Thursday, December 16, 2010 - General Meeting


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Division I General Meeting Minutes

Thursday, December 16, 2010

8 - 10:30 a.m. (CT)

Meeting led by Mark Rosen, Division I Representative, University of Michigan


1.  Introduce Kevin Hambly - AVCA Division I Representative Elect

Mark introduced Kevin Hambly to the attendees. Kevin is the head coach at the University of Illinois and will take over as chair of the Division I Head Coaches Committee on January 1st.


2.  NCAA Playing Rules Update - Marcia Alterman, Rachel Seewald & Fran Flory

Rachel briefly reviewed the rules process. She noted a call for proposals goes out in the fall and this process also includes a time period for coaches to give input. She encouraged coaches to be active in providing feedback on playing rules issues. The committee meets in January each year to review proposals and discuss the comments received. This is a non-change year for rules as there is currently a 2-year cycle for rules changes. The off year is used for research and to collect data.

Fran encouraged coaches to do a better job at responding to surveys. She noted officials respond at a higher rate than coaches. The survey comments are used by the committee when making decisions so participation in surveys is important. Fran then discussed some of the issues being reviewed including facilities, the jewelry rule, warm-up time, substitutions and the net fault rule. An executive summary of the 2010 NCAA Women's Volleyball Rules Survey can be found here.

Marcia briefly reviewed the rules proposals submitted which include substitutions, eliminating the pursuit rule, eliminating line judges, allowing players to block serves, eliminating position faults by serving teams, having no position faults on front row players, examining the center line flexibility rule, review the setter save rule and making all net contacts a fault. Marcia also mentioned that PAVO does offer line judge training and scorekeeper training materials for those interested. Marcia was asked about electronic scorekeeping. She said electronic scorekeeping will be discussed in January and could be available in 2011 because it doesn't require a rules change.


3.  Introduce Ashley Thornburg - NCAA Eligibility Center
Ashley is part of the amateurism certification staff at the NCAA Eligibility Center and is the point of contact for issues related to volleyball. Ashley encouraged coaches to review the "Path to Eligibility" brochure that describes in detail the eligibility process and requirements. She recommended some best practices for coaches including having your prospects register with the eligibility center as early as possible, clean-up your institutional request list and make contact with international recruits as soon as possible to get all necessary documents signed.


4.  State of Volleyball Update - Kathy DeBoer

Kathy discussed the growth opportunities currently available for volleyball as well as local and national issues that must be overcome. Click here for the PowerPoint presentation.  


5.  Sand Volleyball Update - Kathy DeBoer

Kathy reviewed the current status of sand volleyball and discussed some of the rules being considered. Click here for the PowerPoint presentation.


6.  USA Volleyball Update - Hugh McCutcheon

Hugh told the group there is a nice generation of athletes coming through the system. He said our players are behind other countries on repetitions because of NCAA practice restrictions. The players have a lot of talent but still need some fine tuning. Hugh has two goals for the team: to work hard physically and to work hard mentally. The team won the World Grand Prix and did well at the World Championships so they proved they can win and dream big.

Hugh invited the coaches to attend a national team practice session. The team trains in Anaheim during the mornings and college coaches are welcome to attend.


7.  NCAA Legislation Update - Lynn Holzman

Lynn reviewed and NCAA legislative cycle and discussed some of the proposals under consideration. Click here for the PowerPoint presentation.


8.   CBS Sports Collegiate Beach National Championship - Dave Williams & Ali Wood Lamberson

With the AVP going bankrupt USAV is taking over their role in the CBS Collegiate Nationals. This event will have 12 teams per gender and will use athletes that have exhausted their eligibility. Ali announced there would also be a High Performance trial after the Collegiate Nationals in San Diego. Additional details on these events will be available in mid January or those interested can contact Ali at

Dave discussed what professional volleyball might look like in the future with the AVP no longer in existence. He mentioned there are about 300 beach events that run throughout the year. USAV will ask beach volleyball promoters to submit their events and USAV will compile a master list. In addition, USAV has reached an agreement with IMG to operate five high level beach events in the future. Dave felt there would be professional playing opportunities of some form in both the short and long term.

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