Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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Division I Head Coaches Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

3 - 4:30 p.m. (CT)

Meeting led by Mark Rosen, Division I Representative, University of Michigan


1.  Introduce Kevin Hambly - AVCA Division I Representative Elect

Mark introduced Kevin Hambly to the committee. Kevin is the head coach at the University of Illinois and will take over as chair of the Division I Head Coaches Committee on January 1st.


2.  Introduce Ashley Thornburg - NCAA Eligibility Center
Ashley is part of the amateurism certification staff at the NCAA Eligibility Center and is the point of contact for issues related to volleyball. Ashley encouraged committee members to contact her with eligibility questions and announced she would be available most of convention week to meet with coaches one-on-one if anyone was interested.


3.  NCAA Volleyball Committee

The majority of the meeting was spent discussing issues the HCC felt were most important to address with the NCAA Volleyball Committee.

The first item discussed was the championship bracket and the need for more transparency in how the process works.

The second item was the need for the NCAA Volleyball Committee to act as a voice for the sport so that volleyball has a group that will be heard on important issues. Lynn Holzman mentioned that football, men's basketball and women's basketball all have Issues Committees that serve as that voice. Volleyball does not currently have an Issues Committee and Lynn noted the NCAA Volleyball Committee has recently been charged with the role of being the voice for volleyball. This is a new role for the Volleyball Committee and it was noted the current committee members were selected to run the championship and not to serve as an issues group. As openings on the Volleyball Committee occur in the future the HCC should be an advocate for specific people so more "issues focused" members would have the opportunity to serve on the committee.   

The HCC members discussed the need for an avenue of communication with the Volleyball Committee and how the AVCA must be part of the process. It was noted the HCC may need to change their conference call schedule so that important issues can be discussed and positions taken during the comment portion of the legislative process. The HCC also talked about making a priority list for the sport so the most important issues would be at the top of the list.

Kristin Fasbender, NCAA Associate Director of Championships and the lead person on the NCAA Division I Volleyball Championships, Terry Gawlik, NCAA Volleyball Committee Chair, and three other NCAA staff/committee members arrived at the meeting to answer questions from the HCC.  Terry was asked what she thought the role was of the Volleyball Committee. Terry responded the role was to oversee the championship, advance the championship and manage the championship from beginning to end. Terry was asked about the Volleyball Committee's involvement on legislative issues and she said the committee would have to come to a consensus in order put forth a position on a specific issue. As an example, she noted the committee did discuss the reduction of competition in the non-championship season issue but the committee did not come to a consensus so no position was taken.

Terry said the best action for coaches to take is to go back to campus and talk to their administrators. She also noted student-athlete voices are heard and coaches can work through them as a way to make changes. The AVCA can forward a position on a proposal to the Volleyball Committee but the committee won't support it unless they have a consensus. It is very important when taking a position to state the reasons for agreement or opposition so the Volleyball Committee can understand the reasoning.

Kristin Fasbender discussed the championship bracketing process and said she is willing to look at ways to make the process more transparent to create a better understanding of how the process works. One idea is to have a group of media and possibly coaches go through a mock selection as is done for men's basketball.   

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