Wednesday, September 3, 2008


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Roll Call: Absent: Colonial Athletic, Independent, Southeastern and West Coast Conferences.

The meeting was called to order at 11:32 a.m. (EDT) by Chair Mark Rosen. He welcomed everyone to the call. Mark noted that the season is underway and that this is a very busy time for everyone on the committee.


· NCAA Division I Volleyball Committee


Mark noted that there are three upcoming vacancies on the NCAA Division I Volleyball Committee. He indicated that the AVCA is looking for people to submit their names for consideration. The committee discussed some potential representatives including Warde Manuel (AD at Buffalo), Wright Waters (Commissioner of the Sun Belt Conference), Cary Groth (AD at Nevada), Tim Weiser (Asst. Commissioner of the Big 12), Chris Massaro (AD at Middle Tennessee), Brian Quinn (AD at Fullerton), Peggy Bradley-Doppes (AD at Denver) and Joel Erdmann (AD at SE Louisiana). He urged members to continue submitting names to him over the next few weeks. He will pass the names on to Kathy DeBoer for follow-up.


· Awards Regional Realignment Issue


Mark urged the committee to continue gathering votes on this issue. Votes can be submitted to Todd Hamilton at We would like for more participation so that the awards committee can have a better feel for the opinion of the membership.


· AVCA Update


Todd Hamilton reported that AVCA Convention registration is now open and that early interest has proven to be good. He urged the committee to go ahead and get registered early to secure the preferred hotel accommodations. He also reminded the committee about the scholarships available for minority coaches that would like to coach at the NCAA level. There is more information available about the program on the convention web site at


Todd noted that the salary survey is scheduled to go out next week. He urged the committee to take a few minutes to complete the survey and send it back. The sooner we get member's responses the quicker we can get the data back to the coaches. You must participate in the survey to receive the responses.


The new log-in procedure with the web site was discussed. Now you can use your email address instead of your old member number to access the site. This should prove much easier to use. By the next call the new AVCA site should be operable.


The AVCA election cycle is underway and this year we are looking for a new president-elect. Anyone interested was urged to contact Kathy DeBoer as soon as possible.


· 13th Scholarship Proposal Update


Kathy noted that the PAC-10 Conference has submitted legislation that would allow for a 13th scholarship in women's volleyball. In 2005 the Management Council, with the support of the Board of Directors, recommended that a 13th scholarship be added due to the addition of the libero. The measure was overridden at the NCAA Convention in January 2006 by a slim margin. Since the PAC-10's submission the Horizon League has noted their support and the WAC has shown interest.


Kathy noted that since 2005 there has been significantly more money invested in the sport and participation numbers at the high school level have continued to grow. She asked the committee to be involved by contacting key decision makers and ensuring that they understand the numbers behind the request. She noted that regardless of movement on the 13th scholarship that it is vitally important for administrators to understand the size, scope and continued growth of volleyball in the United States. Kathy and Mark spoke about the need for volleyball to be part of the discussion when administrators get together.


· Other Business


Kathy reminded the committee about the new Under Armour High School All-American Program. She noted that the high school coaches of the nominees must be AVCA members. She urged the committee to ensure that their recruits were nominated for the honor by contacting the high school coaches and urging them to join and nominate their players.


Mark thanked everyone for participating and noted next months call.


The next call will be October 1 at 11:30 a.m. (EDT).

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