August 12, 2010


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AVCA Division III Head Coaches Committee Meeting

Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2010 - 11 a.m. ET

Present: Becky Schmidt (Chair), Katrina Dagan (North Atlantic),  Jonathan Penn (Liberty), Alexa Keckler (Centennial), Nicole Hess (MIAC), Kristen Ely (SLIAC), Bridget Sheehan (NCAC), David Kwan (Heartland), Tammy Swearingen (President's), Jill Jolliff (WIAC), Mark Massey (Northwest), Jeanne Hess (MIAA), Dianna Graves (SCIAC), Jennifer Saylor (Midwest), Steve Pike (SUNYAC), Dorothy Webb (NEWMAC), Kali Andress (AVCA)

Not Present: Brett Allen (NESCAC), Bob Weiner (Little East), Bret Stothart (Commonwealth Coast), Kelly Greapentrog (Empire 8), Lisa Greiner (Independents & Skyline), David Shumaker (NEAC), Ray Bello (CUNYAC), Deana Jespersen (Pennsylvania), Margie Knight (Capital), Michele Zabinski (Freedom), Phil Pisano (AMCC), Lindsay Birch (USA South), Kandis Schram (GSAC), DeAnn Woodin (IIAC), Deb Zellers (Independents), Vicki Brault (OAC), Deb Kiick (CCIW), Kathy Gebhardt (NAC), Amanda Cuiffo (Great Northeast), Don Perkins (NJAC), Randall Kreider (Commonwealth), Andrea Hoover (ODAC), Sam Lambert (SCAC), Tiffany Davis (ASC), Kim Kelly (UAA)


I.   Roll Call

Becky asked the committee to respond back to her with the answer to the following: Choose a topic you would like to present to the committee for 5 minutes at the beginning of one of the calls for "Points of Pride".

II. Points of Pride

New aspect of the call: Each committee member will choose a topic and share their expertise with the group on one of the calls. Becky said this is was unique and valuable thing about volleyball coaches, that they are willing to share their secrets.

Here is a list of topics submitted so far from those on the call:

  • Katrina Dagan - keeping kids focused during practice
  • Mark Massey - Visual learning tips
  • Kristen Ely -
  • Jeanne Hess - Greening your volleyball program
  • Dianna Graves - The "Associate Coach Program"
  • Tammy Swearingen -
  • Jonathan Penn - Outside the box thinking about line-ups and positions
  • Jill Jolliff -
  • Bridget Sheehan - helping assistant coaches be organized
  • Nicole Hess - Compliance
  • Alexa Keckler - Team Building, camps, designing practices
  • Dave Kwan - Gender differences in sport confidence
  • Jenn Saylor - Cross-fit workouts as conditioning for volleyball
  • Steve Pike - Overseas trips
  • Dorothy Webb - Scouting Pt. II

Becky spoke about scouting opponents:

  • She spoke to various coaches to see what they do in terms of scouting reports and communicating that information to their team.
  • She collected various scouting reports to identify differences and found that coaches vary in the amount of detail they put into their reports, as well as how much of that information they share with their players
  • Becky sent out sample scouting report prior to the meeting. This report can prepare coaches for a match and is accessible to all learning styles. She explained the scouting report in depth.

III.  AVCA Update (Kali Andress)  

  • Convention Registration- will launch Wednesday, August 18th. The convention website will have everything you need including education schedule, hotel information, events schedule, etc.
  • This month is Membership Appreciation Month so the AVCA is running special promotions each week. This week is the special Product Store offer that you can check out on the AVCA website. Also, All coaches who join or renew their AVCA membership during the month of August will receive a gift from the AVCA and all AVCA members will be placed into a drawing at the end of the month to receive a FREE 2010 AVCA Annual Convention registration to join us in Kansas City, Missouri AND complimentary hotel accommodations during the week.
  • The AVCA has just begun the AVCA Coaches Mentoring Program. We currently have over 60 pairs of mentors and mentees. We are still recruiting mentors to accommodate the large mentee response we have received. So if you are interested in participating, please let me know and I will send you a mentor application.
  • Minority Coaches Scholarship: Now available - See AVCA website or contact Amanda Brungs. Deadline to submit is Oct. 8
  • Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship: Please encourage your student-athletes to sign up for Student Membership and apply to attend the 2010 Convention. Scholarship applications are available on the AVCA Website and are due Oct. 8. Contact Amanda Brungs with questions.
  • Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship Fund: With convention 6 months away, we need your help in fundraising for this year's recipients! Visit the Student Membership Headquarters on the AVCA Website (I'll give you this link to put in the minutes) and donate at $10, $25 or $50 increment.
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  • The AVCA is about to launch the AVCA Educational Timeouts: Fall Webinar Series: We are offering a series of 5 webinars over the next several weeks and the first one is this Tuesday, August 17th, presented by your very own Becky Schmidt! She will be talking about how to pack the gym for a big event, so I hope all of you will register for her session. You can email me for registration information, or visit the AVCA website.
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Kali can be reached at or 859-425-5075.   


