December 15, 2010


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AVCA Division III Head Coaches Committee Meeting Minutes 

December 15, 2010 - 5:30 p.m. (CT)

Present: Becky Schmidt (Chair), Sam Lambert (SCAC), Jeanne Hess (MIAA), J.J. O'Connell, Julie Patrick (for Kandis Schram (GSAC)), Kim Kelly(UAA), Jill Joliff (WIAC), Jason Kozak (for Andrea Hoover (ODAC)), Mark Massey (Northwest), Tammy Swearingen (President's), Margot Fredrick (for Vicki Brault (OAC)), DeAnn Woodin (IIAC), Don Perkins (NJAC), Kali Andress (AVCA)


I. Becky started the meeting by mentioning some points from the AVCA Board meeting:

  • 90% of Division III coaches are members of the AVCA
  • We have 105 DIII assistant coaches as members
  • The Kansas City Convention was the highest attended convention in history
  • DIII had 400 nominees for all region
  • AVCA mission statement change: "advancing the sport"

II. J.J. O'Connell brought up the number of substitutions discussion (12 vs. 15)

  • He recommended that they should give the DIII's opinion to Tammy Swearington
  • Almost all in attendance were in favor of 15 subs
  • Could potentially first do it on a conference level
  • Get data/numbers this year - then bring to rules committee
  • Suggested that they poll the group at the general meeting

III. Sand

  • Becky asked if anyone was adding sand or having discussions
    • General response was negative
  • Hess: the problem would be that the athletes from indoor would be the same and they would have to choose court or sand
  • Jill: weather is an issue as well as lack of youth sand recruits
  • Becky: will it threaten DIII if adding sand to DI or DII?
    • General response was negative
    • There will be a transition period with this as an emerging sport
    • Shouldn't discourage it, but will be another hat to wear during the off-season
    • Not realistic for DIII because of monetary reasons

IV. Men

  • Becky asked if anyone was thinking about adding a men's team
    • Tammy's conference add a men's team
    • 55/56 DIII Men's teams
    • John Speraw - UTenn - study to look at impact of women's teams when adding a men's team

V. Game Management Survey

  • More information than the salary survey
  • Becky asked if this was of value and if we should do it next year
  • Tammy: always beneficial to have information
  • Need to have an incentive - you only get the results if you participate in survey

VI. Marketing DIII Volleyball

  • Coaching Clinics "in a box"
    • Lends itself to DIII programs
    • DIII doesn't have huge staff - so more realistic for HS coaches to learn from us
    • DIII coaches are in similar situations as HS coaches
    • Can also help DIII promote their programs to local High School
  • IMPACT clinics through USAV (process to be certified to teach)
    • Great way to engage young coaches
    • IMPACT clinics will create credibility among DIII to the local high schools
  • Becky: Doing a clinic/writing an article/presenting a webinar
    • The response always makes it worth while
    • Need to just get started so more DIII participants
  • NCAA Branding Initiative
    • Can spend $1,000to get signage for DIII Branding Initiative on NCAA website
    • Send clear and consistent message - give DIII and "identity"
  • Becky: AAU Nationals
    • Recruiting seminars for parents/kids - there was no DIII representative
    • Anytime you see a recruiting seminar, always try to get involved
    • Need to education the student-athletes
  • J.J.: Could put a video on the DIII website to explain all the rules and requirements
    • NCAA experience
    • 10 minute clips - send to him (always looking for content)
    • Use current student athletes to get their perspective
    • DIII is confusing to student athletes and parents - need to get clarification information out there - coordinated effort

VII. Scheduling

  • Promote open dates site
  • Becky asked if people were using it: Yes
  • National Mater List - week 1-9 schedules (possible?)
    • Conference open dates - create tournaments
    • J.J.: Doable but it would take a lot of work
    • He could link it on his site


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