AVCA Joins Forces with Insight Sports to Offer Innovative eSCORE


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LEXINGTON, Ky. (May 10, 2011) - The American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) is pleased to partner with Insight Sports, Inc. to offer the eSCORE, a portable, digital scoring system developed to allow coaches to focus on coaching their teams, rather than keeping score during drills and scrimmages. The agreement with Insight Sports will make the eSCORE available to AVCA members only through the AVCA Product Store, while the product can also be purchased through Insight Sports.


"This announcement shows the AVCA's leadership in advancing the sport of volleyball," said Insight Sports CEO Sandy Vong. "Insight Sports will work seamlessly with the AVCA to guarantee eSCORE customer satisfaction."


The eSCORE is portable and compact. Weighing just over five pounds (eight pounds including the case), the eSCORE can be easily carried to a match or practice, in or out of town. The rechargeable battery lasts for eight hours. The carrying case (16" x 14" X 4") has room for a charger and each unit comes with two uniquely programmed remote controls.


The wireless remote control can be used across the court and up to a distance of 60 feet, giving coaches freedom of movement during practice.  The eSCORE can also be used for scorekeeping by a referee who may be positioned across the court from the eSCORE. Wrist and neck lanyards are included and allow the remote to be conveniently carried. The bright and adjustable LED display is easily seen anywhere on the court, delivering immediate feedback to the players, coaches and spectators.  The eSCORE is easy to operate. Within a few seconds, users will be experts at controlling the device. The simple buttons are intuitive for fast scorekeeping, as can be seen in the User Guide.


Affordably priced at $349.95, and coupled with a one-year limited warranty, the eSCORE costs about half as much as other comparable products. As added bonus, free shipping (a $19.95 value) will be given to all eSCORES sold through the AVCA Product Store.


"The eSCORE is innovative, affordable, and it solves a common problem," said AVCA Executive Director Kathy DeBoer.  "With this simple tool, coaches can continue to develop creative drills that provide scored reinforcement of desirable behaviors without spending all their time keeping the score.  The relationship with Insight Sports is an exciting one for the AVCA, as this is just the beginning of new product development to serve the volleyball community."


Volleyball programs across the country have already begun utilizing the convenience and simplicity of the eSCORE, including the University of Florida, Kalamazoo College, the University of Kansas, the University of Michigan, Olivet Nazarene University, Oregon State University, San Diego State University and UC Irvine.


Michigan mentor Mark Rosen attests, "We are firm believers in the eSCORE's ability to improve our practice and use it almost everyday," while Oregon State taskmaster Terry Liskevych also believes eSCORE "is a must for any coach and program at any level!"


To purchase the eSCORE, visit the AVCA Product Store today: www.avca.org/product-store/.



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About AVCA

The AVCA, with its headquarters in Lexington, Ky., is managed by Associations International.  The mission of the AVCA is to develop the sport of volleyball and its coaches.  With a membership of over 5,100 and counting, the AVCA provides a professional network for those individuals and companies dedicated to enhancing and promoting the sport. Members include collegiate, high school, club, youth and Olympic coaches, as well as volleyball club directors. The AVCA provides education to volleyball coaches, recognition of elite players and coaches, promotion of volleyball competitions throughout the world, and networking opportunities for volleyball products and services providers.  Further information is available at http://www.avca.org/.


About Insight Sports Inc.

Founded in 2008, Insight Sports started when experienced volleyball players and coaches realized that creative technology could make their game a lot easier.  Their first product, eSCORE, is an electronic portable score keeper which frees coaches and players to focus on the game rather than the mundane details of score keeping.  Insight Sports is committed to using modern technologies to create useful products at affordable prices for its many satisfied customers. http://insightsportsinc.com/.

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