Wednesday, July 7, 2010


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DI Head Coaches Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (EST)

Call led by Mark Rosen, Division I Representative, University of Michigan


1.  Recruiting Cabinet Update (TJ Meagher)
TJ discussed two proposals the NCAA DI Recruiting and Athletics Personnel Issues Cabinet is going to submit into the legislation cycle:

  • Time Period for Telephone Calls - An institution can make one telephone call per month to a prospective student-athlete, parent or legal guardian on or after June 15 at the conclusion of the student-athlete's sophomore year in high school through July 31 after the student-athlete's junior year in high school. Beginning August 1 prior to the student-athlete's senior year in high school, an institution is permitted to make two telephone calls per week to a student-athlete, parent or legal guardian.
  • Verbal Offers of Athletic Financial Aid - Prior to July 1 following a prospective student-athlete's junior year in high school, an institution shall not provide a verbal offer of athletic financial aid to a student-athlete, parent, legal guardian or any individual associated with that prospect as a result of the prospect's athletics participation.

TJ noted these are only proposals and those who feel strongly one way or the other can submit their feedback during the legislation process. Also, these proposals will impact all sports and are not just volleyball specific. E-mail communications with prospective student-athletes and visits were not discussed by this cabinet. It was also noted that enforceability is not considered when making these proposals. The entire recommendations and rationale can be found on pages 6 - 9 by clicking here


2.  Sand Volleyball Legislation Update (TJ Meagher)
TJ reported that he is serving on a committee that has been asked to review and make recommendations on sand volleyball legislation. The committee had a meeting recently to discuss legislation that focused on three primary areas:

  • Financial Aid - The committee discussed ways to prohibit coaches from using financial aid for sand players to add indoor players. The committee is reviewing a proposal that a student-athlete who receives financial aid for sand and then wants to switch to indoor can only do so if that player counts in the previous year's scholarship total and fits within the limit. After the student-athlete has participated two years in the sand program that player can switch to indoor if a scholarship is available.
  • Coaching Limits - The committee is reviewing a proposal that would create two separate coaching staffs. A program could have no more than three coaching indoor and no more than two coaching sand. Coaches could crossover into both sports.
  • Recruiting - The committee discussed several proposals involving the number of recruiting days and other recruiting issues but no consensus was reached. This topic will be a primary focus of the next meeting.

TJ noted these proposals are still being discussed and are not the final recommendations of the committee.


3.  Recruiting Task Force Update (Erin Appleman)

Erin asked TJ to give an update on the issue regarding University Athlete. TJ mentioned that University Athlete is very popular among DI volleyball coaches as close to 100% percent of DI schools subscribe to the service. Legislation has been proposed that puts restrictions on any organization operating as a recruiting service. This legislation was originally intended to address a men's basketball issue. The language used in that legislation would include the use of the University Athlete service as well.  TJ is having conversations with the NCAA to clarify the role of companies like University Athlete so they are not looped into the legislation. University Athlete is also looking to reclassify their business in hopes of falling outside the NCAA legislation. TJ will update the committee as new information is available.

Erin reported the RTF conducted a survey last spring but only received a 50% response rate which wasn't high enough to move forward with any specific issue. She did note the survey results showed 34% of college head coaches and 46% of college assistant coaches were involved in club volleyball. The RTF is currently gathering ideas to conduct another survey in October. Among the potential issues on the survey is the one time transfer rule and recruiting calendar. Erin asked that coaches send her ( any hot topics they would like included on the October survey.


4.  AVCA Update (Jason Jones)

The NCAA recently released the host cities for the 2013 and 2014 DI Women's Volleyball Championships. The cities chosen were Seattle in 2013 and Oklahoma City in 2014. This makes the current host city line-up Kansas City in 2010, San Antonio in 2011, Louisville in 2012, Seattle in 2013 and Oklahoma City in 2014.

AVCA Convention registration will open August 18. Convention hotel room blocks and the convention web site will be available on August 18 as well. Additional details will be given during the August call.

Judy Green, Jenny Hazelwood and Cecile Reynaud are working with the AVCA to start the AVCA Coaches Mentoring Program. Mentors and mentees would be matched-up by the AVCA in August and have periodic communications throughout the fall and spring including a face-to-face meeting at a reception held during the convention. The AVCA is currently recruiting mentors for the program and anyone interested in participating can e-mail Jason at


5.  Next committee call, Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 11:30am (EST)


6.  Roll Call                                                                     

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