IV. Community Service Initiative (Becky Schmidt)

Becky announced that a tracking form would be created to track all forms of community service that the teams are doing. She would like to share the impact with all DIII teams. She mentioned that perhaps there could be a community service award sometime in the future that went to the most unique act of community service or the school that raise the most money. She hopes to track awareness efforts and man hours, not just the monetary amount raised.


V.  Setting Agenda for 2010-11

 Becky mentioned two AVCA Board Initiatives that she would like to discuss with the committee: Education and Awareness. First she opened up the discussion of Education, saying that we need more than just convention sessions, webinars, and High School Clinics. She asked the committee how DIII can take advantage of coaching education and have access to it. Someone asked a question about the availability of webinars. Kali Andress shared that all webinars are being recorded, so if you cannot attend one live, you can still register and pay, and then will be automatically sent the recording after the webinar has ended. Someone asked if past convention educational sessions are available on the website. Kali Andress answered that the classroom sessions recordings and PowerPoint's are available on the AVCA website and some court session videos are available in the AVCA Product Store.

Someone suggested the idea of putting together a package of past convention educational material as a teaser for prospects to showcase the benefits of being an AVCA member. Becky recommended that more DIII coaches submit articles for Coaching Volleyball magazine. She said this has many benefits, such as making great connections and career advancement. Dorothy Webb shared that she presented at convention and said that it was valued at her school, gave her great networking and recruiting opportunities and she definitely recommends it. She did mention that classroom sessions required much less preparation than on-court sessions. Mark Massey had also presented at convention and admitted he was nervous before hand, and it took a lot of preparation, but it was worth it in the end and was a great way to represent Division III. Becky encouraged everyone to start thinking about topics they could present at the 2011 convention so they could submit applications to the AVCA early. She believes more a bigger DIII presence will make the division more credible in the eyes of high school and club members.

When asked for other educational ideas, Mark Massey suggested running free summer camps.  He mentioned the Midwest Volleyball Coaches Clinic where all 8 regions host a clinic in their area. Tiffany Davis shared her experience with a Texas coaches clinic for all levels that charges $50. It is held during 1 day in the middle of summer before High School starts and usually gets 50-100 attendees. Coaches volunteer as demonstrators. Becky Schmidt suggested branching out to the regional level and noted that most DIII coaches would be more comfortable first presenting at these smaller coaches clinics, before presenting at convention.

Becky then opened up the floor to talk about Awareness and making volleyball a main stream sport.  She asked if this was the role of the AVCA or if the AVCA is just a coaches association. Someone mentioned that the AVCA does not have the resources to do this. Becky mentioned that the AVCA uses free resources like the website and social media. Dorothy Webb recognized that the AVCA has limited resources but said this is exactly what the AVCA should be doing and that awareness should be a primary goal. Jonathan Vassar agreed with Dorothy and stated that DIII has a unique opportunity for move this goal forward because it's hard to always find a DI school in your area to go watch, but DIII has accessibility to offset this lack of resources.  Becky agreed that this grassroots technique would be beneficial, especially with the large amount of DIII schools. She thought it was important to make the fans that DIII does have love volleyball and that would lead to a profound impact. Jonathan noticed that this was a big goal, but that we could take small steps to achieve it. For example, he always tries to outdraw their basketball team with fans.

Mark mentioned not seeing the Facebook page on the AVCA homepage. This link was moved to make room for a sponsor's ad, but will be back up soon. Bridget Sheehan said that awareness should be the central focus and core principal of the AVCA, utilizing things like local media coverage and community awareness. Becky asked the committee if there was a potential downside to this. Someone answered that there could be if this effort was not targeted and if the AVCA spread their resources too thin. Becky shared that the AVCA is doing a good job of awareness and that maybe the focus should be on showing coaches how to do it at their own institutions. She mentioned that marketing is the job of the coach, not the marketing department, and even the smallest acts are important. Coaches should take on this responsibility and do small things, like talking to fans after a match.

J.J. O'Connell then took some time to discuss the new DIII website he has been working on:


What the site can do:
-Links to all D3 Teams
-Links to all D3 conferences
-Dropdown menu on the front page for Conference Standings
-Ability for SID's to post stories
-Video display for short clips
-8 Regional pages with Regional Win-Loss and Schedule Strength
-8 Regional pages for Regional only news stories
-Links to AVCA pages and NCAA pages
-Links to individual Tournament Sites
-Daily Scoreboard on Front Page, as well as a link to Scoreboard Page
for future and past matches

What I need from coaches:
-Have SID's go to prestosports to make sure their season schedule
mirrors their schedule at the NCAA Regional site (as far as regional
games go)
-Have coaches encourage their SID's to post their match stories to the
-Have coaches send me their home tournament page links

 Becky announced that during the next call she would be creating a sub-committee that would work towards marketing DIII to the High School and Club levels, showcasing DIII opportunities and benefits.


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