SVCC Conference Call Minutes


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AVCA Sand Volleyball Coaches Committee (SVCC)

Conference Call Notes

May 31st , 2011

Meeting Started:  11:01 Eastern Time

Present on call:

Kathy DeBoer, Todd Dagenais, Kevin Campbell, Mick Haley, Nina Matthies, Eric Hammond

Action Item Agenda from May 2nd committee call.

  • 1) Kathy DeBoer would determine the feasibility of running a end of the season championship for sand volleyball in 2012 and determine a possible date to have the event.


  • 2) Kevin Campbell would determine the number of institutions who have 100% committed to sponsoring a sand volleyball team for the 2011-2012 season. She would further get an idea of how many teams may still sponsor sand volleyball in 2011-2012, and which schools are likely to sponsor in 2012-2013.


  • 3) Nina Matthies would begin the process of creating a "Game Operations and Tournament Manual" for hosting sand volleyball duals and tournaments.


Season Ending Tournament:

Kathy DeBoer feels there is a good chance of a season ending "Sand Volleyball National Championship" being held in 2012.  She is working with USA Volleyball to become a partner in the event, and is in the process of determining the viability of network coverage for the tournament.  Kathy's initial recommendation is to hold the season ending tournament in the 2nd week of May.

Any "Sand National Championship" event, by rule, must have a field of teams that qualified for the event by some process.  This is where regional tournaments and championships may be used to determine the field for the "Sand National Championship". 

Kevin Campbell said the coaches she is in contact with have expressed concern about the inaugural season running too far into May.  The expense of housing and feeding athletes during a "vacation period" could become cost prohibitive for many schools.

Later in the call Mick Haley suggested that it may be in our best interest to tie the National Sand Championship into the NCAA Men's National Championship for cross promotion.  This would put the Championship in the first week of May.  The 2012 Men's national Championship is being held at the University of Southern California.


As a point of clarification, the MINIMUM number of contests (not dates) an institution must compete in is EIGHT.  It is feasible that some schools could play their eight competitions in LESS THAN eight dates making it easier for budget conscious institutions to meet the minimum NCAA standards for sponsorship. Teams sponsoring sand volleyball must compete in a minimum of three "dual matches" Only one dual match can be counted per day toward the minimum.

As an example, team could have a 4 week sand volleyball season where they would play in a dual match on Friday night, then play in a multiple team tournament on Saturday. This would get them their eight minimum matches.  It is permissible to play two dual matches in one day, but only one of the dual matches would count toward the "minimum".  A typical schedule MUST have a dual match three separate dates. 

On a previous call, the committee discussed the fact that many institutions who are adding sand volleyball will likely start their 20 hour segment of spring indoor training in mid-January, and complete it around mid-March.  This will open the door for their athletes to begin the 20 hour segment of outdoor training in mid-March.  It is feasible that those institutions adding sand volleyball will have the ability to train 20 hours per week for the entire spring semester.

Sport Sponsorship:

Kevin Campbell has made several phone calls, and continues to make more, to schools that may be interested in sponsoring sand volleyball in the 2011-2012 season.  As of this meeting it was determined that at least 15 schools are 100% committed to having sand volleyball programs starting this fall.

There are a few more that are waiting for final budget numbers in July to determine if they are launching falloff 2011 or the fall of 2012. Based on several discussions with interested institutions, it is widely believed that there are several schools waiting to see "who else is adding" before entering the process of adding sand volleyball themselves.

The sand Volleyball Committee will post the list of schools who are 100% committed to adding sand volleyball in 2011-2012 to the AVCA Website under the "Sand" tab as soon as possible.  Furthermore, we will continuously update that page as relevant information is discovered.

Mick Haley feels as if at least 6 more west coast schools will launch programs in 2012-2013.

Kathy noted that most of the programs launching in 2011-2012 are doing so under significant financial limitations.


Game Operations and Tournament Manual:

Nina Mattheis is continuing in the process of creating suggestions for institutions hosting dual matches and events.  Kathy reiterated that a dual match must consist of a minimum of 5 matches (pairs). Nina will continue to explore the best options for competition formats, length of sets, and determining team winners in sand tournaments.  She will submit her findings to the committee, and then the recommendations will be posted to the AVCA website under the "Sand" tab. Our goal is to have this posted by July 1st if possible.


Juniors Events:

Mick and Kevin have compiled lists of summer sand volleyball events featuring junior volleyball players.  This information is being sent to Kathy at the AVCA and will be posted on the AVCA Website under the "Sand" tab as soon as possible.


Eric Hammond is taking the lead on publishing content related to Sand Volleyball.  This content will be related to rules, skills, suggestions, and other related issues. Kathy says the content can be placed in the AVCA magazine, Power Tips, or the AVCA website.

Next Conference Call:

The next conference call for the AVCA Sand Volleyball Coaches Committee will take place on Tuesday August 2nd at 11:00 am eastern time, 8:00 am pacific time.

Action items:

Kathy:                   Continue to investigate Sand Volleyball National Championship

Nina:                     Game Operation manual

Kevin/Mick:        Schools adding programs

Todd:                    Article on how to add Sand Volleyball on a shoestring budget

                                Growth Plan

Eric:                        Begin to generate articles for publishing



Conference Call adjourned at 11:43 am


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