April 14, 2011


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AVCA Division III Head Coaches Committee Meeting

Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2011 - 11 a.m. ET


Role Call Question: One thing you wish your student athletes had that they do not have - will be anonymous

  • Points of Pride - Alexa Keckler spoke about her success with summer camps
    • Warm up games with popular music
    • Counselors walk around and engage
    • Team building stations in between hard ones
      • Exposes leadership qualities
    • Speed/agility stations - things they can take home and do on their own
    • Make sure they have fun - need to walk away having had a blast so they will come back next year
    • Questions:
      • Someone suggested having a lesson plan for the day to give to the counselors
      • Someone asked about camp evaluationsAlexa said they do evaluations of the campers where counselors comment on each of their skill. They also do evaluations for the entire camp

AVCA Report

  • Over 250 student-athletes are attending the NCSA/AVCA Spring Girls' Talent Showcase next Thursday, April 21 in Louisville, KY! Be sure and make plans to attend. The event runs from 5:00- 8:00 p.m. in Halls ABC of the South Wing of the KY Exposition Center. Contact Amanda Brungs at Amanda.brungs@avca.org with any questions.
  • The AVCA has just announced its 2011 Strength and Conditioning Webinar Series. This 5 part series will provide you, the volleyball coach, with the necessary steps to integrate S&C workouts into your volleyball program based on your situation and the needs of your student athletes. All webinars are either Tuesday or Thursday at 8:00pm Eastern Time and feature multiple presenters from Volleyball coaches like Ray Bechard to Strength and conditioning coaches and physical therapists. The first webinar is Tuesday, May 3rd. Click here to register.
  • Registration for the 2011 AVCA Spring Conference is only open for 1 more week! This year's event will be held in Anaheim California Mary 12-14 and features learning opportunities with the US National Team staffs. Click here to register today!

Q&A with Kevin Barnett of The Net Live (thenetlive@gmail.com)

  • Becky Schmidt (BS): How did The Net Live come about?
    • Kevin Barnett(KB): Disappointed in the level of press for the national team players - not just in the general public but in the volleyball world. There is a short supply of information and we needed something to span the gap between events
  • BS: Do you think this is an issue with Sports Information Directors not putting as much emphasis on volleyball?
    • KB: Coaches just want to coach. If they don't promote their program no one else will. It's not necessarily an SID problem. Volleyball is the premier womens sports and it is not promoted as such by the NCAA. There is a lack of attention from the NCAA. More exposure is the key and it is everyone's responsibility at their own level.
  • BS: Why did you come up with a podcast to fill this void?
    • KB: We are currently trying to convert to live streaming shows and bring in guests. Podcasts were a good idea because it has the ability to take it wherever you want with a media stream. It is good for people to listen to in their car since coaches are often traveling.
  • BS: How do you get started with podcasting?
    • KS: Anyone can do it. It's as simple as $30/months for subscription and you can use a Skype headset. We think it's important to have a consistency of delivery and an archive of information and discussion. We are successful because of this and because we are continuing to deliver content. We also have a great deal of access to people in the volleyball community. A lot of the volleyball media out there is poor information or people who have no idea what they are talking about - a lot of speculation.
  • BS: What I appreciate about your show is that even though I'm not involved in the conversation I get the feeling that I am talking with volleyball friends. DIII is looking for an opportunity to connect with our fan bases and our communities. How would you recommend doing that?
    • KB: You best asset is your players. Get them to buy into promoting the program. Get creative. Make the fan base and community feel that they have a personal connection to what is happening.
  • BS: What is the best way to get people to game and then coming back to games?
    • KB: Make it fun. The atmosphere has to be fun. It is hard with all the restrictions and the feeling of being silent during serves. In Europe there is lots of noise during all times of the match - horns and drums. The environment is very high energy.
  • BS: How can DIII help make volleyball a mainstream sport?
    • KB: Stick with it. Focus on your program. A little bit of serendipity. It would help to advance the men's sport so that there is a comparable sport. They can work together to grow and it would help increase the fan base. Right now the participant levels are up and the fan levels are down. Volleyball has such a high level of play that it deserves better promotion. Help to pressure the NCAA and ESPN to promote more.
  • BS: How can we make people fans? How do we educate even the players about the game and the top players in the game?
    • KB: The National Team needs to expose their players of today. They need to make them relevant to today's fans. Olympic medals should mean more than they currently do. We should work on educating volleyball fans first because we focus on the general public and growing the fan base.
    • Rules changes won't make people like volleyball more. It's all about the atmosphere and the athletes themselves.
    • The National Team also needs to play in the U.S. more often to get more exposure to our fans.
  • Kevin encouraged people to email him (thenetlive@gmail.com). They want to hear from people who work with volleyball everyday.


The next call will be on Thursday May 5th at 11:00 am. This date has moved to allow people to attend the AVCA Spring Conference.

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