May 11, 2010


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Assistant Coaches Committee

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

12:00 p.m. EST


I.              Guest Speaker - Jim Stone, former Ohio State head volleyball coach

  • Jim became enamored with teaching student-athletes through video. After leaving OSU, he was amazed at how kids learned by watching themselves on video. He wanted to create a vehicle to spread the sport through film. Now he goes around the country, choosing coaches who do well at what they do, and film them running practice, on wireless microphones, and then post for his members to view.
  • Not everyone knows how someone else is doing it. A lot of coaches that he works with are willing to share what they know. Have about 120 videos in the library.
  • Website:
  • There is an even split of members between high school and college coaches. Goal is to have a sharing mechanism on how coaches are coaching. Hopefully will allow coaches to see there are a lot of different ways to do things.
  • Next Step: Post practice analysis, a way for coaches to ask questions. Would like to take practice video and have that coach get on a webinar and go into more detail and explanation.
  • What are some commonalities that you found among better coaches and practices?

                     - Coaches have a clear idea of the direction they want to go and good at communicating that to players.

                     -  A lot of feedback going on throughout the practice, even during contacts. Constant evaluation and feedback.

                     - Better coaches set a high bar of what's good and bad effort, acceptable and unacceptable contacts.

  • Today's athlete is very different than what they used to be. Have you seen coaching style change to accommodate that?

                     - Even though they've changed, they're still the same in that they want to be good at what they do. Players liked to watch and see themselves work and learn to get better.

  • Did you see the same pattern of styles of practice?

                     - Not really, as there's not a real cookie cutter approach. The biggest thing is consistency. Players can deal with anything as long as they know what you expect.

  • Are there any moments that you saw something done in a practice that really stood out to you?

                     -  Kind of, yes. Some of the teaching cues/phrases and the way they explained them caused me to have a ‘duh' moment. Happened more than I anticipated.

  • How does the membership to your services work?

                     - It's a yearly membership. Individual and a club director membership where they can get all their coaches on board.


II.            AVCA Updates - Amanda Brungs, AVCA

  • AVCA Hall of Fame awards are being accepted through Friday, May 14.
  • Assistant Coaches 2 for 1 Membership Promotion is still available through July 1.
  • 2010 Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship now available on AVCA website


III.           Spring Conference/Board Meeting - Tracy Smith, Chair

  • Spring Conference had excellent speakers and so much value. Provided a more intimate setting.
  • Board Meeting involved a lot of strategic planning. Redefining the AVCA mission statement, multi-media dues package to get more fans/exposure, creating recognizable stars in our sport to follow, and more.


IV.           Committee Updates

  • WNVA: On a stalling pattern because of funding.
  • Recruiting Task Force: NCAA Recruiting Cabinet has put 3 models of recruiting together for all sports. RTF had several calls to gather feedback and is providing the NCAA with detailed thoughts and opinions.
  • Publications: Out of the last 4 magazines, the ACC has had 3 articles. Deadline for the Aug/Sept. issue is June 14, 600 words.
  • Membership: Still gathering email lists and will get back on it as soon as possible.


V.            Future Planning

  • Recently added committees: JVA (Tami Fries, Chair) and USA Volleyball (Chuck Rey, Chair)
  • Committee Plan of Action - Due June 10th to Tracy.

                                         i.    Look at where you are and what you're doing with committee and come up with a P.O.A. for the next year. Basically a 6 mo.-1 year ‘To-Do List'.


VI.           Next Call

  • June 8 - optional; to brainstorm for next year.


VII.         Roll Call

  • Not present on call: Atlantic 10, Atlantic Coast, Big Sky, Horizon, Independent, Men, Mid-American, NAIA, Ohio Valley, Patriot, Southeastern.

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