiate Beach Volleyball Challenge.


Throughout the day more than 100 beach tandems, representing schools through out the state of Florida and from around the country, soaked up the sun on beautiful Siesta Beach, while competing in three different tournaments at the Fiesta


New event sponsors ZemGear, Roaring Lion, SoCo Sports and Fleet Feet, also flourished at the Fiesta, and representatives from each of the aforementioned companies have already indicated they will return to sponsor the event again next spring.


Six schools from the SEC contested their Third-Annual SEC Coaches Beach Volleyball Championship.  In the end, LSU, the team that ended Florida's 18-year stranglehold on the indoor championship by capturing the SEC title in November, narrowly defeated the Gators to sweep the indoor and (unofficial) beach championships for 2009-2010.


In individual SEC Coaches competition, the top division featured an all Florida Gator final, with Kelly Murphy and Kristy Jaeckel defeating Callie Rivers and Lauren Bledsoe, after fighting off multiple match points.


The South Carolina pair of Megan Laughlin and Taylor Bruns defeated Erin Fleming and Cassandra Anderson of Florida to capture the top spot in the Silver Level final.


In the Bronze Level Final, Nicole Choi and Kathleen Luft of Georgia outlasted South Carolina's Teresa Stenlund and Brandi Byers to capture the top spot.


In another razor-close battle for a team title, the University of Central Florida took the top spot in the Collegiate Beach Volleyball Challenge, just ahead of in-state rival, USF.


In individual Collegiate Beach Volleyball Challenge action, the gold level title went to Aurora Newgard and Emily Strack, State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota, who upset the pair from Miami of Lane Carico and Lici McGee.


The top spot in the Silver Level in the Challenge belonged to Dagnija Medina and Jessica Catelano from the University of North Florida who defeated Courtney Shelton and Arynn Nease, Savannah College of Art & Design in the final.


In Bronze level Challenge competition, Kristina Little and Alina Maur of St. Petersburg College took down Courtney Shelton and Arynn Nease of Savannah College of Art & Design.


The Collegiate Beach Volleyball Challenge also featured a Consolation division, in which the title went to the Notre Dame pair of Megan Dunne and Hilary Eppink.  The Fighting Irish duo won the final over Monique Russell and Kelli Carneal of Stetson.


Perhaps the most intriguing tournament at the Fiesta was the "Seniors Only" event.  The Seniors Only competition featured players who had exhausted their college eligibility.  On the line for the winners was a trip to the CBS College Sports ALT Games and a shot at the winners' share of the $ 5,000.00 purse.  In a closely contested final match, Marcela Gurgel and Cynthia Danthon of USF overcame Zita Freidenfelde and Heather Friend of S.C.A.D.


"What a terrific and exhausting day of top-flight collegiate beach volleyball," Fiesta Co-Director David Carstenson said. "I am ecstatic about the event, and can't wait until we do it all over again next spring!"


Video from selected matches and interviews with selected coaches and players are available on YouTube and at


Carstenson and fellow Fiesta event Co-Director, Tom Collett announced that the date for the third annual Fiesta on Siesta Key has been set for April 16, 2011.


2nd Annual Fiesta on Siesta Key FINAL RESULTS:


Third-Annual SEC Coaches Beach Volleyball Championship


Commissioners Cup (Team) Champion:  Louisiana State University (LSU)

Runner-Up: University of Florida


Individual Doubles Competition:


Gold Level:      1st Place: Kelly Murphy and Kristy Jaeckel, Florida


                        2nd Place: Callie Rivers and Lauren Bledsoe, Florida


3rd Place: Michele Williams and Angela Bensend, LSU
                Calli Johnson and Kayla Schmidt, Alabama


5th Place: Brittney Johnson and Lauren Waclawczyk, LSU
               Mary Catherine Aune and Kayla Fitterer, Alabama
                Nikki Fowler and Kayla Jeter, Tennessee
                Erika Clark and Valentina Gonzalez, Georgia

9th Place: Kathleen Gates and Carla Tietz, Georgia
                Tania Schatow and Meghan Mannari, LSU
                Madie Jones and Sam Delahoussaye, LSU
                Jordan Bradosky and Hannah Lawing, South Carolina


Silver Level:    1st Place: Megan Laughlin and Taylor Bruns, South Carolina


                        2nd Place: Erin Fleming and Cassandra Anderson, Florida


3rd Place: Kelsey Anderson and Leigh Moyer, Alabama
                Emily Steinbach and DeeDee Harrison, Tennessee

5th Place: Briana Bahr, Ann Dylla and Simone May, Georgia
                Stephanie Riley and Alyssa Meuth, Alabama
                Christina Glover and Lindsey Roy, South Carolina
                Leah Hinkey and Kylann Scheidt, Tennessee


Bronze Level:  1st Place: Nicole Choi and Kathleen Luft, Georgia


                        2nd Place: Teresa Stenlund and Brandi Byers, South Carolina


3rd Place: Amanda Friday and Leslie Cikra, Tennessee
               Betsy Smith and Sundai Weston, Florida

