April 20, 2011


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Division II Head Coaches Committee Conference Call Minutes

April 20, 2011 * 2:00 p.m. EST*

Roll Call:

Cody Hein, Chico State
Bren Stevens, Charleston
Randi Smart, Cal State L.A.
Jamie Skadeland, Colorado School of Mines
Lynze Roos, Lynn
Sean Donahue, St. Edward's
Phil Shoemaker, Alaska-Fairbanks
Kevin Kohler sitting in for Jessica Rinehart, Northwest Missouri State
Tabitha Turner sitting in for Stephanie Radecki, North Alabama
Deanne Scanlon, Grand Valley State
Megan Hrbek, Caldwell
Heather Vahjen, Erskine
Bo Pagliasotti, Southwestern Oklahoma
Linda Bell, Elizabeth City State
Zach Shaver, Indiana University (Pa.)

Chuck  Waddington, Angelo State
Katie O'Brien, Montevallo
Kris Naber, Grand Canyon
Selina Bynum-Kohn, Paine
Alex Koszalka, Dowling
Kelly Wengerter, American International
Ashley Buckley, Augustana
Michael Robinson, Tusculum

Meeting Called to Order: 2:08 p.m. EST



I. Welcome (Cody)
Cody began the call by welcoming everyone and thanking them for their time.

II. AVCA Update (Leah)
Leah gave a brief update on things going on at the AVCA. This included:

Online registration for the 2011 AVCA Spring Conference will be open until Friday, April 22.  After that point, registration will be available on site the weekend of the event. This year's event will be in Anaheim, California from May12-14 and will feature learning opportunities from the U.S. National Teams staffs and players. Visit the Spring Conference website for more the complete schedule. www.avca.org/springconference2011

AVCA Hall of Fame - Nominations will open on Friday, March 18 through Friday, May 13. Nomination information will be available on the Hall of Fame page on the website: http://www.avca.org/awards/avca-hall-of-fame/

Nominations for the 2011 Grant Burger Media Award will be accepted starting Wednesday, April 6 through Monday, May 2. Nomination forms will be found on the AVCA Website here: http://avca.org/awards/grant-burger-media-award/.  Be sure and nominate a deserving member of the media who goes above and beyond to promote the sport of volleyball!

III. Chair Reports (Cody)

1.         Updates from various meetings and conversations.
a.   Regionalization
* It has been discussed that there would be 3 conferences per region.
b.   Strategic Growth (white paper)
* Division II could grow to as many as 360 members.
* It is now $1.4 million for an institution to join the NCAA at the Division I level. Some of the smaller to mid-size institutions who were thinking of joining DI, but are detracted due to the costs, may join DII instead.
* There hasn't really been detailed discussion yet, as to the size of conferences, should that happen.
* Currently, Division II is only looking to admit 8 new schools each year. At that rate, it will take a while to reach 360 institutions.
c.  Preseason countable activities
* Cody talked to his Faculty Athletic Representative, who sits on the NCAA Competitive Safeguards Committee. The FAR thought it probably wouldn't be a big deal to go from 6-8 hours in the preseason, as long as they weren't physical hours.
* According to Bren, Jen Frasier at the NCAA had created a 4 page document on Countable Activities towards those hours to use for clarification purposes. Bren will try to locate that document and share with the HCC.
*The Competitive Safeguards Committee meets again June 13-15

            d.   Bren also wanted to address the HCC about the document that Cody sent that talked about deregulation of some Division II legislation.
            * This spoke of regulation concerning calling and texting recruits. This will go through the legislative cycle, but Bren wanted to get the HCC's and the rest of our member coaches' feedback before then.

2.         Rotation update: Cody will be calling those rotating off the committee this month to talk about replacements. He would like replacements to sit on the last call of the year in May. Those who are rotating off are: Linda, Stephanie, Kris and Bren, and Cody will also be finding an individual to represent the ECC.

V. Next Meeting

The next HCC call will be May 18 at 1 p.m. EST.  

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