August 3, 2010


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Assistant Coaches Committee

August 3, 2010

12:00 pm EST


  • Guest Speakers (Fran Flory - LSU, Beth Launiere-Utah)

(Recommendations for pre-season training)


Fran Flory - LSU


  • 1. Less is more (Training Sessions are shorter in duration but higher in intensity)
  • They take breaks in between practice and games and as a result have a quality practice/game.
  • She has gone away from the LONG practices she used to use several years ago
  • 2. Rest for the student-athletes is vital
  • So important to allow for rest and recovery time
  • Important for the pre-season preparing for the post-season. Working on mental side as much as physical
  • Does a 2 practice, 2 practice, 1 practice a day 3 a-days anymore..on the 1 a day, let's players sleep in later and holds practice mid-day to help provide more rest
  • 3. Team Building
  • Especially for those who are going to be battling for a position...she will group players of same position into "teams" and have them compete against other positions in something to help generate "teammate feel" for those in the same Middles and liberos vs. outsides and setters in bowling teams.
  • Building and earning confidence is huge with this generation. Building them up is a constant throughout the entire season.
  • Important to figure out what makes them "GO" and enhance it as much as possible.
  • 4. Video Analysis
  • Have available for athletes to watch on their own time
  • 5. Don't be afraid to have fun!
  • Get them engaged and enjoying the process


Beth Launiere - Utah


  • 1. Agrees that less is more
  • Too many athletes are coming in with an overuse injury
  • 2. They do some conditioning, but not much. Athletes should have been getting in shape in the spring season and summer. Also spend some money on bringing in a massage therapist and having the girls do a cold water whirlpool - have seen great results
  • 3. Have schedule of going 3 days and then a complete day off
  • 4. Take team somewhere in preseason - allows for coaches to get involved in team bonding as well. Staff also does a lot of video work on this trip
  • 5. Have team read a book. This year, they're reading the 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork and having each player give a presentation on an assigned chapter (Assigned chapter number is their jersey number)
  • 6. Give pre-season schedule to athletes so they know what to expect


Other Info

  • - Have parents of freshman sign contracts saying that they'll support their players and also trust the coaches
  • - Let team pick captains and meet with them once a week
  • - Create a culture of respect


  • AVCA Updates

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3. Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship - Now Available
4. Minority Coaches Scholarship - Available Monday, Aug. 9
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