Wednesday, November 3, 2010


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Division I Head Coaches Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (EST)

Call led by Mark Rosen, Division I Representative, University of Michigan


1.  Recruiting Task Force Update (Mark Rosen)

Mark encouraged all head coaches to participate in the survey that was sent out by the Recruiting Task Force. This survey is one question and asks coaches about their interest in having the RTF pursue the one time transfer rule. If coaches do not respond to the survey the RTF will take that as a lack of interest in the topic and will focus on other issues.  

During the call some coaches mentioned they did not receive the Recruiting Task Force survey. A survey reminder will be sent out on Nov. 8 and another reminder will go out on Nov. 17 which will include the survey link. All Division I member head coaches will get the reminders so anyone who did not receive the survey during the initial distribution should receive it again on those dates. Jason noted the survey could be getting caught in a spam filter. All AVCA surveys are sent from the e-mail address Any member coach who is not receiving AVCA surveys should send this e-mail address to their IT staff to be included on their approved list of e-mails.   


2.  Legislative Council Update (Mark Rosen)
Mark reviewed a document that was distributed to the committee regarding NCAA legislative proposals that could potentially impact volleyball. The document can be found by clicking here. Each proposal is listed with preliminary information on whether the Legislative Council supports or opposes the proposal. Please note that no vote has taken place at this time. Voting on these proposals will take place in January. Two of the most significant proposals to volleyball are the following:


  • Proposal 2010-96: Reduce from 29 to 21 the number of units used to determine the start of preseason practice. Cost savings estimated to be $3,920 per institution. This proposal has the preliminary support of the Legislative Council. In the talking points given to coaches it was noted the sponsor's institutions (Big Ten Conference) have their volleyball teams on campus for summer school (including incoming student-athletes) which enable opportunities for non-mandatory participation in summer lifting, training and practicing prior to the start of pre-season at an estimated minimum cost of approximately $6,000 per student-athlete . Cutting four days of pre-season gives the student-athletes who have been on campus all summer a short break before the fall season starts. The programs that are hurt most by the loss of these four days are not the sponsor's teams but those that cannot afford to have their teams in residence all summer long.
  • Proposal 2010-88: An institution is limited to two dates of competition during the non-championship segment, of which only one date may be an away-from-home date of competition. Mark noted an attempt is being made to get the SAAC involved with the argument of limiting the ability to compete. A position paper has been created that was sent to SAAC members in the Big Ten with the hope the SAAC members will communicate their concern about this proposal to administrators.


A question was brought up regarding the change to two competitions in the non-championship season and one of them being at home. The committee discussed the possibility of the Legislative Council passing a change to two dates but taking out the part about one of those dates being at home. If the Legislative Council had to pass it as proposed coaches could attack the home date issue since that could be a deal breaker with some programs and facility or location issues. Jason contacted TJ Meagher for clarification on the issue. TJ responded that a proposal cannot be amended at this time.  However, should comment for the proposal be solicited in the January meeting of the Legislative Council, it is possible for an amendment to surface from a constituent group qualified to propose legislation (i.e. Conferences).  Given the lack of position of the Legislative Council, the proposal in question will likely go out for comment.


3.  Coaches Clinic Demonstrator Interpretation (Mark Rosen)

Mark reviewed the interpretation of using prospective student-athletes as demonstrators at coaching clinics. Click here for the details of the interpretation.


4.  Budget and Support Survey (Mark Rosen)

The AVCA sent out a Program Support Survey on Nov. 3 to all member Division I head coaches. This survey will provide data on scholarships, travel, recruiting, equipment and marketing support received by volleyball programs. The deadline for submission is Nov. 17 and results should be available to those who participate by the middle of December.  


5.  AVCA & Convention Update (Jason Jones)

Jason encouraged coaches to register for the convention if they have not already done so. He noted the early registration discount deadline is Nov. 5 and coaches can save $100 off their registration fee by registering prior to that date. Convention hotels are a little over 80% full at this point so he encouraged coaches to make hotel reservations soon if they are planning to stay in the discounted convention hotel room blocks. The AVCA has developed a convention site that provides information on registration packages, convention hotels, a schedule of activities and many other convention details. Click here to access the convention site.

The AVCA Talent Showcase will be held from 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 19 in Hall D of the Kansas City Convention Center. The talent showcase is a recruiting event for high school sophomores, juniors, seniors and two-year college players. Coaches are asked to sign-up prior to the showcase so that information on the participating student-athletes can be distributed. Coaches can pre-register for the talent showcase by clicking here.

The Division I Salary Survey results will be sent out to participating coaches during the first or second week of November.


6.  Next committee meeting Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 3 p.m. local time at AVCA Convention - Room 2203 in Kansas City Convention Center


7.  Roll Call                                                               

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