5th Place: Elissa Hausmann and Chloe Mann, Florida
                Jasmine Brown and Kelsey Mahoney, Tennessee


2nd Annual Collegiate Beach Volleyball Challenge


Team Champion: University of Central Florida (UCF)

Runner-Up: University of South Florida (USF)


Individual Doubles Competition:


Gold Level:      1st Place: Aurora Newgard and Emily Strack, State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota


                        2nd Place: Lane Carico and Lici McGee, University of Miami


3rd Place: Katie Gallagher and Ali Becker, Miami
                Maija Strazdina and Mariana Thon, USF

5th Place: Julianne Dougherty and Kristina Reeves, Webber
                Kristin Fisher and Tory McCuthcheon, UCF
                Caitlin Shawver and Lara Metz, Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU)
                Meredith Murphy and Evija Vilde, UCF

9th Place: Janice Rivera and Jessica Burghart, USF
                Joanne Marras Tate and Christina Wallinger, Florida Atlantic University (FAU)
                Nicki Kent and Nicole Teplitz, JU
                Ekaterina Babkina and Megan Roark, St. Petersburg College
                Frenchy Silva and Angela Puente, Notre Dame
                   Marie Reiterova and Youngblood, UCF
                Kristyna Dzmuranova and Nicole Gerig, FAU
                Alexa Napoleon and Brittany Muse, FGCU
                Chelsea Rabe and Marshay Greenlee, UNF


Silver Level:    1st Place: Dagnija Medina and Jessica Catelano, University of North Florida (UNF)


2nd Place: Courtney Shelton and Arynn Nease, Savannah College of Art & Design (S.C.A.D.)


3rd Place: Shelley Walroth and Kathryn Kane, JU
                Callie Hasko and Brittany Castelamare, USF

5th Place: Olympia Haney and Jen Drouin, S.C.A.D.
                Hannah Munneke and Ashley August, JU
                Emma Racila and Jacqueline Cowden, FGCU
                Kaylee Ream and Stephanie Canfield, Stetson

9th Place:  Kellie Sciacca and Marie Roof , Notre Dame
                 Jingyu Zhang and Ingrid Mosquera, St. Petersburg College
                 Nichole Reidel and Dani Harrison, UCF
                 Paige Pridgeon and Mairja Pantovic, UNF
                 Ariell Cooke and Nrithya Sundararaman, Miami
                 Georgia Robinson and Kathryn Williams, FAU
                 Zillmann and Andrea Wilkinson, Webber International University


Bronze Level:  1st Place: Kristina Little and Alina Maur, St. Petersburg College


                        2nd Place: Carrie Taylor and Lauryn Reiners, Savannah College of Art & Design (S.C.A.D.)


3rd Place: Tammy Needham and Alicia Mohler, Webber International University
                Taylor Smith and Kerri Romaniszyn, Webber International University

5th Place: Caitlin Hall and Fresorger, Webber
                Stephanie Slatt and Christina Theofilos, Notre Dame
                Caitlyn Breen and Christine Knoechel, USF
                Sam Freeman and Sam Stonish, Stetson

9th Place: Anna Becker and Sabrina Dodd, Stetson
                Lizzie Hale and Jenna Berkley, Miami
                Nicole Baran and Allison Shirley, UNF
                Sarah Tickner and Kimberly Maldonado, State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota
                Leyna Lloyd and Isabella Arboleda, FAU
                Luiz Palmer and Erika DeVaughn, USF
                Brandy Worlton and Megan Stewart, Stetson
                Sarah Stoll and Cintia Nightingale, FAU


Consolation:    1st Place: Megan Dunne and Hilary Eppink, Notre Dame


                        2nd Place: Monique Russell and Kelli Carneal, Stetson


3rd Place: Julia Lopez and Ashley Yance, FGCU
               Keishla Negron and Camil Dominguez, FGCU

5th Place: Alliya Drzewiecki and Alison Loeppky, JU
                Lacey Blackman and Abby Gaiotti, State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota
                Brittany Wilson and Gaurdreau, State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota
                Molly Blackman and Mihok, Webber International University

9th Place: Carey and Heather Allshouse, Webber International University
                 Eve Lewis and Amanda Persails, State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota
                 Madison Anderson and Leslie Armstrong, Stetson


Fiesta on Siesta Key "Seniors Only" Competition


1st Place:  Marcela Gurgel and Cynthia Danthon, USF


2nd Place: Zita Freidenfelde* and Heather Friend, S.C.A.D.

3rd Place: Julia Borecka and Elise Burke, Florida Southern College
                Noelle Bay and Trisha Belcher, Webber International University

5th Place: Tammy Zimmerman and Cindy Eurie, Webber International University
                Tiffany Malone and Krystal Steele, Webber International  University
                Alison Simmons and Rhian Davis, Jacksonville University
                Marina Tosi and Nicole Burns, S.C.A.D.


* R/S Freshman replacement for a S.C.A.D. senior who was injured at team practice on Friday, April 16, 2010.

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